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In 2007 I filmed the first monologue I'd ever written and tossed it up on youtube. 1.6 Million views later, A Fat Rant seems to be part of the internet canon.  It sparked something inside of me and helped me connect with a community I don't readily have. I am beyond grateful for it.

Since Fat Rant I have been performing onstage, in independent films, in commercials, and doing the hustle that all actors do but with a lot of added intensity because I am fat in a world that doesn't exactly seek out my body type. As I have been hustlin' I've been dreaming of a playing a person like ME.  A fat girl full of flaws, beating with a big, bloody heart and begging for an adventure. 

And then I had one!  I fell in love with a criminal from France and got myself into a whole slew of situations I never could have imagined.  Through it all, as things got weirder and harder and funnier and more bizarre, the thing that kept me going was knowing that I'm gonna tell everybody about this. 

And I did!  I wrote everything up and now it's MY MOBSTER. 

It's my one-woman show, turned feature film.  The true story of the love affair I had with a criminal from France!

I've been performing the show as a stage piece for the the past year, and in 2012, I want to tour at least 3 more cities as well as finish production on the feature film.  This is the most epic project I've ever undertaken and I am DYING to share it with a wider audience.

On the stage side of things:  I was picked for BEST OF THE FEST at the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival  and flew to Hawaii for the 2011 Oahu Fringe Festival  Next on the list are  NY Fringe, SF Fringe, and the Edinburgh Festival.  We've also picked up Joshua Butler as an Executive Producer!

On the feature film side, I've just finished 2 days of preliminary shooting with David N. Donihue the director of the Bang Bang Brokers and we'll have a trailer finished in early 2011 to shop around to producers!

Here's where you come in! With paying PR and printing fees, festival fees and theatre rentals, paying my tech operator and stage manager, and the biggest: airfare and lodging in (at least) 2 cities, I am flat broke. I am an artist, and as you know, we don't often come wealthy. with your help, I could take My Mobster to more cities and more venues, maybe even in your city!

Please consider donating to help make my dream a reality and if you cannot afford to donate, please consider giving my project a signal boost.

Thank you.


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