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Make the great icons at completely free for unlimited unlicensed use without attribution or any kind of restriction!

I make icons for iPhone developers at and it's time to update them to iPhone 4 "Retina" display size.

If this project succeeds, I'll continue to publish the original set of 130 icons as a free download. Rewards for backers include exclusive new 2x size icons, a special Glyphish dingbat font and a new set of simple symbol icons. That's a total of 200 icons, available exclusively at Kickstarter, in 1x and 2x sizes, bitmap and vector formats.

That's right -- this is the only place to get these new double-size icons.

Preview of the new "simple symbols" icon set:

Preview of the upcoming Glyphish dingbat font:

If the project succeeds: Everyone in the world gets to use the original set of 130 icons, in bitmap and vector format, free!

If you pledge $20 or more: You'll get 130 awesome 2x size iPhone 4 Retina display compatible icons. That's the classic Glyphish set, updated.

If you pledge $25 or more: You'll get all of the above, plus a new set of symbol icons also in Retina compatible 2x size, plus a sweet Glyphish dingbat font in OpenType format, containing all icons mentioned above.

If you pledge $100 or more: I'll design up to 4 custom Glyphish-style icons just for you. (Only doing 5 of these rewards - they'll go fast!)


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    30 backers

    Get the whole set of 130 Glyphish icons in crisp, detailed, Retina display compatible 2x size.

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    1011 backers

    Get 130 awesome Retina display 2x size icons, PLUS new symbol icons also in 2x size, PLUS a cool Glyphish dingbat font in OpenType format.

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    5 backers All gone!

    I will design 4 custom icons for you.

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