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Death Path is multi-player card & dice game set in the near future in which Subjects are forced to navigate through a fearsome maze.
Death Path is multi-player card & dice game set in the near future in which Subjects are forced to navigate through a fearsome maze.
151 backers pledged $12,004 to help bring this project to life.


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Death Path - Card & Dice Game from Zlurpcast



Death Path is a race to the end of a maze with 2 or more "Subjects" taking turns simultaneously. To navigate through the Death Path, Subjects will reveal cards at the same time. Much of the Death Path consist of Clear Path cards but occasionally you will run into a choice with multiple options. This will cause your deck to split in hopes of finding a quicker path to the end.

Navigate the Death Path by revealing cards!
Navigate the Death Path by revealing cards!

You may also encounter Pathfinders, crude government-controlled robots trying to slow your progress. There are weapons.... and you'll need them!

Each time you reveal a Stash card from your Maze Deck, you will draw and Item Card and have the option to equip it.

Each weapon you find will have a custom die associated with it. D8's for one-handed weapons and D12's for two-handed weapons. These are truly unique dice and not numbered traditionally. The number on each side indicates the amount of damage inflicted if you hit. Some weapons, like the volatile Fusion Staff, have higher and lower damage results representing more risk/reward while others like the trusty Power Nux are more consistent with the damage they inflict.

If you encounter another Subject, you will be forced to fight them by an unscrupulous Death Path Bailiff in a 3 round bout (cue the fighting video game clip...."Round 1...FIGHT!"). If you win the fight, you will get a head start to finishing the Death Path while your opponent is licking their wounds and falling behind.

The first Subject to finish revealing all the cards in their Maze Deck is the winner. If any Subject loses all their Health tokens, they are dead and out of the game. In a two player game, this means their opponent wins. When playing with 3 or more players, the others keep navigating through the Death Path until there is a winner!

A 2 player game takes approximately 20min to play, while adding additional players can increase that to 30-40min.

Take a look at the rules PDF here. (May have some minor changes before production)

There are expansions planned for additional Subjects,  solo play and playable bad guys too!

Check out the pledge levels for details how to get your own create-a-character in the game!

How about a gameplay video?

Thanks to JP's wife, Heather, for the support, playtesting and of course losing gracefully in this gameplay video! 

 Note: Final art and design may be changed slightly before production.

Note: Prices do NOT include shipping. Shipping will be charged later based on actual shipping prices when production is near completion.

At the base $29 pledge level, you get the complete 2 player game in this Kickstarter. You also get all applicable FREE stretch goals unlocked during the campaign and access to buy any add-on stretch goals we unlock.

This 2 player set consists of Subjects, Mizzy Pazzone and Zo Joxxer.

You get a large-sized Subject card detailing their background and special rules along with 3 Attack and Defense D6 dice for each of these two characters.

Note: Every Subject produced for Death Path will have custom Attack and Defense dice based on their character class to showcase their specific fighting style.

You also get 2 full Maze Decks consisting of 109 cards. They include the various sections of the maze you will be revealing while you make your way through the Death Path.

You get 1 Item Deck with 16 Item Cards. These includes weapons, shields, health stims.... and traps!

You get 9 custom Weapon Dice which represent the damage inflicted with each of the various weapons your Subject can use. As mentioned above, the numbers on each Weapon dice are different and non-sequential, based on each type of weapon.

50+ Social Shares - Metal Coin

Kickstarter Exclusive Death Path Metal Coin Unlocked - FREE to all backers $29 and above!

100+ Backers - New Item

Kickstarter Exclusive Neutralizer Gun Item Card - FREE to all backers $29 and above!

$10,500 - New Subject

Kickstarter Exclusive Subject entering the Death Path, former Government Operative, Agent J - FREE to all backers $29 and above!

$11,000 - New Subject

Kickstarter Exclusive Subject entering the Death Path, Exterminator by day, Hitman by night, Bryx Chel - FREE to all backers $29 and above!

$12,000 - New Item & Weapon Die

A weapon that could not only inflict damage but also disarm your opponent? Unlock the Hell Whip Item Card AND New Custom D8 at $12,000!

$13,000 - Death Path Comic 

The art in Death Path already lends itself to the comic book style, so why not enjoy a taste of a future comic based on Death Path with a PDF Of Issue 0 when we hit $13,000?

What's next? Find out when we get close to $13,000 funded!


More characters means more fun!

While the Death Path core game comes with an Athlete class (Zo Joxxer) and a Master class (Mizzy Pazzone), you can add $20 to your pledge for Character Pack 1 and round out the other classes in the game.

(From Left to Right) Del Zhing is a mercenary, looking for the highest bidder. What does the Government want with him? He falls under the Militant class. Rozi Rondi comes from a long line of underground street fighters and can be more deadly without any weapons! She represents the Brawler class while convict, Chuck Janson, is clearly the Ruffian in this group of misfits. He bites. No joke, he does. Last but certainly not least is the Beefy class Subject, Dyna Moto. She's as intimidating as she looks and can even quickly dispose of Pathfinders with her Shock Treatment ability.

Your games of Death Path will be that much more interesting with 4 new characters in the mix, and each of them coming with 4 new sets of custom and colored Attack and Defense dice

Add on Character Pack 1 for just $20 now!


The base game comes with Power Nux, Energy Gloves, Stun Blades, and a Fusion Staff as weapons. Plus Heath Stims, Traps, and Combat Shields as other items.

Remember, every weapon in the game has both an Item Card and a corresponding custom Weapon die. More weapons means more Death in Death Path!

Let's make some more weapons and other items available, shall we?

Add $15 to your pledge to get Item Pack 1 consisting of 2 Fire Daggers (with 2 orange custom D8's), 2 Life Stims, 1 bad ass shield that negates Pathfinder damage, and oh I dunno.... possibly a Magic Zlurpee item that has some pretty amazing effects when consumed.

Plus one more item that we don't have clearance by The Government to discuss just yet!

Did we forget to mention that the Fire Daggers may actually hurt the Subject wielding them? Worth it.

Art concepts still being worked on!
Art concepts still being worked on!

Please excuse the terrible image above. No art yet for most of these new items, but rest assured these new Items will add even more mayhem to your games of Death Path! 


The people asked us at Gencon for a playmat. Who are we to stand in the way of progress? 

Each Death Path playmat is designed for 2 players sitting across from one another. If you intend to play Death Path with 3-4 players, you should get two mats and place them side-by-side -- or 3 mats for 5-6 players, etc.

Increase your pledge amount by $25 for each playmat you want to add on!

This 2' x 2' mousepad style playmat is created by Maelstrom Gaming Mats. Unlike some other mousepad mats, this one also includes stitching on the edges to lay flat. 

 Check out more of their work here!

"I seriously dig the concept! It has a Running Man meets Unreal Tournament meets Hunger Games/Maze Runner mash-up feel. This could be something really spectacular." - Brent Spivey, Bombshell Games (Designer of Techno Bowl, HAVOC, Mayhem, and Rogue Planet)

"Looking forward to seeing this on Kickstarter. Love the splitting of the deck and how fast the fighting can be." - Eric Huffman, Artist

"I'll be backing it as I found it to be a fun and enticing game that's fast and brutal." - Randy Jenkins, from Zlurpcast Studios Facebook Group

"Looking forward to picking this up. Where is the shut up and take my money button?" - Lawrence Ashmead, from Zlurpcast Studios Facebook Group

Coverage on most recent Zlurpcast, (iTunes) answering many questions about the game -- some not even answered here!)

 Video Review from David Witek of GarageHammer TV.

Check out my interview with Brody Sheard from Everything Board Games. We discuss the overall gameplay and future plans for the game!

In the not too distant future of 2100, the United States has gone from democracy to dictatorship to full police state. In 2088, they passed the ironically titled, Freedom Directive, which gave The Government the complete and unopposed authority to do as they please in the name of “safety for all citizens”. Rights were s tripped from Citizens to make the masses feel at ease whether they approved or not. The Government has now assumed power and control over all of North, Central, and South America.

This is only the beginning. By 2150, total world domination is planned, but it will take soldiers.

The only “recreational” activity the Government allows is called the Death Path. The Death Path takes the entertainment and brutality of a gladiatorial fighting pit and combines it with a violent and complex maze. Citizens watch the action unfold live on their holo-terminals while chosen Subjects enter the Death Path, ready to battle for their survival.

As a Subject, you will be navigating through the Death Path and will most likely encounter one or more other Subjects in the same situation as you. The Government will force you to fight them. The two ways a Fight will end is after 3 rounds, or someone dies. Pretty simple rules for a sadistic human bloodsport like this. You may also injure another Subject long enough for you to take the lead and reach the end of the Death Path first, ensuring your survival.

Subjects will also encounter Pathfinders, Government-controlled robots on a mission. They are there to put these Subjects through even more rigorous testing — and more brutal entertainment of course. During their journey through the Death Path, Subjects will have many options within the maze presenting multiple routes. The right one will be a Hidden Path and lead directly to the end of the maze. The wrong one, well, let’s just hope you don’t run into a Path End and have to r retrace your steps.

What is the end result of the Death Path? The winning Subject get to live. And the Government gets a new recruit for their impending war for control of the world. Win-win?

Jonathan Peletis - Lead Designer of Death Path. You may know him as JP, Jonny P, or Main Guy from the tabletop games podcast, Zlurpcast. Before creating Death Path, JP was involved with the rules committee and worked directly with game designer Jake Thornton to assist with the rules for the sci-fi skirmish game, Deadzone by Mantic Games. He also published a variant of that game using walkers, called Mechzone.

Bryan "Xtreme" Mitchell - Assistant Designer of Death Path. You may know him as Other Guy from Zlurpcast but he's also the co-founder of Zlurpcast Studios with Jonny P. Well-known in the world of Blood Bowl as the organizer of one of the largest tournaments in North America, Zlurpee Bowl, Bryan has some top secret projects in the works and also does commission painting services as X-Painting.

Jonny P and Xtreme of Zlurpcast Studios
Jonny P and Xtreme of Zlurpcast Studios

Since us two knuckleheads can't do it alone, we have enlisted the expertise of Scott Delsigne as the Lead Artist on the project. Rounding out the team is Brock Huffman and Geoff Burbidge assisting with many of the game's Graphic Design concepts. 

Props to Bryce Walter for the awesome video and Eric Dieter for the pipes inside that video! 

Please do not add any shipping fees to your pledge.

Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter finishes and will be based on actual costs incurred to ship the games and/or add-ons. 

Here are some cost estimates, but please understand it's just an estimate to help you budget. Based on what you order, or stretch goals, things may change. We're happy to answer any questions that may arise regarding shipping. Just message me in Kickstarter!

Note: Shipping to US, Canada, and EU will ship FROM those same places. This should avoid any custom charges.

  • US $8 - $9
  • Canada $12 - $13
  • UK $16 - $18
  • EU $18 - $19

At this time, we do not have any other affordable Kickstarter shipping options available for countries not listed above. If it funds, there may be additional options for retail purchase online.

We won't bore you with the answer here. You want to check out a game and see if you like it.

BUT....if you do want to read more, JP wrote this blog in early May.

Other Death Path links: DeathPath.comFacebook, Twitter, & Instagram. Give us all the hearts and stars you can at Board Game Geek too!

Here's a video from us talking about what you can expect from Zlurpcast Studios in the future!

Thanks for checking out the Death Path Kickstarter!



Risks and challenges

This is our first time. Please be gentle.

We've taken the jump from backers to creators, and it's been quite a ride so far. If we run into production issues, or shipping problems, please know we will do my absolute best to resolve whatever issue arises.

We are using WinGo Games (manufacturer) and FunAgain Games (US/Canada shipping). Both companies are well-versed in fulfilling successful Kickstarter game campaigns.

We completely understand there is no game without backers. So thank you for even considering backing this project.

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who once said, "I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down."

We live by those words.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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    All backers at this level or above get their name in the Death Path Rulebook!

    You get access to buy any applicable add-on's.

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    You get everything listed in the LET'S PLAY TWO reward AND...

    You will get to design a character in the game. Scott Delsigne, the Lead Artist for Death Path, will sketch and color a custom character based on your specifications.

    Custom Attack and Defense dice will be manufactured to go with your character too!

    This means you get to design a character and will have enough decks to play Death Path with 4 players!

    This character will be released as an Expansion Pack later on or possibly a stretch goal in the campaign. Specifics of this release still TBD.

    You will have input on name, design, background, rules, etc.

    Note: Zlurpcast Studios reserves the right to make final creative decisions.

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    But oh there's so much more more...

    YOU AND A GUEST will get to spend one evening with both Jonny P & Xtreme during Adepticon or Gencon weekend in 2018. The Zlurpcast boys will treat you to a night out with refreshments and regale you with fun stories and inappropriate jokes.

    Note: This does not cover any travel or accommodation expenses, only food and drank and laughs.

    Location and costs subject to our approval, of course. That Surf n'Turf tho...

    In addition, you can take part in a future Zlurpcast podcast recording via Skype and become a Guest Co-Host for that episode. Of course you'll want to talk about the Dream Date and how much fun you had!

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