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The first writing software designed solely for writing comic books, graphic novels and manga.
The first writing software designed solely for writing comic books, graphic novels and manga.
185 backers pledged $7,786 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. LateToTheParty7

      Survey says!

    2. Adam Tyler on

      Amazing! Your hard work is very much appreciated, Justin!

    3. Justin Silva Creator on

      Yes, I'm excited too! It's looking like early next week.

      On the app side, the functionality is looking solid. I just need to tighten up the integration between the app and the new website to make sure the licensing and autoupdates are running smoothly.

      On the website side, I'm wrapping up the login and checkout flows. Then I'll be working with a lawyer to make sure everything is compliant with the EU's new and upcoming regulations.

      I've been working 7 days a week, even through holidays and birthdays to wrap this up.

    4. Adam Tyler on

      I’m very excited to get my hands on this! Are things looking good enough for a release this/next week?

    5. LateToTheParty7

      @Justin Silva: Thanks for the information.

    6. Justin Silva Creator on

      LateToTheParty7, sorry I've been quiet the last couple of weeks, but there isn't much to say yet. I've been testing the code and improving a few features -- most notably the export feature, which now shows a preview and allows for more formatting options.

      My next step is to build out the website to allow for users to manage their own licenses and for new users to purchase the app. I'm still on track for releasing the app next month. I'll be in touch as we get closer to the big day.

    7. LateToTheParty7

      What are the next steps?

    8. Justin Silva Creator on

      @Kristian, some of that is on my todo list. I want to make "page" and "panel" replaceable, primarily for use in languages other than English. I'll have presets for some languages, and would like to allow for custom input as well, for languages we don't officially support. Or for changing "panel" to "frame", for example. It would need thorough testing to make sure that the custom input can't break the usability of the app. For now, only English is supported, but I'm looking forward to other language options.

      I'm not sure I understand the "speak", "speakto", and "gen" keywords. Could you message me directly to give me a better idea of what you're looking for? It sounds interesting.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kristian on

      Would it be possible to edit the words which trigger functions in the way that “page” does, e.g. “Scene” makes a new scene, “speak” initiates character dialogue (perhaps the first thing you type would attribute the character talking), “speakto” (same as before but subsequent word would be person being spoken to) and perhaps “gen” (general) allows free text, but with word count in effect?
      This proposed flexibility could substantially widen superscript’s usability!

    10. Justin Silva Creator on

      Hi Topher,

      I only added in the details on versioning because you were asking about versions. The only thing you need to know is that you will get all updates while the 1-year update period of your license lasts. Once that expires, you will only receive security updates and bug fixes — which hopefully won't even be necessary — but no new features.

      Keep reading if you're interested in the details.

      I am using semantic versioning as defined at You can go there to read more in depth. Of course, semver typically relates to APIs, so it's not exactly the same.

      For Superscript, the difference between a major and minor release is about the effect it has on the users. For example, if I add buttons to a toolbar to make it easier to insert page headings, then there's no negative effect on users; that's a minor change. But if I change the syntax of the page heading from "PAGE 1" to "PG 1", that would make older scripts incompatible with the new version; thus, a major change. During the update period of your license, you will be entitled to both major and minor releases.

      If I fix bugs or security issues without adding any features, that's called a patch. After the 1-year update period, you will only receive patch updates. In your example, if you're on X.2.4 at the end of your first year, you will be entitled to X.2.5, X.2.6, etc., but not X.3.0 and not Y.0.0. Does that make sense?

      As for the stretch goals, we haven't reached any yet. They are in $500/1-month increments. I've updated the project description to make it clearer.

      I hope I've answered your questions,

    11. Topher Davila

      Justin, Like I tell tech people sometimes "you said that like you thought you were explaning it." I'll give you this credit, you got a lot closer than most tech people do usually do. That's not sarcasm. Tech people are usually not the best when translating to English. It really is an art form. Luckily I deal with manufacturing so I may not be fluent in jarble but I can understand it conversationally and like I said that got a lot closer to clear than most tech people do.

      This is what I understood:
      - the lifetime subscription / $49 level means you buy that version and any updates that happen for 12 months (now 18 with stretch goals if memory serves). In English this would be say start Photoshop X.0.0 version to start with. This includes minor & patches AND if in that time frame the next big version AKA major release (which is defined as having as it's apparently termed "breaking changes") just happens within that time frame that is also included. We'll call the next big version version Y. Also included are the minor & patches.

      After 18 months you're set - major changes wise - at whatever major version is that exists at that exact moment 18 months ends. For the sake of an example we're still on version X.2.4 and the new super sexy version = version Y - hasn't come out yet.
      - one still will be supported with patches for the program.
      - is one still supported/ gets with minor changes?
      - All major changes will not be updated and will have to be bought in the version Y package.

      This means that say version Z comes out with "breaking changes" that would not be updated to automatically with the $49 lifetime subscription model. one could be quite happy with version X and still would get definitely patches and may get minor changes. If one really thinks version Z is that much better one then would pay for in some way for version Z. Though again if version X is good enough and does the job and makes one happy they will continue to be able to use version X.

      So overall you did a good job of general framing. One question though. What is the difference between a minor and major and a minor patch.

      And again thank you for the lifetime version. I don't like the modern way of having subscriptions for programs that I used to be able to just buy and own.


    12. Justin Silva Creator on

      Sorry for the confusion, Topher. I added the $49 reward a week into the campaign due to feedback I was getting, and I realize that the differences between it and the other license tiers are not obvious.

      First, definitions: Superscript will be using semantic versioning (major.minor.patch). A major release includes breaking changes. A minor release includes additional or improved features. A patch release includes bug fixes.

      If you get the $49 lifetime license reward, you will be entitled to all updates during the first 12 months. Minor and patch releases will be installed automatically, but major releases will be optional since, by definition, they contain breaking changes.

      After the 12 months of updates, you may continue using the latest version that you have already installed. If a patch is released for the major.minor version you're on, you will be allowed that update even though your update period has ended.

      Did I sufficiently answer your question?

    13. Topher Davila

      I’m trying to figure out the difference between lifetime license and 12 months of update functionally. I lose updates after a year even though the updates then?

      What do mean by the updates I’ll lose? Do you mean like bug fixes and general tweaks that usually happen to say for (an example pulled out of the air) version 1. In this case that means the version I buy won’t be getting the support most software gets after a year.

      And then I’d have to pay for general software updates?

      Or do you mean you get all updates in changes say v1 then 1.2 then 1.3 almost as if I was buying new software and after a year if I want say version 2 I’d have to buy the next version? This model would be more like I’d get photoshop 7 then that’s fine to use but there’s a photoshop 8 next year.

      “Support for a year” seems vague. Please explain.

    14. Byron Nilsson on

      Thanks Justin, I'll change my reward.

    15. Justin Silva Creator on

      I'm working on an update to the trial version which will allow read-only access to your documents once the trial period has expired. The trial is an incomplete demo. Even though it's close to completion, I prefer that it gets fully tested before it sees general usage.

      The "Featured comic of the month" reward does include the pre-release of the app, but I've limited it to 10 backers so that I can concentrate on completing the app without being distracted by numerous individual requests.

    16. Byron Nilsson on

      Would like to use in my current project, how's about using the demo for more than 7 days after funding? #activecomics

    17. LateToTheParty7

      @Roger Beckett: I'm right there with ya. I'll give the trial download a shot and go from there.

    18. Justin Silva Creator on

      First, thank you Edward, Liz, Roger and everyone who has backed us so far.

      Edward, I pulled bits of structure from several different comic script conventions, trying to strike a balance between familiarity, usability and feasibility. One of my goals was to allow writers to just write and not worry about formatting. In order for Superscript to format your text for you as you type, I had to make the syntax easy, but rather strict. So, if you're copying and pasting your script from another source, you will probably have to make some one-time adjustments for Superscript to know how to handle it.

      But, here's some good news! I will be adding different options for printing and exporting, so if you or your publisher prefers a certain style of script, you'll be able to configure Superscript to output in that format. Currently, page headings look like "PAGE 11" in the app and "ELEVEN" when exported. Likewise, character headings are prepended with numbers to make things easier for your letterer. The trial version of the app doesn't yet allow for configuration, but the released version will.

    19. Edward Hedington Jr. on

      I'm downloading trial later but wondering, what formatting are you using? Do you have others supplied or do you have to do your own tweaks or do you have to use the one provided?

    20. Liz Staley on

      Upped my pledge for the lifetime license! I'm rooting for this project!

    21. Roger Beckett

      Okay, I'm in Justin. After the Comixwriter debacle, I'm hoping that Superscript takes off. Best of luck.