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Ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Alligator clip the Internet to your world and start inventing the future.
Ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Alligator clip the Internet to your world and start inventing the future.
11,124 backers pledged $568,106 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Aman on

      Love your project and is the best hardware projects I backed up so far

    2. Missing avatar

      youngjin on

      I was funding, but i cannot receive product... how to receive that? I dont know how to do... :(

    3. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      [Liz posting on behalf of all of us at MaKey Makey]

      @Steffen Wehite - thanks for following up! We've written 12 updates and have several postings throughout our comments section to keep our amazing backers informed to the best of our ability. As posted you can reach out to us directly regarding your specific kit by following the step-by-step instructions posted on our webpage Where's My MaKey MaKey?: Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Steffen Wehlte on

      I'm still waiting for my kit like some others as I can see. Any update when the kit will reach me? Would be nice to keep the backers informed.

    5. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @azam khan, you can reach out to us directly by following the step-by-step instructions posted on our webpage Where's My MaKey MaKey?: Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      azam khan on

      what is the status, when will I receive the goods? I am not receiving any updates either?
      Looking forward

    7. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Leon Xu, @Mohammad Auzi Ahadani, @Laura Petrea Lehmkuhl - Our last update #12 had everything you need to know about what to do if you never received your kit, also posted here:

      @Romain Lange Thanks for the thoughts - since we were a totally brand new project perhaps you can understand that we put all our effort into developing the kit. We have since worked on new packaging and including basic information that guides people to online resources for learning and creating. Thanks for the feedback though!

    8. Romain Lange on

      Hi, I just received last week my MakeyMakey ordered in May 2012.
      I offered it as a gift, the guy was happy, but come on: no packaging at all, not even a piece of paper with written "Makey Makey" on it. I received it in a red SparkFun box, three time to large, with a lot of wasted paper in it. A nice enveloppe would have been better.

      Rgds from Paris, France

    9. Laura Petrea Lehmkuhl on

      Hello, I just wanted to double check that this kickstarter actually worked, because I never received my kit. :( Message me if there's anything you can do about it. I'd really like to get the MaKey MaKey. I pledged $35 last year.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mohammad Auzi Ahadani on

      Yeap, me too. I haven't receive my makey makey yet. Hope this can be solved soon! I just remembered that i pledged this project last time :D

    11. Leon Xu on

      Hi i dont know how it works..but I pledged $45 last year but still haven't get any response. Please advise!

    12. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Mike Arshinoff - Hi Mike! Liz here. I've just replied to your direct message on Kickstarter. Take a look and let's stay in contact to ensure that you receive your pledge reward. Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Mike Arshinoff on

      Hi Liz,
      I have still not received the kit, and sent a message to the support email in November with no response, and sent a message to Jay on here just recently with still no response.
      Please reply.
      Thank you,

    14. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Jeffrey Brown - Hi there, this is Liz writing. We found that SparkFun was not able to coordinate your shipment because the pledge you made did not have a completed survey filled out. I also have no record of any emails on the dates you mentioned in your post (11/10 and 12/29) otherwise rest assured that we would have been able to share this information with you directly if your messages had been received. Please email your address to, or message us here on Kickstarter with the required information. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Brown on

      I still haven't recieved my kit. I've sent two emails to "" with no response.

    16. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Tom Enzi - Thank you Tom!! Great to hear the feedback and really glad that everyone is enjoying it. Keep up the awesome creations and give a high-five to the kids from us.

    17. Tom Enzi on

      Finally had the time to toy around with my makeymakey and the kids. Mario Cart with play dough make perfect foot pedals! .. up next make a complete cockpit and use a beamer for perfect immersion. Kids love it, and so do i, because toying around and trying new stuff is deadsimple and fast. Thanks a ton!

    18. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Daniel Egger - Hi Daniel, this is Liz who helps out with responding on our Facebook and Kickstarter sites. I have no record of your emails or messages. Just your two comments here on Kickstarter. Please be sure that you are sending your inquiries to the correct email address:

    19. Daniel Egger on


      Its now 6 months and several messages via Kickstarter or Facebook and now response. As a backer I should have recieved the package (international fees paid) and didn't. Worse I did not recieve any answer to my questions and delivery status. What is going on?

    20. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Alex360, We already shipped to Germany from KickStarter.

      If you didn't get your KickStarter MaKey MaKey go to:

      If you want to buy a MaKey MaKey, yes we ship to Germany, to buy go to:

    21. Alex360 on

      When will you ship?

    22. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      Just wanted to bump this to the top...
      If you didn't get your MaKey MaKey go here:

    23. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Geordiebird -- Okay if you emailed us we will get it to you. Don't worry.

    24. Geordiebird on

      I'm in Dubai btw

    25. Geordiebird on

      Hey I have not received my Makey Makey. Just e-mailed you guys with my dets.

    26. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Amanda Nunes Lemos -- Thanks for informing us. We are learning! I appreciate the communication. And I apologize for the fee. It was not our intention of course.

    27. Amanda Nunes Lemos on

      I got my makey makey 4 months later... and let me tell you just something: it is awesome. BUT, I know you guys can't know everything that goes on in every country, but, for some reason, here in Brazil they made me pay some fees, otherwise I wouldn't get the makey makey. Usually, we don't have to pay anything we buy that is under $60, so, obviously, I wasn't expecting any fees. When I question them about it, they say like the "transportation wasnt pay for", like some freight stuff, I dont know how to put this in english. This has more to do with sparkfun - and their poor choices of incoterms - than you guys, but I think you guys should know that and alert the bakers and future buyers.

    28. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @boveah - Yes, due to Hurricane Sandy your shipment wasn't able to leave New Jersey until November 6th. You are right, though, it has been too long given that you are only in Canada. Can you email us directly at This will make is easier to help you directly. Thanks!

    29. boveah on

      Still no luck with my kits, I paid for the shipping and was told it would ship out on the 29th of October, then Sandy hit, which I guess sucked, but it has almost been 4 weeks. I mean I live in Canada, it really should not take this long to get to me.

    30. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Valentino -- Please contact At this point if you haven't received your reward then there was one of several possible problems
      - Lost in the mail
      - We don't have the shipping address (no survey filled out)
      - Never received international shipping payment
      - One of many other errors (SparkFun data error, Kickstarter data error, JoyLabz human error)

      for more info

    31. Valentino on

      Hi, a friend of me in italy got the shipping, when will you ship my reward?


    32. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      @Syira - You can use the "output" section on the back of the MaKey MaKey. There are two female header pins, one for any time a mouse event is activated and one for a keyboard event. For example, when you push the space bar on the front, the keyboard female header on the output section goes high to 5V. So if you were to stick the positive side of an LED into that female header and the negative side of the LED into ground, then every time you push the space bar the LED will light up (depending on the LED you may want to put a resistor in series with it to keep it from burning out, but don't worry too much about these things). The same way you can spin motors, or hook up a relay like a Power Tail and turn on lights, blenders, etc. (be careful with 120V AC). Good luck.

      @Job -- I understand your frustration. I would be very happy if I could just ship out kits the moment international shipping was paid. We shipped out kits in August to every person who paid International shipping with their original kickstarter orders. After that, we have been doing everything "by hand" one at a time. With 11,000+ backers that is a lot of "by hand". So we can't ship the moment you pay international shipping, even though I understand why that would be nice, and I wish we could. Further, shipments overseas can take quite a while. As little at 2 weeks, or in some rare cases more than a month if customs quarantines the item (we have seen horror stories). I request that you understand that it's just Liz and I looking after these late shipping payments, and that we are new to the business of shipping and customer service. If you have paid shipping and contacted then I promise we will get you your MaKey MaKey. But honestly, it just won't happen immediately, between order processing and shipping time, if it is overseas it is actually possible that it could take this long. It's called Kickstarter cleanup and it's a daunting task. Thanks for commenting, and I promise you will receive your kit. I appreciate your situation, and I really promise we are doing the best we can.

      @Julien -- Please contact to get an update.

      @Liam -- We have started shipping out to the UK. If you already ordered contact for an update.

      @Andreas -- We never promised your reward to arrive by August. I'm sorry but this is not true. We claimed "estimated delivery August". That was for an expected quantity of less than 1000 kits. We received orders for more than 13,000 kits. Yet we still shipped by the expected delivery date. So we did ship all rewards in August *for people who had paid international shipping correctly with their kickstarter contribution and filled out the survey in a timely manner*. We are so proud of this and it took every ounce of energy we had. Big credit to SparkFun there. After that we started manually going through anyone who didn't pay the original international shipping with their Kickstarter payment (sorry if it was confusing to you, but kickstarter is not especially friendly for shipping payments). If your order has not shipped yet contact to find out why. If your order has already shipped and you have not received it yet, contact to find out when you are eligible to file for a lost package. Thanks! We will get you your MaKey MaKey. I promise.

      @Josh - email

      @Ankur -- email to find out if you have paid shipping and whether your order has already shipped.

      @Catherine -- MaKey MaKey was not available through Kickstarter in July. My records show you pledged on June 3rd. Based on your second question, I would guess that the reason you haven't yet received it is because without a survey we literally don't have a shipping address to send it to, so we can't possibly send it. Now that you have filled out your survey contact to get your order to the next step. My records show that you filled our your survey on November 4th.

      @Diana -- Your email was answered Sunday November 4th at 7:11pm PST. If you have further questions please respond to the email

      @Josh -- Yes.

    33. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Have you started shipping to Ontario Canada?

    34. Missing avatar

      Diana Tan on

      I have backed up MaKey MaKey in July and filled up the survey promptly but I have yet to receive my Deluxe Kit (shipment required to Australia). Also I have sent an email last week but no response as well. Please let me know what happened and when will I be getting my kit?

    35. Missing avatar

      Catherine on

      New Question. I the survey is filled in late is it still possible to get the kit?

    36. Missing avatar

      Catherine on

      I purchased a Makey Makey in early July through the kickstarter and paid for the basic kit. I still haven't got it, I haven't heard anything since they said they shipped it in august, and when I tried the email you posted, it said the email could not be found. I really hope this isn't a scam, because honestly that would suck.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ankur Vohra on

      Hey, I haven't received my Makey Makey (Singapore). I thought estimated shipping was August 2012.
      Will I get it by November?
      On a side note, I think I have paid all the fees needed, including the international shipping fees, but how to re-check it?

    38. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      i dont know what is wrong

    39. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      I still have not got my Makey Makey. I do

    40. Missing avatar

      Andreas Foldager on

      I have never recieved my reward. After endless email-dialog, twitter DMs and three different contacts, I was told to wait another 3 weeks. My reward was promissed ind August.....I still have to waste my time trying to contact the project-owners. I cannot recomment using kick starter to anyone, It is a waste of money, with no rights and possibilities to get your money back :(

    41. Liam Garvo

      Hi folks. Have you started shipping out to the UK yet?

    42. Julien Tissier on

      Hello, I'd like to know if the shipment began in France? I still have not received anything, despite the extra for international shipping ...

    43. Job Doesburg on

      Here I am again, I still haven't got my MakeyMakey, after an email I seemed not have paid the international shipping so I did immediately but that's now almost a month ago and I still haven't got it

    44. Missing avatar

      Syira on

      It says on the website that you can use the Makey Makey to spin motors and switch LED's. How is this done?

    45. Jay Silver 2-time creator on

      (Posted by Makey Makey Helper: Liz!)

      @rafa, @Matteo, At this point you should have received your kit. If not something is wrong (int'l shipping, survey, database error, USPS midelivery, etc.).
      Please email and we will make sure we figure it out.

      @boveah, @James Deadman Thanks for checking in, we're working as quickly as we can.

      @Mathar, that's great!! Thanks for your good words!

      All the best!

    46. Missing avatar

      Matteo on

      I still haven't received anything yet, I've applied project on 17 May....any problem? Thx

    47. James Deadman on

      I have sent countless emails as I still have not received my makey makey and ordered on 7th July!

      Please can someone email me and refund me my money.

    48. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    49. boveah on

      Still don't have it, sent an email earlier only to get no response, will send one again

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