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Ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Alligator clip the Internet to your world and start inventing the future.
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Contest Winners!

The MaKey MaKey team was overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the over 300 entries to the invention contest. After some intense deliberation we are finally ready to announce the ten winners! Here are they are, in no particular order. The winners will be notified so that we can ship them each a beta MaKey MaKey kit.

Game Glove for Child with Cerebral Palsy

"My son has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, yet (unusually) has fine motor control in his digits. I would like to make a game glove so he can play games on the computer and read digital comics independently by using it to scroll through pages."

Trampoline Slideshow Controller

"My sister is inviting her friends to a summer-party. She wants to show some party-pics and holiday-pics. Now i want to control a slideshow with her trampoline."

Bird Accessible Music

"We could have a set up where our birds could choose to play music when they would like to. The idea comes from my Sun Conure, Leela, who has a liking for the song Home and will at times run to the trackpad on my laptop and slide her beak across it and bob her head when she wants to hear it."

Tilt/swirl a glass of water to play Ecco the Dolphin

"I want to connect MaKey MaKey's four arrow keys to four spots around the inside of a round glass or bowl, and connect the ground wire to the bottom of the inside of the glass.  Then? I'll use it to play Ecco the Dolphin. I would risk spilling water all over my computer just to try this out!"

Weather Station

"I would love to use this as a weather station! My classroom (I am a teacher) is on the first floor with a brilliant window and ledge, perfect for all these experiments! ... Put a croc clip next to another, with only rainwater to complete the circuit, and connect this to photobooth, so that rainfall activates the photo of the rain!" [and sensors for sun and wind as well]

Naked Mole Rat Training

"I'm a neuroscience grad student working with naked mole rats… the naked mole rat is an incredible animal. It lives in pitch-black and toxic conditions and navigates by touch… [I'll use MaKey MaKey to create] a reconfigurable and low-cost sensor system that we can deploy both as proof-of-concept for certain experiments, and possibly to entirely substitute for the proposed finicky optical tracking."

 Parents Alarm

"I have in the past, as many others I could imagine, getting caught by my parents and been in trouble for staying up too late. My room is upstairs in my house, while my parents' is downstairs. My idea is to attach the MaKey MaKey onto the first, maybe second as well, stair step... When someone is moving up the stairs, the MaKey MaKey would "left click" on a button... which would call my other computer through skype... so I would notice that my parents are on their way upstairs. In a few seconds I would be able to turn off the monitor... and go to my bed."

3D Twister

"Two people would be in a ring surrounded by hanging hot spots, which are also shown on the computer screen… Each turn, a random set of hot spots would light up in certain colors on the screen and a timer would start. For a player to keep going she would have to be touching all the spots lit up in her color when the timer hits zero."

Pee Logger

"An aspect of basic health that would be reasonably easy to track, log, and plot for trends would be amount and frequency of urination. This application of the MaKey MaKey input device would log the amount of time a circuit is made (correcting for minor flow variations) and log this information for personal use… You could also, you know, have contests with your friends to see who can pee the longest or play epic music while you pee or something."

Photoshop Redesigned

"I use Photoshop a lot and I hate also having to click back and forth or using the keys and remember all the shortcuts. So what if we make a paper pad as the new controller… All you would have to do is set the shortcut keys to something usable on the MaKey MaKey. So to Zoom you could draw a magnify glass with a plus in the center on the paper and connect to the MaKey MaKey as W."

Honorable Mentions

Since there were so many incredible entries, we decided to also award some Honorable Mentions (those come with no prize, but we are acknowledging your awesomeness). Those will be listed in the forums here.


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    1. Dain Schroeder on

      The "bird accessible music" one is a wonderful idea. Going to throw something like this together for my conure when I get my Makey Makey kit.

    2. Missing avatar

      matt on

      ugh mine didn't win. sokay though great job everyone
      also batman's car is on mount pleasant
      his actually car
      jus saaw ut

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason W.


    4. Eric Shofe on

      All great ideas!!