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A glove-based input device that provides full mouse/keyboard control built for wearable/mobile computing and handicapped users.
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Stepping Stone to Wearable Control with Bluetooth

Posted by Jeff Rowberg (Creator)

Hello backers,

A few weeks ago, I finally got to pick up my Google Glass device in Palo Alto, and have (amid two business trips) been working on wireless control of Glass through Bluetooth within the context of the Keyglove design. Here's the first picture of the Keyglove taken through Glass--something that I was immensely excited to create, just for what it means about what I am now able to work on:

Since the day I took that photo, I've been able to explore in some detail exactly what kind of Bluetooth control is possible, and I'm pleased with the results. I just finished a rather technical blog post about the process here, which you can read if you're interested:

It does get to be pretty geeky regarding the discovery process, but there are lots of screenshots showing what various Glass display modes look like as well, so you might want to glance through it even if technical stuff isn't your thing (though perhaps I need not worry about this group of backers, since most of you are all pretty technical anyway!).

I'll be spending more time during this long weekend continuing to work on some embedded code changes that will make the Keyglove controller board operate more efficiently and hopefully take care of a couple of strange touch sensitivity problems I ran into earlier this year. The unintentional break from development during the first part of this year has given me some new approaches to work with, which is certainly one of the better possible outcomes of the delay.



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