$31,207 pledged of $900,000 goal
By Jungle Venture Inc.
$31,207 pledged of $900,000 goal

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      zack_the_backer on

      There was one thing that i found a bit suboptimal.
      One of the updates said: "it´s like three games in one".

      As far as i know that´s called "Levels" and it´s not quite that unusual.
      And if it´s meant to be completely different like a lot of games in the old days were - i think it´s better to construct one good engine and build the game around it than to dissipate one's energies - in the end at least one of the several gameplays would be bad anyway.

    2. Missing avatar

      Craig Ashcraft on

      I think David took offense to our comments. I like his games. Sadly, truth be told, the quality of this Kickstarter was low. I know he talks of high quality everything, but the video update of the jungle made me loose all faith in this project. There was nothing revolutionary about that jungle--I saw jungles like that in games over ten years ago.

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthias Rolf on

      Somewhat bummed this didn't get funded, but let's be honest:

      The last update for the project is over two weeks old and, frankly, the video of that "living" jungle was a tad bit shocking to me. IMO, it didn't really look as if a lot of effort was put into it and probably shooed a few people away, especially since the update claimed that we saw "every bit as much depth and realism as one might hope for in a video game".

      If they do a "rekick", I'd suggest shooting for a more realistic funding goal and putting a bit more effort into showing what they're trying to do. If what you did in the last few weeks really was "concentrating on the PR and outreach", you really need to brush up on that, sorry. Also, making clear you're not related to Activision would be a good idea, since, seemingly, quite a few people think you are for whatever reason.

    4. Stephen Staver on

      What a bummer. Pitfall has always been one of my favorite games. Especially the Gamecube version.

    5. Missing avatar

      zack_the_backer on

      Maybe a billionaire which is also a great fan of David Crane suddenly comes up and pledges the missing $870.000?
      Impossible is nothing.

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      zack_the_backer on

      Yeah, this campaign went by way too silent.
      Kind of gave me the feeling that the team lost faith in it very early, getting back to their normal lives.

      But that does not mean that i would hesitate on backing a rekick, whenever the time is right.
      Maybe we´ll get a huge update in the end.

      Don´t forget that you´re still able to post updates after this campaign is over. Use it too keep them 665 backers you already have up to date so the next campaign has a better chance to be known much earlier in it´s lifespan.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kodjabashev on

      So rekick is the term for another kickstarter campaign if the first one doesn't succeed? But why the team doesn't post updates here? Only 3 updates! Where's David since update 3? Even if the project is not going to be funded, you should still stick with the fans who support it and let us know what's on your mind and provide updates...

    9. Todd Holcomb on

      Unfortunately I didn't even hear about this Kickstarter project until yesterday when I was listening to the Retrogaming Roundup podcast. I agree that there needs to be better promotion on the media sites listed below, and also on the retrogaming websites (like AtariAge) where there would be a ton of supporters. Hopefully this will get rekicked since I'm a huge David Crane fan!

    10. Missing avatar

      ValiantTurtle on

      I guess I'll give my unsolicited advice as well. My biggest advice is to simply trust yourself. Your name clearly belongs in the list of great video game designers. Michelangelo didn't need advice when painting the Sistine Chapel. You don't need advice in designing a great game. There are times when the wisdom of the crowds works great, but I don't think this is one of those times. Design it as much as you can and it will be great.

      If I'm reading history correctly, you are a significant reason that "Game Designer" is a prestigious title worth having (above that of say "Lead Accountant"). I'm guessing you could guilt a few of the more well-known guys with that title to give you a tweet-out, which might be enough to get the ball rolling.

      Good luck David and thanks for the memories. It's been an honor to attempt to back this project and I hope we'll still see its completion in the future.

    11. Ryan Sculley on

      Darn, if this was called Pitfall X maybe it'd get more people

    12. Alexei Lundgard☭ on

      Sadly this is going to fail its pretty obvious:( There are a lot to learn here to make the second kickstarter (and you should definitely try) a success!

      More communication and promotion should be done to spread the info about the game throughout tweeter, Facebook and other media. The project started with no real assets to back it up besides Mr Crane's good word on making a next great adventure game. I am a fan of Mr Crane and his past games so I've enlisted without thinking but for the majority of people out there you need more than a text on a page to catch their eye! Relist the game on kickstarter with tones of cool production videos and concept as well as frequent updates from the team and you might reach that 900.000 goal next time even though it's a pretty steep one.

    13. Missing avatar

      Craig Ashcraft on

      I question the quality of this game. I'd love to pledge more and get others involved. I think what is needed is a prototype showing off these "next generation" graphics and features.

    14. KinnArchimedes/@Bland_Boy on

      From the video, it doesn,t strike me as a game worthy of giving 900k to.

    15. Missing avatar

      enizer on

      i was looking for information around the internet and most people think this is a kickstart BY ACTIVISION

      i read discussions about this
      the automatic responce is nearly unanimous: "Activision does not need our money"
      and then people look elsewhere

      i think i got this right in that this is a seperate, unrelated company, but i had to look up on wikipedia
      i'm pretty sure this project has no chance while it's getting this much negative attention due to the fact people seem to think this is from, or related to, Activision

    16. Missing avatar

      zack_the_backer on

      There´s really nothing happening here - there are 601 Backers but not many of them seem to be interested what´s going on, how this one could be rekicked with more drive (and a much lower goal!).

      On the other hand there is not much communication from Jungle Venture either. It´s the one thing that a project can fail but it would be good to stay in touch to discuss new plans, maybe write a new update with some ideas about how to regroup the project for a - possible - later approach.

    17. Missing avatar

      zack_the_backer on

      Haha. If somebody else has the same idea the game will be funded with 1,6 million ;-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kodjabashev on

      Antonio yes, but at the same time Project Giana (a great platformer), which goal was only 150 000, showed gameplay and even a playable demo + a dozen other cool stuff and promotions. And even though, they reached their goal in their last hours of their campaign. Which, sadly, leads to the conclusion that the majority of people don't tend to care much about plaformers.
      Anyway, if it's not going to be funded, in the last hour or so I might increase my pledge to lets say 800 000 just for fun ;).

    19. Missing avatar

      Antonio on

      I-m sorry this is not going to happen... people are willing to pay for something, not for a "give me 900.000$ and i will make a game with latest technology"... in the project page i see 2 artwork and only lately a video of the jungle... this has to be included in the presentational video... see the guys of planetary annilathion, they filled the presentation video with lot of gameplay, the project page with lot of artwork and information about how will be the game, for real. plus, to me 900.000$ seems too much for a platform...

    20. Missing avatar

      zack_the_backer on

      Only $880.000 to go.

    21. KinnArchimedes/@Bland_Boy on

      Doesn't look like this is going to happen. I'm very close to calling it a failed to fund at the moment.
      Save for some hail-mary reaches 95% of funding in a day. I don't see it happening but would be most glad to beproven wrong.

    22. Justin Wardill on

      Hopefully get some more action for this but will have to wait and see

    23. Jungle Venture Inc. Creator on

      We are listening to your suggestions. My greatest desire is to get down to making the game, starting with the design. But as Richard points out during the Kickstarter, by necessity we have been concentrating on the PR and outreach. Enough of that. The team is hard at work bringing you more of the game design you are asking for, as well as some much closer to production-level imagery. Stay tuned - we are maybe a day and a half from bringing you a major update. Thanks for your support to date.

      -David Crane

    24. Supraderk on

      *"gamer's" should've been "game's"

    25. Supraderk on

      Yeah I'm going from $250 to $15 until something happens with this game/kickstarter. I think at this point ANY information about this game would be nice.

      It was mentioned in the Q&A in update 2 that Jungle Venture Inc wanted to include people in the gamer's development throughout the entire process and then they say the game is currently in the design process... So why not share some of the design concepts with us?

    26. Richard Westmoreland on

      Well it's a shame this probably isn't going to make it. I've not really heard any news about it. You need a lot more PR if you're going to make 900k! A good kickstarter campaign is like a game release. You can't kick it out into the wild and expect money to come rolling in, especially to the tune of 900K. You already have my money but you need to be out there convincing more people to part with their cash!

    27. Supraderk on

      Hmmm, I don't know how this one's going to go. There hasn't been a lot of information coming out about this game and there's still a ton of ground to cover to reach that pledge level...

    28. Missing avatar

      Bob M on

      I agree that there is not enough physical stuff in the mix right now. I would love to see a $150 level with a physical copy of the game and maybe a special edition copy of the game at the $250 level.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephan Pokorny on

      In my opinion you should also rethink the rewards (and description) for the pledges above 100$. I'm also a backer of the "Giana Project" on Kickstarter, where i get a lot of more physical and more interesting rewards at 150$ (DVD Digipack, printed (signed) artbook...) and they just need 150.000$. Even look at the "Broken Sword" project, where also more physical stuff is offered starting on 100$ at a goal of 400.000$ which has alreade passed the half mark. I think there are undenieably a lot of fans of the older versions of the both games mentioned above, who support, because they get some "hard stuff" they get their hands on and feel nostalgic and say "here i have something i was really part of!" and maybe there would be also more to this project if there would be more rewards. (sorry for bad english).

    30. Andrew Gibbons on

      Pitfall remake/reboot, awesome! $900k ? .. hmm .. exactly how epic is this meant to be? .. its kind of hard to envision a Pitfall reboot worth the $900k. Mind you I ive still pledged, and would love to see this, but this might be slim pickings here.

      While people are throwing suggestions out there, a really good game comes to mind that could be a heavy inspiration for the game mechanics/feel:
      Metroid: Prime

      It has all the elements of exploration/atmosphere that this sort of game would need and I think would be a perfect formula for a Pitfall game.

    31. LunaTeq on

      I must say that I am overjoyed to see my all-time hero, David Crane, resurrecting the spirit of his original Pitfall series that inspired me so much as a child. I spent countless hours bathing in the soft, blue light from my television as I ran through the jungle and sailed through perilous caverns, and wore through many an Atari joystick in the process.

      Here's to keeping the adventure alive. I sincerely hope my contribution to the cause allows a new generation of gamer to experience the thrill I had back then.

    32. c704710 on

      Yes!!! Jungle Venture is not F'd!!!

    33. c704710 on

      For reward plus extra because of Linux.

    34. KinnArchimedes/@Bland_Boy on

      It's not looking good at the moment. So far from goal.

    35. Gamevine on

      Wish I could give more. I hope this project succeeds. I'm happy it is on the OUYA

    36. nadeem on

      thx for linux support

    37. Supraderk on

      Also, I'm glad there'll be OUYA support!

    38. Supraderk on

      The goal might be a little too high for this one, but I'm a sucker for Pitfall so I'm in!

    39. Eugenio on

      Since OUYA support has been added, how about having that included among the pledge levels. It might also help to have this posted on the OUYA page since they list all the OUYA-compatible projects from Kickstarter there. It may help garner additional support.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jan! on

      First of all: A demo of gameplay would really really help to acquire backers.

      For me the music is one of the most important parts of a game, its fine to hear you are working on it. My advice: Talk to Chris Huelsbeck (www.huelsbeck.com) he lives near you (Petaluma, CA) and is a great composer (maybe a little bit busy these days).

      Last one: Whats about ONE game and ONE Soundtrack (for $20)?

    41. Corey Denny on

      Not sure how ambitious this project will be. Figured I'd throw some more ideas out there. Feel free to use whatever concept you like.

      Abilities -
      Grab a torch and use it to burn certain objects that could reveal secret areas.

      Set traps For enemies or prey

      Harking back to old pc games, why not use a typing system to chat with villagers? 
      This would help you gather clues or to gain access to specific locations. 

      A few attacks such as punching and kicking might be useful for brief combat sections.
      A stomp command would also be nice to kill deadly insects.

      Sometimes you have to dodge venomous plants, bugs or enemy darts. These things could lead to potential poisons that you can later find or create treatments for. 

      If you steal a dart from an enemy, you can use it to knock them unconscience.

      Ai behavior -
      Snakes can wrap themselves around you, then devour you whole.
      if you steal a baby lion from it's den, the mother lion will chase you.
      If you drop food into a river of piranha, it could hold them off till you swim to safety
      Giant wild Mosquitos can sting your flesh, creating swollen effects to your skin.

    42. John Woerner on

      This may be impossible to consider but I thought I'd throw it out there. I've always enjoyed the polish it takes to make a game that has multiple endings resulting from decisions made at one point in the game having a lasting impact on events later in the game.

    43. Missing avatar

      ValiantTurtle on

      I don't normally back video games and I don't normally spread the word on facebook, but I've made exceptions for this one. Of course, in this case the actual product is somewhat irrelevant to me. I'll give you $15 just for the pitfall memories and the opportunity to post in here and just say thank you.

      Thank You! - and good luck with this!

    44. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on

      Seems like the new standard request in kickstarter campaigns is "PUT IT ON OUYA". Not complaining, as I also backed OUYA, and this game seems like a good fit, but for developers that really just want to make a PC game it seems like it could start to become a headache pretty fast.

      Anyways, looking forward to this game, regardless of what the final platforms end up being.

    45. Orakio Rob on

      The concept is great, and we couldn't ask for a better developer leading the project. I'm in it, and wish you guys the best of luck!

    46. Jungle Venture Inc. Creator on

      Thanks for the suggestions - keep 'em coming! We've added to the outline of the game on the project page to give a little more detail on what to expect. Part of the fun of this project is you get to come along for the full ride. So, as the concept builds, we will be looking for your comments and influence all the way through and you'll start seeing the game come to life just as we do.

    47. Karmeck on

      I have only one wish: Backtracking

      To go back to that level you knew had more to offer and maybe even open up a path to an other level.

    48. DamnCatOnMyDesk

      Curious to see what middleware you will use, if any.

      Depending on how the game plays, I too would like to see it released on Ouya. ;)

    49. Missing avatar

      Ryan Hamm on

      Nice Atari 5200 cartridge generics in the video.

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