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A glove-based input device that provides full mouse/keyboard control built for wearable/mobile computing and handicapped users.
A glove-based input device that provides full mouse/keyboard control built for wearable/mobile computing and handicapped users.
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    1. Jeff Rowberg Creator on


      I've been working the last many months on a thorough firmware rewrite including a rewritten Bluetooth parser interface which fits into the new Keyglove API architecture. I've been adding Doxygen comments to the whole codebase most recently, and as soon as I wrap that up and push everything to Github, I'll be posting a new update here. It has been a long time.

      There are more frequent small updates on the Twitter feed and FB page:

    2. Jeremy Blum on

      What's going on with keyglove? I haven't heard an update in a long time.

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      Linda Rowberg on

      Jeff, I do really enjoy reading your updates. I've just finished the latest one, and although I don't know what I would actually DO with a Keyglove on my hand, the project and the process are both exciting to me. I love how you express yourself in the ups and downs of this journey. You make your progress (and setbacks) understandable even to someone as "untech-y" as I am. Your commitment to and love for what you're doing are fun to read. And I have every confidence that you are right: This thing is going to be awesome when it's done!

    4. Jeff Rowberg Creator on

      @Scott, I forgot to mention about sizes: the current plan is to have a few fixed sizes available (e.g., XS / S / M / L / XL), but also to offer custom-fit sizes for a reasonable extra cost. I know that standard sizes don't always work well for everyone, and it's important to have something that fits well, particularly if it required precise movement and might be on your hand for many hours at a time.

      Jeff @ Keyglove

    5. Jeff Rowberg Creator on

      @Scott, I'm actively discussing different construction options with someone in the industry right now. I'm pretty sure it will be a completely custom design, not something bought and modified. Comfort is important, and that definitely includes keeping it breathable to prevent the wearer from getting sweaty as much as possible. I can't say for sure just yet though.

      As for your other question, I've designed the electronics (which are by far the expensive part) to be completely modular and easily removable, so that if you should need to get a new glove (or just an additional one for your other hand), you can simply swap the controller board into it. I hope repairs and maintenance won't be necessary often, but whenever they are, I'm specifically building it to be as easy and cheap as possible.

      Thanks for asking!

      Jeff @ Keyglove

    6. Scott-George LaFluer on

      Do you know what glove your final product will be made with? I'm interested in looking at the sizes available. After long uses of the Keyglove does the glove get sweaty? Will it be easy to port the equipment to an new glove if needed?

      Just some random questions, no rush. The product looks fantastic, the updates are concise so keep up the good work.

    7. Jeff Rowberg Creator on

      @Linda: Thanks, Mom! :-)

    8. Jeff Rowberg Creator on

      @Larry, Thanks! Once I get the prototype ready for testing en mass, I'll need many different individuals for testing. I'll try to remember to get back to you about it!

      Jeff @ Keyglove

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      Linda Rowberg on

      Jeff, we are so happy for you that you have made your goal, plus extra! We're also very proud of you!

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      Lawrence Love on

      Hi Jeff, (Congratulations!) If you decide you'd like to have a handicapped person do some testing, I have friend who's a stroke victim (affecting the left side of his body) I can ask if he would be willing. However now that I think about it I guess it's not necessary since it's just testing with one hand which is done regardless. Anyway, FYI, (and again, congratulations!) Larry

    11. Jeff Rowberg Creator on

      @Will, as soon as I get one glove totally finished, I'll work on making two that can talk to each other and be used simultaneously. At first I was surprised at the number of people who suggested that, but there is definitely merit in the idea. The only difficulty would be getting a simple, efficient technique to have them communicate with each other wirelessly (which would be necessary for sure). Bluetooth keyboard pants--that sounds like a pretty amazing project. :-) Is that documented anywhere? Thanks for your pledge, by the way!

      Jeff @ Keyglove

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      Will Read on

      Whichever glove you decide to go with, can you offer a matching glove for the opposite hand? As much as I'm on board to walk around with wearables, I'm not quite ready to look like Michael Jackson with a smartphone. As a wearable input hobbyist (just finished bluetooth keyboard pants), I'm excited to see an idea like this get some love and polish. Good luck Jeff!

    13. Jeff Rowberg Creator on

      @Emily, I have seen that glove, though I haven't yet bought one to test and compare hands-on (or hand-in, I guess). The Peregrine is great for what it can do, but it is targeted heavily towards gamers and does not include any motion sensing capability (so no mouse control, gestures, etc.). It has a maximum of 30 unique touch combinations configured at a time, which makes it unsuitable for full keyboard input. It also currently has no wireless support and only comes in a left-handed configuration. The build quality looks amazing though, and I would love to learn how they accomplished that. Thanks for the tip though!

      Jeff @ Keyglove

    14. Emily Tatlow on

      Don't know if you've come across them, but it may be worth talking to these guys:

    15. Jeff Rowberg Creator on

      @KurtCircuit, the current prototype uses an accel/gyro combo module, but it doesn't include a compass. I have actually thought about it though, and I have an HMC5843 for testing; however, since the hand is often directionally oriented differently than the rest of the wearer's body, I'm not sure about how useful it might be. All of the rotational movement can be adequately detected by the gyro, so the only added benefit from a compass would be absolute heading. That might be better placed in a head-tracking device though. Even so, I'm not opposed to the idea, and I'll add the compass after the rest of it is working just to see what I might be able to do with it. Thanks for your thoughts!

      Jeff @ Keyglove

    16. Missing avatar

      KurtCircuit on

      Hi Jeff, have you thought about adding a gyro, accelerometer and a compass module to the glove? Cool project anyway!!!

      / Krt

    17. Jeff Rowberg Creator on

      @Matt, thanks for your honest opinion! I've been wondering about that, and I think you're right. There was a functionally similar reward, but was considerably more than I hope the retail Keyglove will cost--which, as you point out, demonstrates a lack of faith in the project. There is no good reason for that. I AM confident, especially in light of recent developments. Check out the new rewards! (The old ones will hopefully be cleaned up soon.)

      Jeff @ Keyglove

    18. Matt

      Why not provide a preorder pledge Jeff? Are you unconfident with realising this all the way to production? I'm sure the amount pledged would skyrocket!

    19. Jeff Rowberg Creator on

      @Wilson, thanks! Minority Report gloves definitely look cooler than the Keyglove--for the moment, at least...that will hopefully change! However, The Keyglove doesn't require nearly as much upper body strength for extended use. :-p

      Jeff @ Keyglove

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      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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      Sonia Hancock on

      Hey Jeff, I just added Bonnie Milam to the list. She gave me the money this weekend to give to you. FB message me if you want her email! ;-)

    22. Jeff Rowberg Creator on

      @Joel Lucsy, thanks for the observation. Very few people besides me have actually tested the glove and sensor placement I'm working with, so this kind of thing hasn't come up (though it's bound to as more people try it out).

      While those kinds of physical constraints will definitely reduce the number of usable combinations, the Keyglove as a whole could still potentially be useful with a different sensor behavior setup. You might be able to use more modifier keys so that more taps are needed, but less flexibility is required. I'll have to make sure the controller software can accommodate those kinds of requirements.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Jeff @ Keyglove

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      Joel Lucsy on

      While I appreciate the concept, I haven't been able to touch my thumb to palm since I was a little kid. And I no longer can touch my thumb to my pinky other than the tip. Tho I don't really have thick fingers. Don't know if its just me, as others I know don't have this issue.

    24. Jason Hatch on

      This is tremendous idea. I applaud your commitment to keeping it open source. I am looking forward to watching the progress and do hope that you will keep us updated so I might be able to add to my support of your project. Best of luck! @jhatchdj