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The Anthology Project Vol 2 gives voice to an outstanding international group of artists expressing themselves through the creation of comics

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“The Anthology Project” is a collection of short stories by artists from a wide range of disciplines who all share a love for comics. In early 2009, a group of artists pooled their time, talents and resources to publish comics of their own. The result was a gorgeous collection of 15 stories by 15 different contributors. 240 full color pages beautifully bound in a hard cover volume.

“It’s easily one of the most beautiful books published in the past year and it’s full of stories by top-grade talent.” – Karl Kerschl “The Abominable Charles Christopher”

We want to make Vol.2!

Volume 2 is now well under way and promises to deliver a brand new collection of innovative stories by outstanding artists from all over the world. We've also got a theme this time and you can see it carried throughout the book. We won't be divulging what it is just yet but maybe you can figure it out as we post more previews on our site.

How we'll get this done is by asking you to pledge toward our project! Total production costs for vol. 2 will be $14,000 USD and we have enough to cover about half of this amount. However, that still leaves $7000 that we need to raise in order to pay for the full amount. Please consider giving us your pledge, it'll really help us out and it could be a way for you to pre-order our book, as well as possibly getting additional rewards (plus shipping is all included).

This second volume will be printed with the exact same quality as the first with a beautiful cover done by Ed Kwong and at least 250 full-color pages. We are looking to have the finished book and in our hands by May 2011 (at the latest) so that is when you can expect us to start sending pledge rewards out.

Here's a list of our current artists for volume 2 (this list may change slightly) :

1. Andreas Schuster -
2. Aurélie Neyret (Clo) -
3. Brendan Leach -
4. Connor Willumsen -
5. Darren Rawling -
6. Ed Kwong -
7. Emily Carroll -
8. Florent Sacré -
9. Haylee Herrick -
10. James Walsh -
11. Jeffrey Thompson -
12. Joy Ang -
13. Kim Smith -
14. Marcelo Lelis -
15. Matt Goldman - Too cool for a site
16. Matt Rhodes -
17. Nick Thornborrow -
18. Roman Muradov -
19. Sam Bradley -
20. Samuel Bosma -
21. Thomas Wellman -
22. Katie Shanahan (KT Shy) -
23. Jed McGowan -
24. Jake Wyatt -


Reward Details

- The limited edition print, original sketch and original painting will all be 5x7 inches.
- The limited edition print will be a variant of the cover art printed on Hahnemühle FineArt archival grade paper
- The original sketches and paintings will be by your choice of either Sam Bradley, Nick Thornborrow, or Joy Ang and the subject matter will pertain to their respective stories in the comic (If you'd like to make special requests, let us know!)
- The limited edition Vol 1 book is something that we have never sold, it has only been given out as prizes or gifted. There are only 200 copies available and each is individually numbered. It has a different cover from the standard edition and 8 additional pages of process work by the artists involved.
- Here's a mock-up of how the "Thank You" will look in the book:

Rewards will be sent to qualifying pledgers sometime in May 20


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