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Felder is a hoodie for your cellphone. Keeping it clean, classy, and warm. Read more

Chicago, IL Fashion
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This project's funding goal was not reached on August 27, 2011.

Felder is a hoodie for your cellphone. Keeping it clean, classy, and warm.

Chicago, IL Fashion
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About this project

Think back to your college days and long weekends... The hoodie is the best thing to chill in, represent your club, or look like Mark Zuckerberg. Now your cell phone can chill too. 

Felder hoodie is for people who want to keep their phone protected from scratches and all the usual worries of life, while retaining personality and a carefree attitude. 

Design Features

Felder hoodie will be compatible with allot of phones! No more having to buy a new case every time you get a new cellphone. It will also have a key ring to connect to bags plus a loop in the back to attach to belts. Customized Felder hoodies will feature logos from your favorite schools and organizations. I have received a great response by showing it to students at Andrews University. 

Why Support?

My awesome grandma helped me make the first sample but if I ever hope to expand beyond grandma, I need the resources. I have already saved up some money by working at a call center -be nice to those guys btw - but unfortunately it wont be enough, so I'm turning to Kickstarter to help out.

Funds will go into manufacturing and distribution.  In order to produce Felder Hoodie at reasonable rates I'll need to pay certain expenses upfront. According to my research, lining up sewing contractors, packaging, and shipping services will amount to just under $3,500.

The Felder hoodie will be sold online if the campaign is successful. It will also be marketed to universities and schools.


If you pledge $17 you will receive a Felder hoodie and be part of a life changing project! I'm sure you have noticed how expensive cell phone covers are. My first one cost $25! I figure I can do it for less, so I've made the goal of keeping Felder under $20.

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If you pledge $17 you will get your very own Felder and be part of a life changing project!


  • The majority of pledged funs will go into producing Felder through American sewing contractors. It will also go towards materials, awesome packaging, and shipping to you, the supporter.

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  • It is not phone specific but it does have the same proportions as an iPhone 4.

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    Every dollar counts towards the goal! Thank you so much for giving and I hope you eventually purchase a Felder.

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    Sweet! Just $7 away from having your own Felder! For a pledge of $10 I'll send you a Thank You card and a signed picture of a Felder!

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    You get your very own Felder! Now your phone can chill too.

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    You get 2 Felders! Have a friend that wants one? Cool! Pass it on. You'll get a really nice Thank You card too!

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