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a ton of songs, written by me, Julia Nunes, put on a piece of plastic and/or intangible digital files
a ton of songs, written by me, Julia Nunes, put on a piece of plastic and/or intangible digital files
1,685 backers pledged $77,888 to help bring this project to life.

Snapple Capping

How To Play A Snapple Cap

Step 1: find a cap that pops loudly when you click it. some of them are duds.

Step 2: have a cool producer that doesn't think you're nuts when you want to put snapple cap on your album

Step 3: hold the cap with your thumb on the back poppy part and your remaining fingers covering the other side lightly

Step 4: click the cap, and as you do, remove one finger slowly, you'll hear the tone go from a low muted beat to a higher pop.


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    1. Tiffany Pardue on

      HA!! Love it... and kudos to the cool producer too :)

    2. Randy Schultz on

      Who do you have producing the new album?

    3. Johnny C on

      the little dance you do at the end of this is adorable

    4. Ben Woodward on

      Hi Julia, just keep making great tunes, Cheers from the Land down under!!!

    5. Ken Kligerman on

      I hope Snapple joined us in supporting you and DONATED that cap! I'd hate to think you had to buy it - buy HOW MANY before you didn't get a "dud"!? [BTW I only donated $1.27 because I'm a financially challenged (politically correct for "cheap" - no "frugal" - no "BROKE!"). The pathetic "$1.00" looked so sad that I added 27¢ because it's my favorite number and I think it really added panache to my otherwise meager contribution.

    6. Chris on

      ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! i LOVE it! i am *so* glad i'm backing you on this.

      ha. a freakin' SNAPPLE cap. seriously?! can't wait to hear that in the song.

    7. Alison Darnell on

      6 hours later... and she has tripled it!!

    8. Nils Tronrud on

      Just 63$ more and you have tripled your goal

    9. Missing avatar

      Melissa Graham on

      I love it! You are so creative. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    11. Philip M Boyd on

      That's freaking genius! ^.^

    12. Robert Niel

      Is there anything you can't make music with. lol

    13. Amy Whicker on

      Beautiful creative musical fun exciting lovely JULIA <3!

    14. Brien K Meehan on

      If I were producing it, I'd keep that laugh in the mix too.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joe Johnston on

      Man, on my way to get one right now!

    16. Missing avatar

      Cesar on

      Step 2 should be rewritten as follows: "have a cool producer that KNOWS you're nuts but doesn't mind when you want to put snapple cap on your album" :)

    17. Henrik Schroeder on

      I am smiling from ear to ear...

    18. Isabelle Deal on

      Have I told you lately that I adore you?

    19. Missing avatar

      Mélissa Boulanger on

      This is going to be amazing.. Hahahaha

    20. Staci L Carr on

      LOL! Very Cool!

    21. Ian Wilson on

      Awesome!! More excited every day!