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The product is printed,  and shipping has begun!
The product is printed,  and shipping has begun!
168 backers pledged $16,000 to help bring this project to life.

Update #18 - This Week's Update!

Posted by Jason Robinette (Creator)

Update from the Road

We received the email from Kickstarter yesterday that our money was on its way, so we should be sending out surveys sometime this week to make sure we have everyone’s addresses and finalize all the orders. 

Those that ordered mats will be given the option of early shipping if they want to use their mats with the 2350 product while waiting for the 2360 product to print and ship.

The next step after we receive the Kickstarter funds is settling up with any artists that have balances that need to be paid, and getting the final art pieces ready for insertion into the awaiting cards.

We are also working on a website and shopping cart upgrade to make the final pledge and add-on surveys easy to use and simple to fill out.

While this is going on we are continuing to promote both the Ophidian 2350 and 2360 lineup by attending conventions and working with Double Exposure's – Envoy program.

Double Exposure just finished up a 60 + store splash where they demoed Ophidian 2350 at stores all over the US and I (Robert Shofkom) am currently typing this update from Lexicon 2016 – Table Top Gaming Convention:

To give you an idea of our dedication to this game it should be noted that Bob Allen (one of our major supporters) and I drove over 14 hours to run demos and a Tournament for Ophidian 2350 as well as give the game more visibility at the Lexicon Table Top Gaming Convention.

Next weekend we will be at Space Cadets, in Oak Ridge Texas ( for Tabletop Day doing more demos and promoting Ophidian 2350/60, so you can see we just don’t stop when the Kickstarter is over!

Game On!

Robert Shofkom
, President


What's this?  No previews?  Don't worry, we have you covered!

Today's update includes a unique matched pair of cards... check it out:

Defense Shield - Illus. Banu Satrio
Defense Shield - Illus. Banu Satrio

First up is Defense Shield.  You'll note a new icon on the lower left... that's "Shield" and it adds 1 Shield to the Character that has this Pump on it.

What is Shield?  Whenever a character with Shield is hit with Attack Damage, they can reduce that damage by their Shield value.   This only affects Attack Damage, and will not reduce/prevent Rage, Defense, or Direct Damage.

You will see this attribute on very few cards, but when it comes up... look out!  :)

Furious Assault - Illus. Banu Satrio
Furious Assault - Illus. Banu Satrio

The next one is linked to the first card by the art... this is our first cross-card art piece!

You may notice that this pump lacks a Maintain Cost, which means that it cannot be maintained.   Still, there is a cost for playing it... you'll take some damage!

Doom Glyph - Illus. Jeremiah Humphries
Doom Glyph - Illus. Jeremiah Humphries

Finally, we have Doom Glyph, our first Glyph card.  Yes, there will be others!  Let's talk about the lower right corner, above the card number.  Deck Max: 5 means that you can actually have up to 5 copies of this card in your deck.  Look for future cards to have different values in this area... it could be 1, or it could be 10!

Finally, we are starting our playtesting this week, and if you haven't reached out to us yet... please do so!

If you HAVE reached out to us, make sure you visit our forums, create a user account, and then send us an email at with your username.  We'll get you added to the private areas to talk about playtesting.  We'll also email you cards to print and test!

Jason Robinette,Vice President of Marketing and Design
Hack and Slash Games


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    1. James Cartwright on

      Great Update, really like the linked artwork.