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A coffee table book of the amazing people of Burning Man.
A coffee table book of the amazing people of Burning Man.
A coffee table book of the amazing people of Burning Man.
521 backers pledged $36,830 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Julian Cash Creator on August 20, 2011

      Your Amazon review made my eyes tear up H3R3TIC. You are incredible. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    2. Joshua Martelli on August 19, 2011

      Got my copies today in the mail and I've read this cover to cover three times already.
      Just finished reviewing on Amazon too...
      Congratulations and thanks again Julian and family. AMAZING WORK. Proudly sporting my supporter buttons on the playa this year too! )'( <3 H3R3TIC.

    3. Tiahaar Kurtheru on August 19, 2011

      Books Arrived!!! WOOO!!! Totally awesome, and even the box they arrived in was a hoot :-) Thanks very much Julian and all of "The People of Burning Man" crew! RarrrarrrRRR!!prrrRRrR =)

    4. deb windham on August 17, 2011

      just wondering where when we pick up our copy AND are you having a book launch on the playa?
      love and fire
      dr deb

    5. NYC Village Halloween Parade on May 12, 2011

      Wonderful Julian! I cannot wait!

    6. Robn Parsons on April 28, 2011

      I just checked out the sample pages. It's beautiful Julian.

    7. Nikki Rovello on March 28, 2011

      makes my heart happy to know that i helped make this happen! my sis is going to love having her name in the book too! i love giving surprises! i &lt;3 )*(

    8. Julian Cash Creator on March 24, 2011

      Thanks Meerkatboy! The kickstarter has ended, but if you still want to have your name in the book or be in the first shipping of this book, just email me and say so . We haven't sent the materials out the printer yet, but we're getting close.

      In time, there will be a way to order the book from

    9. Missing avatar

      Meerkatboy on March 22, 2011

      Can I still pledge money? Is there a way I can pre-order / pre-pay for a copy of the book?

    10. Ken Newton on March 19, 2011

      Happy for your effort....Happy to be part of it..

    11. Missing avatar

      Pope Rajulio on March 18, 2011

      So happy to hear this project blew through it's goal and is happening. Can't wait to enjoy the finished product, and see you on the Playa!

    12. Missing avatar

      Todd Weinstein on March 16, 2011

      Isi and I are thrilled to help out with your book project.... Can't wait to see the finished book.
      Lots of love from NYC.

    13. Julian Cash Creator on March 11, 2011

      Joshua - Thank you man! We will keep things cooking and fun and cute and yummy.
      jeanne - You will get a questionnaire soon that will ask you what name you want in the book.
      Adriel - You will get a questionnaire shortly after the funding finishes asking you for your names. And I also see what you've written in your comments. Thanks for you part in this project!
      Tanya - All your words are wise ones! Printing will take more than 3 months. The book will exist before this years Burning Man. I'll give more detailed info soon.
      Jim - Been a while. Cool that your project funded quickly also! One of my photos is in your video. I'll message you directly about a printer.
      HOPE Art - Yes yes yes! It will be inscribed as you suggested. :-)

      Love and playa goodness! -julian

    14. Joshua Martelli on March 11, 2011

      Hey way to go Julian!!! So happy for you! I donated as a way to thank-you for your professionalism and spirit in documenting this creative and positive universe we call Burningman. Well that and to see a bunch of hot naked Playans! Kudos and keep up the great work! [H3R3TIC]

    15. NYC Village Halloween Parade on March 11, 2011

      Congratulations ! We are so happy it worked out ! Can't wait to see the book. Let us know when to let you know how we would like to be named!

    16. Missing avatar

      Adriel Ginsburg on March 10, 2011

      Julian, congrats on being fully funded! I can't wait for the book to come out. I also have a question. I pledged the $100 back in early February, but I'm not sure where or how to indicate the two names to be printed in the book if it isn't too late. If I could do family names, I'd love to have the Ginsburg family and the Cobb Family as the two. If not, Age Ginsburg and Troy Cobb as the two. Thanks so much, and best of luck on the larger scale of publishing!

    17. Tanya on March 9, 2011

      Julian, this is my first project that I am backing here on kickstarter and I'm sure this won't be the last either! As an artist myself I know it is not an easy task to advance in our profession and get the recognition we deserve. It is thanks to the social media and tools like kickstarter that have allowed us to grab the bull by its horns and do things the way we have always wanted thanks to a community that supports us.

      Kudos for the funding! You deserve it, your work is stunning.

      This is actually a birthday present for my fiance who is a die-hard burner. I yet still have to go. This year will be the year. Please inscribe his name as Michael Harpel aka. Sheriff Harpel

      All the best and I cannot wait to receive it! Do you know by any chance when it will be ready??

    18. Jim Bowers on March 9, 2011

      Btw... Who are you using to publish your book for you?

    19. Jim Bowers on March 9, 2011

      THAT.... was the most amazing kickstarter video I've seen! Congrats and mucho Kudos to your video editor. What an incredible talent!!!!!! - Jim at 1mileclock

    20. HOPE Art on March 5, 2011

      Can you please inscribe my book to HOPE Art and little miss mimi cake?

      Muah! Thank you!
      love love love

    21. Julian Cash Creator on February 21, 2011

      Thanks Markus! The video was made by my friend Sam Young, who is also a burner. He's an absolute genius and a blast to collaborate with!!! For more on him, peek at

    22. Markus Linke on February 21, 2011

      Hi, glad you reached your goal already! I was wondering how did you do this video? It's great! Thanks, Markus from Amsterdam

    23. Michael on February 9, 2011

      MAZEL TOV!

    24. Robn Parsons on February 8, 2011

      Hi Josh, Thank you for posting on LA announce. You are the bees knees! love Robn (Rilling,G)

    25. flint on February 5, 2011

      Congratulations, good sir, you've done it.

    26. Missing avatar

      CuriousJosh on February 3, 2011

      Hi Julian! This is so fantastic. I've admired your work for a long time.

      I'm happy to say we're including the kickstarter link in today's LA Burning Man announcement e-mail on Robn's (Rilling Commagee) letting us know about the project.

      Hopefully it will get the message out to the whole LA community, and I really hope it helps!
      all the best,

    27. Lisa E. on February 3, 2011

      WoooHooo! Let the overfunding flood in and cause you to have to creativly come up with cool things to do with it. Love you!

    28. Missing avatar

      Melissa Sundberg on February 3, 2011

      there isn't much better than getting an envelope w/ a parrot and a ladybug on it filled with delights.......

      sssoooooo close - Julian, you rock!

    29. Mike Brodesky on February 3, 2011

      Need 16.59 $ per day left to make it, hope we make it by tomorrow.

    30. MHLambert on February 3, 2011

      Happily sent $65. Any issues just let me know...

    31. Missing avatar

      Shiree on February 2, 2011

      Even though the pleasure in supporting you has pretty much all been mine, I send you my deep gratitude for the ardent love letter you've made to us all.
      - Your pink-haired envelope decorating buddy for one delightful evening, Shiree

    32. Mike Brodesky on February 1, 2011

      someone take it to 2400

    33. Mike Brodesky on January 31, 2011

      Opps bad math, tried to push it to 21,500.

    34. Joshua Martelli on January 30, 2011

      Hey Julian - we met at Pre Comp last year. Was introduced to you via the ZOOM family. Your work is amazing and I can't wait to see it beautifully printed. Threw down a C-Note to help you reach $25K. Our best to you! Keep shooting. We love you and your work! "2.0"

    35. Julian Cash Creator on January 30, 2011

      You are wise Michael. We hope to be in the next Jack Rabbit speaks newsletter, which should be a goodness.

    36. Michael on January 30, 2011

      wish I could give more but best of luck, looking forward to the Book. Have you posted on the Jack Rabbit newsletter?

    37. Terry Schoop on January 29, 2011

      Nice saying hello to you and Jackie @ the Burning Man office. Thanks for leaving the sample. I'm so stoked to receive my copy!

      ~ Retro

    38. lindes on January 28, 2011

      Sweet sweet! This is a beautiful book, that I'm lucky enough to be the proud owner of a copy of the original (and wow, that was hand-bound?? that's amazing! It looks so pro!), and now I get to be the proud owner of the "official" version, too! Yay! (Note: please use my first and last name, not just this username. You know the details. ;))

    39. flint on January 26, 2011

      I've always looked for a copy to purchase after perusing the copy at Meerkat Manor. Now it'll happen.

    40. Annie Sprinkle on January 25, 2011

      Julian, if you get way more money than needed, make it come with a deck of playing cards or ????

    41. Missing avatar

      steve schimmel on January 24, 2011

      Got to look through this wonderful piece of art at the BRAF Artumnal. Happy to help bring it to the masses.

    42. Missing avatar

      deleted on January 24, 2011

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    43. Michael York on January 22, 2011

      I couldn't pass this up! Looks like a fantastic addition to my coffee table....and super happy to help make this a reality. 55 days to go and almost 1/3rd of the goal done! I will certainly spread the word to all of my friends and family!!

    44. Missing avatar

      twinotter on January 21, 2011

      Go go go! This is an awesome book. The photographs are real cool individually, but the best is the layout and the sequencing of pictures. Lots of different stories are told in it. :)

    45. Clint Parker on January 21, 2011

      This was my first year at the Burn. Amazing,amazing,amazing. Payday I will be here to get up on this and make my pledge. I'm excited for you, and eagerly await the incredible images. Peace and we'll see you in 2011

    46. Steve Andrews aka Bard of Ely on January 20, 2011

      I am sharing news of this amazing book on my Facebook and Twitter sites!

    47. Annie Sprinkle on January 20, 2011

      Horray! Go Julian. Recieve the love and abundance. That's the hard part. But you can do it!

    48. Missing avatar

      Patrick on January 20, 2011

      You're all clear kid. Now let's blow this thing and go home.

    49. Julian Cash Creator on January 20, 2011

      Thank you Casey and Benjy! It's profoundly moving to see my friends and other people care so much that are willing to pay money to make the project succeed. And thank daMongolain! Heh.

      This "little project" was a large amount of the energy from my life for many years. And frankly, so fulfilling. Half my friends came from taking photographs at Burning Man. And it very much changed and improved my life.

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