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New album from Camper Van Beethoven multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Segel, rockin' the electric guitar for the best batch of songs yet!
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Recent updates

Happy Christmas...

I forgot to mention a couple things.

One is, if you haven't gone to get the downloads of the album from bandcamp, or even if you have, you may have missed a small gift: "Turn Slowly for Maximum Vend"

it's a third collection of music, music made during the process of making All Attractions and Apricot Jam. Here:

I'm trying to get all my music there for easy and cheap downloading.

Also: If any of you high rollers are going to be at the Camper shows this coming week in California, let me know. I have some special things for you.


They're here, they're (sort of) clear, get used to it. 

Get used to them arriving in your mailboxes soon. Sorry I couldn't get them to you for Christmas! Still trying to figure out the special people's gift situation.. you'll get CDs soon, though!

OK then!

I think we're done. 

We mastered "All Attractions" last weekend, then went through it and fixed little digital things, if something sounds wrong, don't tell me about it. It's supposed to sound that way.

I'll have digital downloads available for everybody this week. CDs next month. 



interim update #2

Well, yes indeed, this is taking longer than expected (?) to mix the songs. I'm going to "officially" revise the release date of the CDs to the end of the year. 

I apologize! However, as the Apricot Jam collection is done, I will make this available to all Kickstarters very soon. Look for email from me with some weird download code. Or something.

Meanwhile, here's a very nice video of the start of our set at Pioneertown this past month, shot by Jason Switzer. It's almost 20 minutes of beauty.

Thanks folks!

interim update #1

Well, folks, this CD making thing is taking a bit longer than I had though initially, though we keep chugging away.

The "Apricot Jam" collection is done, mixed and mastered! The "All Attractions" collection is harder, taking longer to mix right. They are songs, after all!

In the meantime, here's a video of an Apricot-like bit from our set at Pioneertown on Sept 17 2011:

Segel, Hanes, Krummenacher. Live!

Enjoy! As I hear of more recordings of this, I will pass them on.