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A coffee table book of the amazing people of Burning Man.
A coffee table book of the amazing people of Burning Man.
A coffee table book of the amazing people of Burning Man.
521 backers pledged $36,830 to help bring this project to life.

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Julian Cash is doing a new extravagant photo project!

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Hi.  It's been a while.  Once upon a time you helped me publish The People of Burning Man.  First off, THANK YOU!!!!  The book getting published (and positively affecting the world) has been truly profound. 

I'm now doing a new project.  Take a gander.  :-D

Behold, the X-RAY Light Painting Studio
Behold, the X-RAY Light Painting Studio

With love,

The Fallen Cosmos

This is my first update since 2011. 

First off, THANK YOU!!!! Without you, The People of Burning Man would have never taken physical form. You are glorious! You rejuvenated my life.

Second, my friend Chicken John is throwing a party. Not just any party. He, and his posse create epic events which are experiments in collaborative culture and this one is not to be missed. If you’re not in the SF Bay area where the event will be, that’s okay. A main point of this party is that it’s intended to be treated as a gift. Is there somebody you love who lives in the Bay Area? Gifting them this surreal and incredible party may make them happy as a very happy clam. 

Third, I miss you Sam! Sam did the impossible. He made the sensational video for The People of Burning Man which is part of why you back to the project. :-) Sam did the work because we both love Burning Man and photography. We began as acquaintances, but collaborating on this project together made us friends. Sam Young died this year. His genius and generosity healed and resurrected my spirit in a challenging time. I will be eternally grateful. I miss him. 


Burning Man Holiday Joy

Love Love Love and Thanks!  It’s been wonderful to get all your positive feedback and hugs. After so many years of work it is a deeply gratifying experience. 

It's a Burner-rific Holiday Gift: As a thank you, we offer a Holiday special of 20% off so you can give the book that YOU brought to life to your friends. We’ve added a Priority Shipping option to our website and The SUPER SECRET UNGUESSABLE Coupon Code is XMAS20 

Holiday Card Joy! May your holiday season be fantastic!!!!  Feel free to spread Yuletime cheer and repost these goofy on-line holiday cards:

To Afghanistan and Beyond: We want to spread this culture far beyond the borders of Burning Man. We donate books to Libraries everywhere. We’re in the Washoe Library, naturally. We were trashed with the Occupy Wall Street Library, but we’re proud to have been thrown out in such good company! We‘re also in the Taj Library in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, perhaps a safer location for such anarchist literature. Does your local branch want a copy? Just let us know. We’re holding a Borrower’s Card Contest to encourage people to loan to friends. For more on each of these projects, see:

What You can do: We have no advertising whatsoever, so please help by posting a review or recommending us. Unless we get media coverage, your word of mouth is all we will ever have :) At this point, over 3000 people have “liked” the book on Facebook.  We have over 30 glorious glowing book reviews on Amazon.  All of this is thanks to you.

If you feel like helping us out a bit:
This is silly and quick, but it helps us a lot!  Go to the Amazon page for the book   Then search for "Your tags".  Then add the tags "Burning Man" and "BurningMan" to the book. And you also can suggest other tags like Costume or Photography if you want.

Julian and Jackie adventures:

  • We took light painting photos at the Decompression party in San Francisco this year:
  • The images have been in several galleries and show in San Francisco.
  • We set up in Empire, Nevada this year to help new Burners discover the book.  We also had a super fun time at Burning Man.  We made a “HexaYurt” out of huge insulation panels and that kept us cool in the desert sun.

Coupon: Again, to get 20% off books for Xmas, use “XMAS20” here: 
Note that this is not an Amazon coupon

LOVE - With monumental celebrations and massive joy,
-Julian and Jackie 

A Thank You and Coupons for "The People of Burning Man" book


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LOVE is speeding through the postal system

Your book is on its way to you!
JOY!!!!  :-)  Let me know when you get it...

YOU made this happen!  Without you, this book would never have been printed.  You have made the world a more beautiful place.  You have made this dream come true.

So what now?  Well, I would love it if you would:

Celebrate!  Do cartwheels!  Hop on facebook and twitter and let people know about the book you created.
Direct people to:

Are there people you know who would LOVE to own the book?
To order copies go to:

One of the very best ways to help this project is to give a review of the book on Amazon and tell everybody about this book that you've brought to life.  To review it on Amazon, go here:

For me, this over 10 years in the making and I love love love how it turned out.  It is just what I have always imagined and hoped we could make.  This book is designed to help bring about positive change. 

Thank you for being part of it!

With oceans of appreciation and happiness,
-julian snail