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Tech is going Bananas! Slip'n Selfie, Dog-o-Phone, Flappy Jello. Invent on the GO!
Tech is going Bananas! Slip'n Selfie, Dog-o-Phone, Flappy Jello. Invent on the GO!
Tech is going Bananas! Slip'n Selfie, Dog-o-Phone, Flappy Jello. Invent on the GO!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Motz on

      I wonder how many of us never got our rewards?

    2. Missing avatar

      Praneil on

      Received two of these and they never worked. My son and I were disappointed. Now they sit around and gather dust

    3. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone,

      Sorry for getting back to you so late!

      Many of you have questions about lost shipments etc. and for those types of things I don't want to post your information publicly. So it's best to reach us via with questions about shipments and faulty products.

      The comments section here is a great place to share ideas for projects and tell us what you think of the Makey Makey GO.

      Thank you all for backing the campaign and I hope you're inventing cool things out there!

    4. Jide Tech on

      Dear Makey Makey team,

      I have still yet to receive my makey makey. Please let me know the status of my order.


    5. Ivo Bol on

      Hi, still have not received it...Looking forward to getting it!



    6. Missing avatar

      Dribbble Winner #1 on

      Hi guys, I think I filled the survey, but still didn't get the product. Please check.

    7. Ben Hilmer on

      Hi, I have been waiting to plug in and start playing with my kids. I plugged 2 different units into 2 different laptops and all that happened is they light up.

      Can you please help?

      Regards, Ben

    8. Missing avatar

      Beth Lloyd on

      Just Checking in...have these been shipped yet? I may have been late with the survey response. Thanks!

    9. Maneesh Sharma

      I haven't received it yet, Could you please expedite.

    10. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Hey Laura,

      Ah, it looks like we didn't get your survey response until after the deadline - So we have to send your GO manually - which I've done now. So it should be on it's way tomorrow.

      All the best and thanks for backing the campaign!

    11. Missing avatar

      Laura McVey on

      I still haven't received my Makey Makey Go. Please advise

    12. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Hey Yves,

      Oh dear - I'm sorry to hear that!
      I would love to help troubleshoot the issue - please email us at and we can get to the bottom of the issue.

    13. Missing avatar

      Yves Guittard on

      I got them (I backed 3 of them). I've tried them on different computers and no one works...

    14. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Hey @Catherine,
      I don't want to discuss private things like your shipping address here in the comments, so for shipping assistance please private message us here on Kickstarter or email us via

      I'm sorry for any delays!

      All the best,

    15. Missing avatar

      Catherine Crown on

      I pledged with the 2 makey makey kits & collector's tin. Can you give me an idea of when this will be shipped? Thanks so much! Saw your product at Barnes & Noble and looks amazing!

    16. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Hey @Yves,

      I don't want to discuss private things like your shipping address here in the comments, so for shipping assistance please private message us here on Kickstarter or email us via

      All the best,

    17. Missing avatar

      Yves Guittard on

      I haven't gotten mine... I live in U.K.

    18. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Hey Pascal,

      Oh sorry - yes I didn't answer that here because Lucas wrote to us over Email about that.

      The harp program in the video (found here - is just outputting a random note every time it's clicked. The GO isn't sending different signals based on the size of the capacitance.

      All the best,

    19. Missing avatar

      Pascal van Geest

      Hi Jay,
      Do you have an answer to Lucas' questions (see below) about how to make the harp with different tones, or the bananas with different sounds, with only one cable?
      On the promotional video it seems to be possible, but no idea how you did it.


    20. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Hey Eric,

      Nope, no grounding wire this time! Makey Makey GO is capacitive, like a touch screen. The object the GO is connected to has a capacity to hold electricity - when you touch it, the capacity expands to include your whole body - which is a big difference! This change is detected by the GO and a signal is sent to your computer.

      The "play button," the one in the middle, adjusts the sensitivity.
      The "Set" button, at closest to the USB port, switches between Spacebar and Click.

      I hope that makes sense!

    21. Eric Castro

      I have a question: I haven't gotten mine yet because I'm not home (so I hope it's sitting there on my mail box) but, in all videos I don't see anyone touching a grounded wire; I have an arduino shield that behaves like this but requires that ground is also applied to your body through another wire. Is this the case for makey makey go ? if not, how do you solve this issue ?

    22. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Oh I'm sorry to hear that.
      We might be able to help you find a solution - what is the project you wanted it for?


    23. RetromanIE on

      Such a pity and bad design choice to have it not save the keymap. Anyway, it's still fun, but useless for what I originally wanted it for.

    24. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone,

      If you have shipping questions or concerns, please contact us at since I don't want to post your tracking numbers or addresses for all to see here in the comments section.

      I'm terribly sorry about all delays or lost shipments.

      @RetromanIE, yes, when you unplug the GO it reverts back to Spacebar.

      @Jonathan, the instructions aren't up online yet, but they should've been included in the box. Please message us here or email and I'd be happy to help!

      All the best,

    25. Missing avatar

      Haley Littlewood on

      Got mine in rural New Zealand (on the South Island too) a couple of days after Christmas, yay! They are awesome thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      Angela on

      Just found my package on my neighbors doorstep! Thanks again to our terrible courier service here in Oz. So glad they arrived safely...

    27. Missing avatar

      Angela on

      Just great! NOT tracking says it's been delivered and I'm sitting with nothing! I've emailed you guys so hopefully this can be sorted :(

    28. Missing avatar

      Angela Lee on

      Any update on when these will be shipped to New Zealand? I haven't received a tracking number yet and would love to have them to start the school year.

    29. RetromanIE on

      Got my 3 today. Work great. One small issue that might be something I'm doing wrong. When I change the keymap to the "Escape" key it keeps reverting to the "Space" key when unplugged!
      Is this by design?

    30. Missing avatar

      Trevor Cunningham on

      Mine was shipped, and slated to arrive on December 26. The USPS tracking info remains unchanged. :(

    31. Missing avatar

      adimicco on

      Got it!! On the last day of the year...
      Thanks a lot and I wish you a wonderful 2016

    32. Missing avatar

      adimicco on

      Any info on my Makey Makey?
      Shipped? Where is it?

    33. Missing avatar

      charlotte O'Kelly on

      Hi Jay,
      When could I expect to have my makey makey?
      We have missed having them for Christmas, any update would be welcome thanks

    34. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      @Wanjun Zhang, thank you for the tip but it didn't work. I'll do what Jay suggested and contact the support line.

    35. Missing avatar

      Bryan Poulsen on

      My Makey Makey GOs finally arrived today. A month late and after Christmas. Must say I am a very disappointed with the delivery of this project.

    36. Lucas F. Artacho on


      My Makey Makey GO arrived and I already tested some basic applications with one touch function. In the video case I saw the possibility of measuring different capacitances with diferent triggers in the same object, as the example of Plant Harp and with bananas.

      I wonder how can I do that if I get this result using the example of piano on the site ( or I need to do its own program for this.


    37. Jonathan Leung on

      I'm wondering if the instructions for the Go are online anywhere? Upon preliminary tinkering (a couple of minutes), I can't figure out what the middle and right most button do yet... Will continue to tinker haha

    38. Wanjun Zhang on

      @Ron, I had the same issue with my mac, I had to go to "Change keyboard type" under System Preferences -> Keyboard and change the type to the non-US one. (both Japanese and European worked for me). It functioned correctly after that.

    39. Rubyn Welbergen on

      Just arrived in The Neetherlands! Works fine!

    40. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Hey Everyone,

      I'm sorry you're having issues! Please Email and describe the issue.

      Yes, it looks like your Makey Makey GOs have shipped.

      I'm sorry, it looks like yours hasn't shipped yet - sorry about that!


    41. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      My iMac doesn't recognize the usb stick? Help!

    42. Missing avatar

      Nurul on

      Hello there,
      Just wondering if the items have been shipped for Singapore.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jerome Rivera on

      Any word if tier 3 backers' makey makeys have been sent yet? I'm in New Zealand.

    44. Shrinthra

      Just arrived two Mackey Mackey Go to Canary Islands...Oooohhhh, yeahhhh!!!

    45. Blindman2k on

      Mine arrived the day before Christmas. The kids are on holidays and I hope this will get them off the TV for a while!

    46. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Manuel, yay! That's good to hear.

      @Youngjik, it looks like your backer reward shipped out yesterday. DM me for your tracking info if you didn't get it by Email.


    47. Missing avatar

      MEMSYSTEM on

      Hi. When do you expect to send the item to Korea? Please inform us of your expected shipment date.

    48. manuel 81 on

      At first I totally forgot what I got but when I seen it was my makey I was happy

    49. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone,

      Oh awesome! That sounds cool. Can't wait to see what other things people Makey (GO)!

      Yes, you should've gotten the tracking info via Email. DM me if you still need it.

      Oh, well, there's a sticker on the right side that you can cut for easier opening.

      All the best,

    50. Evan H. on

      I've been screwing with this thing all day. The fact that no ground lead is needed opens the possibilities to things like pranks, which I've already done! Hook it up to an object someone will pick up (in my case it was an empty soda can just sitting on the couch so someone might want to throw it out), plug it in and set it to play a very loud sound through the home theater system. Bam! The reaction was fantastic.

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