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$5,078 pledged of $5,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Justin Silva
$5,078 pledged of $5,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Justin Silva Creator about 1 hour ago

      Sorry for the confusion, Topher. I added the $49 reward a week into the campaign due to feedback I was getting, and I realize that the differences between it and the other license tiers are not obvious.

      First, definitions: Superscript will be using semantic versioning (major.minor.patch). A major release includes breaking changes. A minor release includes additional or improved features. A patch release includes bug fixes.

      If you get the $49 lifetime license reward, you will be entitled to all updates during the first 12 months. Minor and patch releases will be installed automatically, but major releases will be optional since, by definition, they contain breaking changes.

      After the 12 months of updates, you may continue using the latest version that you have already installed. If a patch is released for the major.minor version you're on, you will be allowed that update even though your update period has ended.

      Did I sufficiently answer your question?

    2. Topher Davila
      about 2 hours ago

      I’m trying to figure out the difference between lifetime license and 12 months of update functionally. I lose updates after a year even though the updates then?

      What do mean by the updates I’ll lose? Do you mean like bug fixes and general tweaks that usually happen to say for (an example pulled out of the air) version 1. In this case that means the version I buy won’t be getting the support most software gets after a year.

      And then I’d have to pay for general software updates?

      Or do you mean you get all updates in changes say v1 then 1.2 then 1.3 almost as if I was buying new software and after a year if I want say version 2 I’d have to buy the next version? This model would be more like I’d get photoshop 7 then that’s fine to use but there’s a photoshop 8 next year.

      “Support for a year” seems vague. Please explain.

    3. Byron Nilsson 2 days ago

      Thanks Justin, I'll change my reward.

    4. Justin Silva Creator 2 days ago

      I'm working on an update to the trial version which will allow read-only access to your documents once the trial period has expired. The trial is an incomplete demo. Even though it's close to completion, I prefer that it gets fully tested before it sees general usage.

      The "Featured comic of the month" reward does include the pre-release of the app, but I've limited it to 10 backers so that I can concentrate on completing the app without being distracted by numerous individual requests.

    5. Byron Nilsson 2 days ago

      Would like to use in my current project, how's about using the demo for more than 7 days after funding? #activecomics

    6. LateToTheParty7 on May 16

      @Roger Beckett: I'm right there with ya. I'll give the trial download a shot and go from there.

    7. Justin Silva Creator on May 9

      First, thank you Edward, Liz, Roger and everyone who has backed us so far.

      Edward, I pulled bits of structure from several different comic script conventions, trying to strike a balance between familiarity, usability and feasibility. One of my goals was to allow writers to just write and not worry about formatting. In order for Superscript to format your text for you as you type, I had to make the syntax easy, but rather strict. So, if you're copying and pasting your script from another source, you will probably have to make some one-time adjustments for Superscript to know how to handle it.

      But, here's some good news! I will be adding different options for printing and exporting, so if you or your publisher prefers a certain style of script, you'll be able to configure Superscript to output in that format. Currently, page headings look like "PAGE 11" in the app and "ELEVEN" when exported. Likewise, character headings are prepended with numbers to make things easier for your letterer. The trial version of the app doesn't yet allow for configuration, but the released version will.

    8. Edward Hedington Jr. on May 9

      I'm downloading trial later but wondering, what formatting are you using? Do you have others supplied or do you have to do your own tweaks or do you have to use the one provided?

    9. Liz Staley on May 8

      Upped my pledge for the lifetime license! I'm rooting for this project!

    10. Roger Beckett
      on May 4

      Okay, I'm in Justin. After the Comixwriter debacle, I'm hoping that Superscript takes off. Best of luck.