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A glove-based input device that provides full mouse/keyboard control built for wearable/mobile computing and handicapped users.
A glove-based input device that provides full mouse/keyboard control built for wearable/mobile computing and handicapped users.
95 backers pledged $12,474 to help bring this project to life.

Success! We made it to $10k with time to spare!

We now have a little less than 24 hours before the deadline, and we've made past the $10k goal! In fact, we're now at $11,264 thanks to more pledges that came in between the time I took the picture you see below and the time I finished this update. The Keyglove project will officially be funded as of tomorrow, April 27, 2011 at 5:37 PM EDT.

Thank you all so very much for your incredible generosity and for bringing the project to this point. With your financial support (and inventive ideas, in many cases), I'm completely confident that I will be able to take the prototype I have and turn it into a polished, functional, retail-ready device. I am still somewhat in disbelief that all of you really believe in me and this project enough to front more than ten thousand dollars to make it happen. It means more to me than I can say.

So, what happens next?

After the deadline passes and Kickstarter/Amazon finish charging and transferring the money over to me--which will take two weeks, so they say--I've got a pretty good roadmap of the things that need to be done. Here's a short summary:

  • Fulfill the immediate rewards. This includes the Keyglove website's supporter list, Twitter thanks, creating a priority pre-order availability list, and sending out personal letters. It also includes coordinating with the $100+ backers who would like to talk to me about anything. The Media DVD and actual Keygloves will be sent out together once the first Keygloves are ready, which will be as soon as possible but at least a couple of months from now.
  • Get the prototype controller board manufactured and assembled. I have nearly finished the circuit design and layout, but it's rather complicated and not something I can easily build by hand. Fabrication and assembly of such a device can be cheap if you need 1,000 of them (perhaps $8 or $10 each), but for individual and unique orders of one device, it's more like $300 each. This is the first place that all of your pledged money will come in. I'll do my best not to make any mistakes and therefore to minimize the "practice run" costs, but I can almost guarantee I'll need to try more than once. $300 each adds up quickly.
  • Research and manufacture the physical glove. Once the electronics are finished, I'll need some place to put it! I'm currently discussing different material and construction options with someone who has access to some of the required machinery, and I'm doing my own limited testing as well. It's a focused effort to find a best combination of durability, flexibility, stability, and comfort. I will try to have this lined up as quickly as possible so that it's ready when the controller board is finished. The costs involved in getting this done will also be greatly (or completely) alleviated by your pledged funds.
  • Beta test a good all-around "default" touchset. After the electronics and physical glove are working together, I can get the Keyglove into the hands of some beta testers (possibly some of you guys!) to test different touchsets for efficiency and preference. I can test the one I created myself, and I have been doing so, but I know I'll need input from many different people to find out what works best. Obviously, it's only going to be the default touchset, since anyone is free to reconfigure their own the way they want it to behave.

There's a big-picture look at the next steps. You can expect to hear more about how each of these things is coming along as I make progress. Kickstarter allows me to continue to send these updates to all of the project backers even after the deadline passes, so I'll make use of it to keep you informed.

Thanks again, everyone!


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