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$115 pledged of $2,050 goal
By Judy Dawn
$115 pledged of $2,050 goal

From My Cyberpunk Robin Hood Notebook

Thank you backers and thanks for spreading the word about our Kickstarter. Here is a sneak peek at my Cyberpunk Robin Hood notebook. 

In order to play, work, and commune in the virtual world users had a Social micro-chip installed at the base of the neck. The chip joined software and real-world hardware with human neurology creating 3D virtual world space.

Sometimes, when the chip crashed, the user couldn’t separate from the shared mental space fast enough and they’d get stuck between worlds. The body lived in real world space and the mind trapped in virtual world activity. Caught between two worlds, the overstimulation caused the body to seize and the brain to overload. This common diagnosis was named the Dorothy Syndrome.


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