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Tailgate32: The Ultimate Football Fan Roadtrip's video poster

Two guys in an RV documenting the American traditions of road trips, tailgating, and pro football. 17 weeks. 32 games. 25,000 miles. Read more

Chicago, IL Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on June 12, 2012.

Two guys in an RV documenting the American traditions of road trips, tailgating, and pro football. 17 weeks. 32 games. 25,000 miles.

Chicago, IL Documentary
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About this project

We're John and Mike, and we're brothers.  We love roadtrips, tailgates, and pro football.  This fall, we're hopping into an RV and criss-crossing the country to document these three great American traditions.

Wait a minute, you guys are gonna do what?!?!

Yep.  We'll be on the road for about four months.  Along the way, we'll throw a large public tailgate at a home game of each NFL team... and we're inviting you to join us at every stop.  We'll ask fans everywhere to share their stories, traditions, and enthusiasm with us--by way of photos, videos, interviews, and across social media.  In the end, we'll have compiled the definitive story of the pro football tailgating experience.

Hold on... but there are 32 teams and only 17 weeks in the season!

That's true.  But there are plenty of Monday night and Thursday night games--and the season opens on a Wednesday night.  It'll be logistically challenging *fingers crossed for no mechanical problems*, but we've mapped out a course that should work.  We'll start with the season's kickoff on September 5th at the New Meadowlands (Dallas Cowboys @ NY Giants) and wrap up on December 30th at the Superdome (Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints).

You can find our complete game schedule on our website at, or set to music in the last 35 seconds of our Kickstarter video above.

Why go on this crazy roadtrip?

We've found that there's no better place to embrace the excitement of being a football fan than at a game day tailgate.  It's been said that tailgating is the last great American neighborhood.  By visiting these neighborhoods across the country, we'll have a chance to experience all the traditions and antics of each team's fan base with the fans themselves.  The tour will be documented with video, photos and stories that we'll share on our blog and on our Facebook page throughout the season--and ultimately in our documentary.  At the end, we hope to have a comprehensive guide of what it means to be a pro football fan. We can't do it ourselves, though, and will need your help along the way.

OK... so how can I be a part of this?

There are several different ways you can help out.  

1. Donate to our Kickstarter campaign.  Any amount helps, of course--and at the $25 donation level, we'll print off a Tailgate32 T-shirt in your favorite team's colors featuring logo artwork on the front and the tour schedule on the back.  See below for a few examples of the T-shirts.

2. Participate in the project via Facebook and Twitter.  In addition to keeping tabs on our journey, we'd like to talk some smack with you.  And play some fantasy football with you.  You'll be able to share your stories and photos with us, too.  We'll occasionally feature guest bloggers to offer previews of our upcoming games.  Just as important, we'll want to know what we've got to do while we're in town if we've got an extra day or two in your city.

3. Join us at one (or all!) of our tailgates.  Everyone's welcome to our tailgates at no cost (though feel free to bring some food and beverage). If you're wearing a Tailgate32 t-shirt, we'll even throw you some additional swag (while it lasts).  If you're part of a large regular tailgating group in your city and would like to coordinate with us, please send a private message.

4. Spread the word to your friends, family, neighbors, local radio personalities, Congressmen and Hollywood crushes about Tailgate32.  To tell the complete story, we need to reach all types of fans.  Anything you can do to help connect us with fans is incredibly appreciated.  Something as simple as a Facebook post or a Tweet with a link can go a long way!

So what do those T-shirts look like?

Here's an example in Carolina colors:

...and an example in Green Bay colors:

...and, for good measure, an example in Washington colors:

You're gonna do this for only $6,000??!?!

We wish!  The $6,000 will get the project in gear and offset some of the start-up costs.  Our actual costs (gas, RV, game tickets, production equipment, etc.) will be substantially higher--so any amount you can contribute will help us on the road.  If you're in a position to assist with any of the bigger items (perhaps a few game tickets, a magic gas card, or you weren't really planning to use that spare RV this fall anyway, were you??), feel free to send us a private message to discuss.


We've been working hard to pull this project together for a few months already, and we certainly couldn't have done it without the very generous help of several people.  They include:

  • Aidan Brezonick.  Aidan produced our Kickstarter video while juggling several other projects.  Don't be surprised when you hear his name on some very high-profile work in the near future.  His latest demo reel can be found here:
  • The Dirty River Boys.  We learned about these guys down in Texas earlier this year, and recently had the chance to meet them while they were on the road.  A live recording of their song "Raise Some Hell" paces the first two-and-a-half minutes of our Kickstarter video.  Congrats to the DRBs for successfully funding their own Kickstarter campaign to self-produce their first full-length album.  You can find out more about the band at their website:
  • Bang Camaro.A Boston-based band, Bang Camaro knows a little something about road antics. They’ve toured with 3 killer guitarists, a rhythm section and no less than 13 singers who comprise “the man choir” to bring their soaring melodies and driving hooks to crowds around the country.  That’s why their song “Push Push (Lady Lightning)” was the perfect choice for the schedule montage in our Kickstarter video. You can find out more about Bang Camaro, their music and the way they run on dude power at their website:
  • We wish we had room for everyone else's name.  There have already been dozens and dozens of friends and strangers who have shared photos, stories, videos and interviews with us.  We've received advice and support with everything from brainstorming and copy writing to graphic design and project outreach.

We truly hope we get the opportunity to see all of you at some point over the course of this project.  Many thanks for all your help!



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    THE ALL-PRO: "I wish I thought of this first! What a great idea! I'll take a T-shirt, be a guest co-host of the tailgate in my city, and join you at the game after the tailgate!" It's the complete Tailgate32 experience! Specify your team of choice and size (unisex) for the T-shirt, as well as which game you'd like to join us at! We'll take care of getting you into the game!

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