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The product is printed,  and shipping has begun!
The product is printed,  and shipping has begun!
168 backers pledged $16,000 to help bring this project to life.

Update #17 - Keeping the Lines Open!

Posted by Jason Robinette (Creator)
Hey folks; 

If you haven’t figured it out by now Hack and Slash Games aims to be a “Different” kind of company that most of the other major players out there. 

Doing things like producing everything in the US, delivering early to our backers, producing games that are inclusive of all demographics, being “girl gamer” positive by not allowing overly sexual themes and images into our games, supporting US troops and charities… and the latest… drum roll please…

Committing to weekly communication AFTER the Kickstarter is OVER!

That’s right folks, as someone who regularly backs Kickstarters, I have noticed that communication tends to go dark after the Kickstarter is over, but NOT SO with Hack and Slash Games! You will get a weekly update even if it is to say: “Nothing new is happening!” (Although that seems unlikely, since Jason and I always have have something to say.  We both tend to be rather chatty!) You might even hear from Chris Milling every now and then if we can get him out of his cave! 

So let’s start this off with some logistics!


The next step from a Kickstarter perspective is waiting on the funding money to get resolved... which should wrap up tomorrow.  If you haven't sorted your pledge out, you have just under 24 hours to do so... you can do it!
Then, it takes Kickstarter fourteen business days to send us the backer money.

During that time, we continue to work with the artists and build cards as the art comes in.

We have a few folks that opted to be “put into” the game either as a fan, character, gladiator, or legendary gladiator so we are doing a lot of back and forth communication to get pictures and concept ideas to the artists, as well as creating a backstory to get them integrated into the Ophidian Universe! 

We are working with several vendors and receiving samples on the dice and tokens and are working with Big frog on building out more T-Shirt Designs. We are also continuing to build our fan base by attending more conventions. Our next convention is in Lexington Kentucky, followed by Tabletop Day at Space Cadets in TX. (You can always see what events we are attending by checking our calendar) [insert link to calendar] as we love meeting all the fans out there as well as making new ones! 

Speaking of making new friends any/all of you are invited to “friend me” personally on facebook or “like” our company page if you haven’t done so already. 

I am working on a series of articles on gaming culture that I will be posting in our news section as well as on Facebook. Those should start popping up in the next few days!

I also want to announce that we are looking for play testers that want to demo the game early!

We have been playing with these cards for a while without art, but we are looking for folks who want to give us some objective feedback on anything we might have missed. If any of you out there would like to be a part of the playtesting group, please email us directly at so we can get you on the list. 
We only have two requirements:
1. Have a group of at least 3 players.
2. ALL results have to be based on gameplay.   We need results, not opinions!  :)

We've been gathering names/groups, and we'll start emailing test groups in the coming weeks.


Can't have an update without a preview or two!

This last guy is so good that anyone can spend a couple of cheer to destroy him... the crowd doesn't like the way that he looks... don't have Cheer?  Prepare to get smacked by him!

Well that is it for this update. Once the money cutoff happens on Kickstarter we will be sending out the first of many surveys, starting with the survey for those that want to receive their playmats early! For those of you whose backer reward included playmats we will be allowing you to select the versions you want and giving you the option of having them shipped early. Stay tuned!

Game on!

Robert Shofkom
Hack and Slash Games

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    1. James Cartwright on

      Great update, will look forward to getting regular updates even if it is just to say "nothing new is happening" So many Kickstarter I have pledged to leave backers in the dark for months after the project has finished.

    2. Jason Robinette 3-time creator

      It looks like the calendar link fell off... that's my bad: