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Death Path is multi-player card & dice game set in the near future in which Subjects are forced to navigate through a fearsome maze.
Death Path is multi-player card & dice game set in the near future in which Subjects are forced to navigate through a fearsome maze.
Death Path is multi-player card & dice game set in the near future in which Subjects are forced to navigate through a fearsome maze.
151 backers pledged $12,004 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 29

      Thanks man!

      If needed, I can have Bryan call her to smooth things over.

    2. Derrick Tindal on September 29

      CC Bill came in... Took some heat from the Mrs.... Worth It! Can't wait to play the game guys!

    3. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 19

      Hi everyone.... please make sure you fill out the survey so we can start working on production quantities. Any questions, shoot us a message!

    4. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 14

      @Jason No shipping now. Thanks for the question tho as many I'm sure also are wondering.

      As easy as it would be to charge you a flat amount, we want to ensure you don't overspend. It's a good amount of cards and dice in the box, but still not like a board game.

      In an effort to find the most cost-effective shipping options, we have opted to get the best quote, and then reach out to backers and charge at that time.

      It's possible the next campaign we do, we incorporate shipping, but for right now, this seemed like a more fair way to go about it.

    5. Jason Turner on September 14

      Maybe I missed the comment. When you charged my card, was the shipping charge added to my pledge, or will it be collected later?

      I want to make sure you guys get paid!!

    6. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 14

      @Talarius You win again!

      @Tom Petty Is the waiting really the hardest part?

    7. Talarius on September 14

      Survey filled out. Now the waiting game begins... ;-)

    8. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 14

      @Spencer Thanks man! Don't worry, we will have other opportunities to get a character made in the game down the road. WHUTUPSHUN!

    9. Missing avatar

      Spencer Stevens on September 14

      Strong Grapple Taunt!!! Can't wait to play and wish I had the money to have the last custom character slot. Gerald Dubinsky would've torn up some path. What up shun! In all seriousness though, I'm so happy this has become a reality for you both. Congratulations!

    10. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 14

      @James Thanks man!

      @Paul Solid joke bro?

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Pipeline on September 14

      When does the pledge manager go live?

    12. James Meisenburg on September 14

      Congrats Zluprcast. Can't wait to play.

    13. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 14

      @Daria Thanks for the comment.

      Zlurpcast Studios does reserve the right to make final creative decisions as indicated in this Reward Level. We will do our best to create a fun and safe community for backers and fans of our game(s) going forward!

      @Talarius You are my hero. But you do wear a cape... on weekends. I've heard.

    14. Talarius on September 14

      I couldn't take it. Kicked in the $3 to get the hell whip. Woot!

    15. Daria Winter on September 14

      I know there are gonna be a lot of really awesome characters created!

      I just want to put my official opinion out there as a trans woman, and request that nobody makes any gross misinterpretations of trans people, like huge beefy "men" who wear a bunch of makeup or whatever.

      I know I'm in the minority, but I hope you all have better taste than that, and that Zlurpcast does too.�

      I love the game. Please don't make me hate it...

      Thanks for hearing me out. ❤

    16. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 14

      @Lucas Thanks man! We really do appreciate your support.

      I see you are in Austin. Not sure if you know Matt McDonough in Pflugerville but I know he's looking to survive the Death Path too!

      Government sponsored PlayDate right here... :-)

    17. Lucas DP
      on September 14

      This was a fun campaign! I'm stoked we got some stretch goals and I look forward to challenging my friends to the Death Path!

    18. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 13

      @Doug Indeed my friend! New update just sent! Alec Baldwin taught me to Always Be Closing!

      I want that coffee.

    19. Douglas Dorman
      on September 13

      Just need 11 people to add a play mat and we hit the next goal! or 10 more backers :)

    20. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 13

      @Dan Thanks for backing! Last minute is just as good as first minute. Great suggestion too! We'll check it out and maybe for use in an expansion game/pack at some point.

    21. Talarius on September 13

      I'm one of those annoying people who wait until the last day to pledge. Apologies for that. Suggestion (too late?): One of the item cards is a backpack. This item is stored and you can put up to 3 items under the backpack card. In order to swap items from the backpack to your hands, you have to pass on flipping a Maze card for that turn. This might not be doable, as you've got your printing planned out already... just an idea. (Dan R.)

    22. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 11

      @Derrick Awesome! Thanks man! Bryan "Xtreme" Mitchell is pleased that his character will get to be not only created but included to all backers at $29 and above!

      New update tonight announcing the next upcoming stretch goals!

    23. Derrick Tindal on September 11

      Bumped up to add the characters and items. Looks like that should also get us all another stretch goal!

    24. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 11

      @Todd You would like him. He's completely unfair and will ruin friendships.

    25. Missing avatar

      todd on September 11

      Agent J.

      Women love him. Men want to be him.

      Now I get to be Agent J.

      Agent J. I am in you.

    26. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 10

      @Doug Thanks for checking out the game and backing! Great meeting you.

      I'm using a fulfillment center in Oregon to make it much cheaper for shipping overall. With that said, I'll definitely explore some options to have them sent to me/the store for locals. Just can't commit to anything at the moment but it's on the agenda.

    27. Eric T. Huffman on September 10 more victim...ah subject spot left if anyone's on the fence still.

    28. Douglas Dorman
      on September 10

      Woo I just realized my pledge put it over $10,500!!!

    29. Douglas Dorman
      on September 10

      Enjoyed the demo today. Thank you for sharing your game with me! Out of curiosity, will there be a "local pickup" option? I happen to live RIGHT by the game store the demo was at today.

    30. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 8

      @Marc Hey man. Are you sure on that? I don't think it automatically applied $5 to be honest. I chose 'no shipping' on all levels when I created the campaign because I don't know what final shipping will be. I put the estimates at the bottom of the Kickstarter page to help people budget.

      @Lucas Hey. That is that plan yeah! Add-on's like the Character Pack or Item Pack are set costs. We have control over them, we have a quote, and we know how much they cost to make.

      @All After the campaign ends, and the game goes into production, I will know exactly how much shipping will cost. When that happens, I will reach out to all backers and let them know what to pay. I would assume that is preferred rather than paying more than you need to up front.

      I'm always pretty transparent with stuff so here's the deal for those interested. Since the final game isn't produced yet, I don't have the final shipping pricing. Makes sense right? I have a projected weight and some estimates from my fulfillment center but nothing set in stone as some things could change during production of the game.

      I took some advice from another independent game publisher to go the route of "give estimated shipping charge info, but charge shipping later" philosophy. This helps to eliminate problems like charging too much or too little.

    31. Lucas DP
      on September 8

      From the Campaign page, under Shipping: "Please do not add any shipping fees to your pledge. Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter finishes and will be based on actual costs incurred to ship the games and/or add-ons."

      So y'all want us to definitely add our bucks for the add-ons now, but to not add shipping yet?

    32. Missing avatar

      Marc Zukerman on September 8

      Quick question, I upped my bid to cover the item pack and character pack so I'm at $64. I seem to remember when I first pledged, it automatically applied $5 for shipping. If I'm at $64, is that no longer covered in there? For the base game plus 2 packs Is it supposed to be... ahem... $5 more? (I'll let Johnny have the joke)

    33. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 8

      Hi Dane! Indeed. I was going to post an update about it yesterday but the funding update was bumped up.

      The Add-On is "Item Pack 1" and will include weapons and other items to add to your games. Details to come soon!

    34. Dane Nilsson on September 8

      Any more add on, on the way?

    35. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 7

      Today I didn't even have to use my A.K.

      I gotta say it was a good day.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeff Gallenbeck on September 7

      Vaery nayce!! I like yoou... �

    37. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 6

      97%! Almost there!

      Friends in the Chicago area. Stop by Grognard Games in Roselle on Sunday to demo Death Path. Details here:

    38. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on September 4

      @Jeff Thanks brother!

      @Jack Hey Jack! One Character Pack add-on should suffice. So when you bump your $55 pledge to $75, you will have a total of 4 Maze decks and options for 6 unique characters to choose from in your games of 2-4 players. These 6 characters will cover all the character classes in the game as well.

      @All Just as an FYI, the Create-A-Characters will be available in retail purchases at after the game is published and released. Eventually you will have 30 characters out there to choose from!

      Gotta keep Scott busy.....

    39. Jack Petrucha on September 4

      for the 2 game pack ($55 level) do we add 2 of the character packs on for completion or 1 and it doubles up. Just want to make sure I get the right numbers on all of it as its for a friend and myself.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jeff Gallenbeck on September 4

      Yeeaahh!!... new subject added. After playtesting a little this weekend, really looking forward to it now.

    41. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on August 31

      @Eric You are part of the lore my friend.

    42. Eric T. Huffman on August 31

      Climb baby, climb!

    43. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on August 31

      @Biran Thanks! JPcred at +6.

    44. Brian Thomsen on August 31

      Just added to my pledge! Can't wait for the game and all those add-ons!

    45. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on August 31

      @Rufer Hey! Rather than try and push out some half-ass solo play rules, I need to do it right. It will be it's own add on Expansion Pack. This means new custom dice, new cards, and a whole lot of playtesting. (Your input would be part of that playtesting!)

      Just for transparency, I was looking at stretch goals to produce these add-ons:

      $15k - Dead End Expansion (playable bad guys, traitor mechanic, advanced rules)
      $20k - Solitary Assignment Expansion (solo rules)

      Not sure if it's realistic at this point. Hard to say as there is always a push at the end.

      If it works out in this campaign, great. But the plan would be to run another KS to fund both of these. Probably one campaign to fund both if possible.


    46. Missing avatar

      James Rufer on August 31

      Are solo rules going to be an additional paid add-on?

    47. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on August 25

      @Jeff Awesome! Thanks for backing!

      More "Subjects" are on the way as add-ons too. Keep an eye out for an update next week. We'll discuss the various characters and character classes you will see in expansion packs.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jeff Gallenbeck on August 25

      In it for two games and two mats. I love four player games and have an unhealthy love of mousepad material... (maybe should have gotten three...)

    49. Bryan Mitchell Collaborator on August 23

      Playmat is so awesome, can't wait to run through the Death path.

    50. Zlurpcast Studios Creator on August 23

      @Kirk That's perfect! Thanks for your support!

      In order for this project to fund and reach stretch goals, we need backers to up their pledge for add-ons now rather than after it ends.

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