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The songs portray characters familiar in hard times. Outside society, frayed by tough times, bad choices, they carry slivers of hope.

I'm a grateful human being.

We Made It!! Thank you so much, everybody.

In the next couple days, I'll be sticking with it and seeing if we can get a few more pledgers to help us pay the fees associated with this drive, and to add to the budget for musicians and promotion. I am one lucky gal.

Yours. Truly.


In mid-August through September, I'll be going into the studio again to record this album of songs of mine, and some by friends who are great songwriters. We've talked to the engineer and have booked our first session are preparing to book more at the studios. We've done pre-production, arriving at the group of songs we'll record, and a good idea of the instrumentation for each one, casting the great musicians we know between my producer and me to come play on it. We'll come out with at least a limited CD run on Household Ink Records, wide download distribution, and possibly even vinyl if we exceed our goal.

Update: As of today, I'm only posting updates on our process to backers. But the good news is, you can back this project for as little as $1. I know it takes a few minutes, but join us for the ride! Thank you.

I shared the baby steps of this project here last year. We were halfway there, and I see now that the campaign was ill-timed due to simultaneous travel to Europe for another project. I wasn't able to keep you updated and put enough energy into the fundraiser, and we did not make our goal, so THANK YOU to those who pledged then (no money changed hands) and who have returned to pledge again.

Later last summer, my producer and friend Kenny Edwards passed away-- and I miss him an awful lot. A lot of people do.

I've found another producer to help me tackle the project anew: my friend Jeff Turmes, singer-songwriter and also bassist for Mavis Staples. The songs have changed, and we're very excited about this group of songs. Can't wait to share them with you. 

You can read more about me on my bio page and website (I have 4 other albums out on iTunes, I toured singing with Leonard Cohen, among other exploits, and I'm lucky to know lots of great musicians who can help turn this project world-class.) I plan to tour California this winter, and the midwest next spring. I really appreciate your help on this. I'll do right by ya.

I still have socked away the money donated for the project directly to my site, so that's why I'm able to keep this fundraiser lower than it really does cost to record the album, make it available widely for download, and manufacture some CDs. If we raise more than the initial $7500, we can actually make a vinyl pressing of the album, and have more money for promotion to radio, satellite and web outlets. AND I've put up some more rewards for those of you who can make that happen. Stay tuned. 

Other Links: 

My husband, character actor John Diehl's imdb resume for those interested in that  premium.

The pitch video was shot and edited by our son, Magnus Jackson Diehl. Playing with me in the video are JB White (whom you see at the very beginning of the video), and Charlie Bosson, of The Household Gods.

The BOOM photo/icon was shot by Michael Kelly


  • I'm sorry (yet, in a way, glad for you) to report that since we didn't make our goal, the money everyone took the time to pledge remained with you, the pledger, and that's good. A friend has wondered if those pledges transferred to this new project. The answer to that is that No, those pledges have not transferred.
    So if you still want to support the project, it will be necessary to pledge again. And I know that takes several minutes, so I am honored that you did it last year, and would be equally honored and grateful if you pledged again. This time, we WILL make our goal, because I've learned a thing or two from the last time out and other successful kickstarter projects. Thank you!

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  • We are now saving our own money so we can finish paying my designer and spend the $1200 to manufacture 1000 with artwork. The $7500 we cleared from kickstarter was put with 2000 I'd already raised from before on my site. I did another push in November (off kickstarter) to raise finishing funds. ( some of my pitch and FAQ's on kickstarter express that the aim was to record and do a short run) We wound up treating more songs to a band version. I am very proud of this record. I pay my musicians and engineer and producer fairly, and bring snacks! Most of my albums in the past have cost a total of $15,000- $20,000 to do. And that's pretty reasonable for a competitive professional recording with top- notch mastering and manufacturing. We've always done it with the modest family money pool or on credit. I wasn't willing to do it that way this time, AND I paid my producer (much less than he deserved, but he's a saint, and I want him to get his producer hat do he can command what he deserves. This one has come in (up to now) at a respectable $14,000. I'm going to post this in my FAQ's because it's important for people to know that I'm not holding out! Our release date is now May 15, but my backers will have pre - release copies well before that. And it is now available unadvertised, but searchable for download from my site and from iTunes if you can't wait and want to listen. I've done that so that dj's who got advance promo copies can point other listeners there, and so can you! I want to do this release right, because I'm so very proud of the record. I have of course been very concerned that my backers have been very patient. Some gave as early as fall of 2009, when Kenny was still with us. Thank you for understanding.

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  • We've been recording off and on now since late August, thanks to your help, and should have the recording part done by early November. Then we mix, master, and manufacture.The cd is not done until at least late November. When we have a good mastered mix of at least one of the tracks, we'll provide you the link to the download pre-release. Then, when the CD is completely done this winter, we'll send you one! As the time gets closer, I'll be sending you a message so you can provide your current snail mail address, and make sure your email is current.

    Thanks for helping make the recording and engineers/musicians paychecks possible by donating to the project so we could actually make the product! If you've sent me your snail mail address, I'll send you your copy when it's done. Take care. Julie

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  • I always pay our world-class musicians. Many of them work in music you've heard, for more $$ than I can pay.
    Studio Time (around $50/hour),
    Engineers ($25-$50/hour), probably at least 40 hours, including mixing)
    Mastering (often around $1500--and that's on the inexpensive side)
    Short-run manufacture (depending on how much we raise),
    Artwork production and printing ($1000 plus),
    Snacks and drinks for the studio ( we don't drink in the studio; anybody who does is BYO) Equipment rental if needed...

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    A house concert in your home for you and 20 or so neighbors and friends (availability and dates limited to California for now--) a thank-you on the actual CD (and vinyl if we can afford it) artwork calling you a studio angel. PLUS the download above, all four of my previous albums, signed for YOU, and updates on the project.

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    My 1988 Leonard Cohen "I'm Your Man" blue cotton summer blazer (shown in update #13 with me in it on the 1993 tour). When I got it out today, I discovered something I'd forgotten about. When these were given to us, we realized they would get mixed up among us, so Leonard got out a laundry marker and wrote our names on the inside label (also shown in update #13) On mine, he underlined the word "BOY." Cute. This jacket, and a signed (by me) copy of the black and white photograph herein to validate it, as well as the free pre-release download, and the limited pressing CD of the album can be yours (of course after the project funds and we complete it) by pledging $1,250.

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