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Make the great icons at completely free for unlimited unlicensed use without attribution or any kind of restriction!
Make the great icons at completely free for unlimited unlicensed use without attribution or any kind of restriction!
1,049 backers pledged $27,413 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      @9thbit – Yes, just send me an email: hello at glyphish dot com

    2. Missing avatar

      9thbit on

      Hi, I seem to have lost my copy of the icons. I backed the project originally, but I seem to have lost my download of the icons. Is there any possibility of getting a copy again?


    3. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      you were wrong cabinet sanchez

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    5. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      And if you were looking for the 2x icons, they're back on Kickstarter for a limited time. Click my profile to find the other project, or snag the link from the Updates tab above.

    6. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      Shovan -- you can get the 130 free icons at

    7. Shovan Sargunam on

      Hello, This project has "Funding Successful", how can i download them?


    8. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      Rixius - Seems OK to me... The vector versions of the icons are freely downloadable so I don't see any reason to attempt to counter @font-face use of the font.

    9. Missing avatar

      Rixius on

      The License doesn't specify, does the license include the rights to embed the font into the web browser using @font-face?

    10. Missing avatar

      imxray on

      I am very interested in the icon set too as they are really well designed and useful!

      May I know when they will be released to public or how I can purchase a copy?


    11. Jan Waider on

      I would be interested in purchasing these icons, too. Discovered this project too late.

    12. Apperrific on

      Have downloaded the icons/font, and they look great. Thanks for the work, and congrats on the success of the project!

    13. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      Matthew – my webserver is probably getting hammered right now. Try the download again in a few minutes.

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      This project on Kickstarter is closed and I haven't announced any way to get 2x icons... but stay tuned!

    16. Oliver on

      Yeah, I'd like to get a copy of these too

    17. bedaronco on

      Can this project no longer be backed? I would love to get the 2x icons but have just now seen this project.

    18. Matthew Ford on

      Would like to support this, but I can't see a link to do so :s

    19. Brent E on

      Looks great. Congrats on the massive success. I can't wait to chomp on these icons. And the font looks delicious too.

    20. Max B on

      So the Kickstarter payment via Amazon has just been made, but no download link was with it - Any ETA for the backers' downloads to go live?

    21. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      Sam – stay tuned on Twitter for more news in August! :)

    22. Sam Baron on

      BTW, what's the "something wonderful" you mentioned if you hit 500 backers? BTW, you're about to hit 1000 (I guess you're not making any more promises).

    23. Missing avatar

      Victor on

      Excellent work and great KS project! I checked out your other links to flickr, et al. Looks like you got a great life in NY! No wonder you're so creative. You've got the best iPhone icons on the web! Thanks!

    24. Tom Arends on

      Very nice job!

    25. Missing avatar

      Adrian Carpenter on

      Brilliant. :) It's great to see a fantastic artist giving free use for their icons in their applications (the original glyphish set)....but even more amazing that for $25 I get the icons in a retina compatible size. Joseph, can't thank you enough! So glad to see that your pledges have way exceeded your target!

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrea Petrelli on

      Joseph, thanks for your work. ;-)

    27. Missing avatar

      Gijs van de Nieuwegiessen on

      Damn... I'm on a holiday this weekend without any internet... :-S

    28. drahtwerk on

      Joseph, great job on the icons! Thanks for your hard work.

    29. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      Ed – 

      * The set of icons that are rewards for this Kickstarter project will NOT require attribution.

      * The free set available on will always be free and will only contain 130 1x size icons... and may require attribution for use or perhaps just for remixing. Some kind of CC license, probably...

    30. Missing avatar

      Ed Lea on

      Great job! Two questions:
      • If we pledge money can we use the icons in our project without attribution?
      • If the project get's funded and you release the icons for free, will users still be required to attribute you?

      thanks :)

    31. 6TH MEGA on

      Hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hip hip hooray! (always wanted to do that online :)) Be sure to hit us up next project you do, your work looks great and we'd love to help ensure the next one is also a success.

    32. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      @6thmega Thanks! Your project looks neat -- three cheers for iPhone developer resources on Kickstarter :)

    33. 6TH MEGA on

      It is amazing to see how successful this has been. Totally inspired us to post a project! Thanks!

    34. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    35. Mike Fullerton on

      Hi, I just backed the $25 version, and I'm happy to do it (just found this site). I'm also a customer for the previous set of icons (before kickstarter). I was hoping that it may be possible to get a couple of the high quality icons before the project has completed? I'm hoping to ship my iPhone app before your project in the next few days. If this is possible, please let me know where I can contact you privately if possible?
      Thanks either way. :-)

    36. Missing avatar

      Ray Wee on

      Hey Joseph -- you hit 500 backers several days ago... what awesome thing did you decide on doing?

    37. Sam Baron on

      Haters gonna hate. Happy to see everyone giving you due recognition and here's hoping your funding goes even higher. $25 pledged with a smile.

    38. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      @brian -- No, probably not. The genius of Kickstarter: the funding doesn't happen until the end of the project, and only if goal is met.

    39. Missing avatar

      Brian Housman on

      Any chance of you releasing the icons early as you have far exceeded your funding goal??

    40. Missing avatar

      Bryan Butvidas on

      SWEET it still let me send you $20! Great job!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Bryan Butvidas on

      Can we still back this project? I want to use this for a phone app I've developing and would love to back you up still

    42. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      We appreciate it. Adding new icon now!

    43. Joseph Wain 3-time creator on

      Apologies for the wonky gear icon. I've corrected it to 52x52 and posted an update.

      And for the future release in August, I'll definitely make sure the naming scheme coincides exactly with the smaller size.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      To follow-up what Nick said about naming, it also be helpful if the icons had the same name as the first set (plus the @2x at the end) so that we can just drop the icons into our projects without having to rename them. In case you aren't familiar with the convention, the original gear icon would be "19-gear.png" and the new icon would be "19-gear@2x.png" Thanks again! Hope we're not being too nit-picky! This should save lots of time for the literally hundreds (thousands?) of developers using your icons.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nick Hodapp on

      I have the same question as Ricky about the Gear icon - shouldn't it be 52x52?

      It would be great if the final distribution used the Apple-prescribed "@2x" naming convention for all hi-res icons.

    46. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      To follow-up, I just installed the 2x gear icon on iPhone 4 and it looks tiny! I'm sure this was just an oversight. Thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      Thanks for the icons! Just a question - why is the gear icon only 38x38 instead of 2x (52x52)? The size will be a little different on iPhone 4 if it's not exactly 2x in each dimension. Thanks for your work!

    48. Derek Stutsman on

      Happy to see this project well-funded and for you to receive some compensation for your hard work!

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