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A glove-based input device that provides full mouse/keyboard control built for wearable/mobile computing and handicapped users.
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Pre-Exhibit Maker Faire News

Posted by Jeff Rowberg (Creator)

Tomorrow--or actually today, since it's after midnight here in New York--I'll be heading off to the Keyglove exhibit at Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science building. This is only a short update since I'm still wrapping up a few software modifications and I probably ought to get at least a little bit of sleep.

The last few weeks have been a flurry of preparations, and my wife has helped out tremendously with much of the tedious and time-consuming demo glove assembly work. I would never have been able to get everything done without her.

The result is that we have five different gloves to work with and three sets of electronics to swap between them. Since the sensor cables easily disconnect, and controller boards move easily between gloves, and I only have three computers to run everything on at the same time, having only three sets of electronics is not a problem. Here are all of the demo Keygloves we're bringing:

That odd-looking on on the top right is my older Prototype D glove, made out of much less durable material (cotton) and powered with the Keyglove Kit v0.4 PCB. I brought it as a backup in case something went terribly wrong with the others. The rest of the gloves you see there are based on the Prototype E model, the Ektelon Classic Pro racquetball glove and v0.5 PCB, along with the rainbow sensor cables. These gloves look considerably more aesthetically pleasing when there's actually a hand in them, so here's a shot of that:

If you happen to be near Manhattan this weekend, by all means stop by and see how things are going, and get a chance to see the current prototypes. We get to be inside this year, right in the middle of the central pavilion of the New York Hall of Science (which is a phenomenal spot for a booth at this event). There's a Keyglove banner up and can't miss it.

I've learned a lot through this process of preparing for Open Hardware Summit, even more at OHS itself, and I'm sure there will be still more that I'll learn this weekend. However, I'll save that synopsis for another update.

Thanks for your continued interest and support!


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