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The product is printed,  and shipping has begun!
The product is printed,  and shipping has begun!
168 backers pledged $16,000 to help bring this project to life.

Campaign Update #13 - Major Update: Ophidian with Style & BIG NEWS

Posted by Jason Robinette (Creator)

Stretch goal reached & 150 backers!

We just reached the next stretch goal, which adds an additional Supplemental Pack to the options for Add-Ons... and we're letting backers get their choice of one of the two packs for free as part of their pledge level.  Will you pick Pack I or Pack II?  Will you pick up the other one as an Add-On?   
We also dropped the price of the Add-On level to $3! 

*images not final
*images not final

Note that while these are currently only going to be available through this Kickstarter, they may become available through our website or somewhere like the BGG store in the future.  If that does happen, they will be in the $5 range.

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We also hit 150 backers, so keep it up!

Time is running out... 

We've got about 24 hours left, unlocking that 5th deck design and more are still waiting in the wings... see if we can get there!  Share this campaign on your social media!  Spread the word!

Wearing Ophidian

Here's a preview of some of the prototype shirts we've had made up.  Please share any suggestions you might have for shirt ideas and slogans in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you!  

We'll start you off with a few of our own suggestions:
   Bring it! I donate blood... just not my own!
   Never. Give. Up.
   The first rule of Ophidian is you DO talk about Ophidian!
   “Sweat dries, blood clots, bones heal.. Suck it up!”
    Wake up, Kick ass, Repeat!


Here's the latest preview!

Heckler Shield - Illus. Michael Cunningham
Heckler Shield - Illus. Michael Cunningham

What are Fans, you might be asking?  There aren't any in the game yet... but it's something that will be added in the future!

In fact, we've adjusted our backer levels... there is a new backer level that will allow some of our backers to join the game!  Not as a Gladiator, but as a FAN... or another character that might appear on a card.  We'll work with you to create what you'd like... back now and let's get started!


Finally, here's our big news!

Hack and Slash Games just signed a deal with Klu! to bring Myths & Legends, the #1 trading card game from Chile for the last 16+ years, to the United States!  We will be managing translations, organized play, and more.  In fact, we'll be releasing this game at this year's GenCon, in just a few short months!

Much more to talk about related to this, so visit our website in the coming weeks for the latest news!

All the best,

Jason Robinette
Vice President of Marketing and Design
Hack and Slash Games

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    1. Jason Robinette 3-time creator

      Hi Stofen,

      It's a bit of a long tale, which we will likely unwind over the coming months... but the very, very short version is this:

      I worked for Genio, a company that had dealings with Klu!'s predecessor, Salo. Genio went out of business in a 12 hour period to avoid some legal issues, and the business was passed to Comic Images, who I then went on to work for. The dealings never really went anywhere meaningful... but I maintained contact with the Chilean folks over the years, and when this opportunity came up, I brought them to the table and we spent the last 5 months negotiating all of the finer points of this deal.

      Multiple flights, long meetings in person and on Skype... it was all worth it :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Stofen on

      Congratulations! It was a bit out of the left field but still pretty cool that you're publishing Myths and Legends. Would you be willing to say how this occurred?