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The Universal Vagina of Light is an art experience, "portal," into everything & no-thing, ONENESS. Read more

Denver, CO Sculpture
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The Universal Vagina of Light is an art experience, "portal," into everything & no-thing, ONENESS.

Denver, CO Sculpture
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My first year at Burning Man (2007) was beyond words, and worlds. After an amazing evening with friends I ventured back to my front "porch" to watch the sunrise. I was alone and it was wonderfully peaceful. I watched as the thick black smoke rings danced against the sky...a Chinese dragon, a birth, then my side profile and her eyes closed. I too closed my eyes. I floated through a vesica pisces (vagina) shaped tunnel of colored light rings.  I became one with everything and nothing, ONENESS. It was the most incredible experience. To some it seems extremely woo-woo, but I don't care. The story gives others a chance to let go of "reality," to open up to possibility, to realize that we are limitless beings and to release control and go on astral adventures.

The Universal Vagina of Light was what I called the tunnel into this experience, into ONENESS. It is this "portal" that I wish to create that others may have their own experience into ONENESS. It is the opposite of a re-birthing chamber, it allows participants to go inward/outward to find the space of oneness within them. I can envision people getting married on the oneness platform, laughing, dancing, celebrating, healing, conquering fears, releasing conditioning, opening their hearts to themselves, to one another & to the planet. I also see Joe Schmoe, 21, D-runk yelling, "Dude, check it out, I'm in a vagina, take a picture," and that is perfect as well!

I have a background in sculpture and a studio in which to create this piece.  Structurally, it will be made with welded steel and I have hired experts to manage the lighting effects.  The 2nd Phase is a labyrinth...more to come in the future...

The money funded will purchase materials including steel for the structure, plexi-glass for the clear walkway, lighting for the rings and oneness platform, and a sustainable energy source.  I have assembled (continue to assemble) groups of volunteers to assist me in this process.

Thank you to wonderful YOU for your support!  You are LOVED!


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    A seed will be planted with your "wish" for the greatness that is YOU. You will also receive a gratitude card in the mail with a personal note.

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    A necklace specifically designed to show your support for The Universal Vagina of Light will show up in your mailbox with a gratitude card, and a seed will be planted with your "wish."

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    A mini version of the experience will be captured in the likeness of the experience a necklace, different from the above mentioned. You will also receive a gratitude card, seeds planted with your wishes for great YOU, and your necklace will be blessed with reiki healing.

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    You will receive a 30 minute skype/phone session with reiki healing (or personal healing session if you are in Denver,) A mini experience necklace and a gratitude card with a personal message.

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    You (and a friend) will receive an hour (or 2, 30 minute) skype/phone reiki healing session(s,) 2 mini experience necklaces, and 2 gratitude cards with personal messages.

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