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Upcoming sci-fi interactive fiction game for macOS, PC, Linux, and mobile devices by the writer of Iyetra & co-founder of GX Australia.
Upcoming sci-fi interactive fiction game for macOS, PC, Linux, and mobile devices by the writer of Iyetra & co-founder of GX Australia.
Upcoming sci-fi interactive fiction game for macOS, PC, Linux, and mobile devices by the writer of Iyetra & co-founder of GX Australia.
428 backers pledged AU$ 8,380 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Hey Rich! I hinted at this on twitter, but I'm feeling confident that I'll be launching the alpha at the end of the month; I will also update the demo with the same content for those who didn't pledge to join the alpha but want to see the new changes that I've made, since the game has come so far from the kickstarter that the demo I have now doesn't seem at all representative.

      As I mentioned in my last backer update, I got contracted for a really exciting writing job that took up all of my time until February; that same developer contracted me for a second project, but was able to work with me on the schedule so I could still have some free time for Alcyone. I'll have a proper update going into all of this when I'm ready to start the alpha, but it's definitely coming along and I'm excited to take the wraps off what I've done so far. Thanks so much for your patience as always. <3

    2. Rich Steeves

      Any updates?

    3. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Hey David — you're absolutely right there, and my apologies for the radio silence.

      I'm going to have a proper update sometime this week going into the state of things at the moment. Keep an eye out in your inboxes.

    4. Missing avatar

      David D. on

      It's been a quiet three months...please give us a dev update on Alcyone when you get a chance.

    5. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Thanks Luneth! <3

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. James Doe on

      congratulations on getting funding for the game! i can't wait to dive into it when it comes out.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ferdolyzer on

      congratulations..really looking forward your masterpiece :)

    9. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Thank you!

    10. Cristina


    11. Missing avatar


      congratulations Joshua on a excellent campaign, really looking forward to the full release!

    12. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Thank you so much! I'm incredibly blown away by the support.

    13. Missing avatar

      CR on

      Almost to the last hour! Thrilled to see that we've beaten the main stretch goals! :D

    14. Cheeseness on

      Another Linux person here! Thanks for offering support. I'm glad to be onboard :)

      I'd suggest shipping 32 and 64 bit builds where possible. For games where I've shipped both, I use a launcher script to automatically detect the platform and run the most appropriate version. I'd be more than happy to share if that's of value.

    15. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      I'll make sure that there's both a 32-bit & 64-bit version for Linux — I'm already doing that for Windows, but I hadn't realised that 64-bit Linux doesn't have full support for 32-bit applications without work. It's easy enough to fix now that I know, however. :)

      CR: Thanks tons! I'm excited to get John & Anna on board, and hopefully we'll obliterate these last two stretch goals as well.

    16. Missing avatar

      CR on

      @Kathy Reid, you'd be surprised. My dad still runs 32-bit Linux and sees no reason to upgrade. (I run Windows 10 though!)

      Congratulations on the stretch goal!

    17. Kathy Reid on

      Also +1 to the 64-bit Linux version, no one who runs Linux runs 32-bit anymore.

    18. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Thanks tons for your support Kathy! <3

    19. Kathy Reid on

      Linux support? Please take my money! Good luck with the project, it sounds awesome.

    20. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Albert — Since the game itself is an interactive novel and not especially image-heavy in the first place, I don't think it would make much of a difference. The images are to augment and enhance the game, but aren't as necessary as something like a first person shooter. That said, I am working on making the images that are in the game a bit more friendly to screen readers (labelling them for example) based on the feedback I've received so far.

    21. Missing avatar


      I had a another accessible game campaign update a few days ago which they announced they will release a graphic-less version of the game prior to the full version so visual impaired players won't need to wait for graphic implementations, also it would give the sighted players a chance to experience how blind players play game. The graphic-less version can upgrade to full version and retain the ability to switch off graphics for lightening the weight of the game. I think it is a very good idea and may also boost marketing, creator, would you consider something similar?

    22. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      D Milson — thanks for that information! I can compile for 64bit Linux but as I am a macOS user I wasn't sure how many people would utilise it. I'll keep that in mind going forward though.

    23. Dana Mison on

      I just had a look at the demo. Interesting.

      Might I suggest a 64bit version of the linux demo as well. The 32bit demo failed at launch for me on Fedora25 with an error about not being able to find libgconf shared library. That was in the terminal, launching the .desktop file from Nautilus just fails silently. Anyway, the 64bit version of the library was installed because who has a 32bit machine these days? ;-) Installing the i686 arch GConf2 package fixed it.

    24. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    25. Megan Bowra-Dean on

      Was hooked playing the demo at GX Australia this last weekend. Good luck Joshua and team.

    26. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Gilfer — Thanks so much for your amazing support and for kicking us over the line! Looking forward to working with you to bring your ideas into the game.

    27. Gil Fewster on

      Hi Joshua. Excited to be able to support this project and get behind narrative-based games development. I've used twine in the past to teach some programming basics to schoolchildren and fascinated to see it being used as the bones of something so sophisticated. I'd love to chat sometime about the work if you are available.

    28. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Albert: It definitely does — I know that there's some wriggles at the moment with the map & the tooltips not working as well as they should, but the full release will definitely have solutions for those.

      Alice, darthkiwi, and Ian — thank you all so much! I'm really pleased with the reception the game has received so far, and I can't wait to release it to everyone.

    29. Missing avatar

      Alice on

      I'm looking forward to seeing this finished, as a writer I've only used the twine platform for basic interactive digital fiction pieces, barely touching other CSS etc... I'm really interested in seeing what can be done with the platform for this game.

    30. Missing avatar


      @creator glad to know this game is accessible, does the accessibility extends to the mobile OS versions as well?

    31. James Patton on

      Take my money and make a world!

      Seriously, this looks really interesting. I love this type of IF (I'm thinking of Fallen London particularly) and I'm overjoyed to see a new game that explores this kind of form.

      Good job, best of luck with the KS!

    32. Missing avatar

      Ian McNamara on

      I have played threw a bit of the demmo, i have just finished creating my character which wwas really interesting

    33. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Hey Ian, thanks a lot for that! I'm a big believer that games are for everyone and have tried hard to make Alcyone accessible for a variety of players.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ian McNamara on

      This sounds a really interesting project, you definitely have my backing, I am a visually impaired player and I'm really glad that this game is accessible to us.

    35. Phylicia on

      The only engines that come to my mind are Renpy and Choice of Games' "ChoiceScript". That said coding is not my specialty, haha. Game looks good!

    36. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      It probably wouldn't make a super amount of difference for this title — I went researching all over the place for an appropriately lightweight engine for text-heavy game development and came away feeling that Twine would be the best choice even if I did have to bolt a lot of custom stuff on top of it to get it to do what I wanted. Everything else was either super overkill for what I was doing with it (Unreal & Unity in particular do not lend themselves well to interactive fiction) or outright incompatible.

      Although a hypothetical tool like what you described would certainly be great! In as far as this title goes I'm the primary developer so I don't have high requirements for collaborative tools.

    37. Konstantin Kitmanov on

      Thanks for answering:)
      Yeas, manual porting usually does the trick, but my co-author likes to go back and edit things, so it hadn't worked for us.

      If there was a tool like Twine, but with ability to save your work in cloud (so it's accessible on any computer) and capability to allow selected user to make changes, would such tool make your work easier?

    38. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Ah yes — there's no cloud capability in Twine but I've found so far it's not been a problem for the other writers to work in their tool of choice and I port it over. Twine works quite nicely in that respect if you can afford to put the effort in. I know there are some other tools for compiling projects together into one file which I'm looking at down the line for creating downloadable "modules" but that's separate.

    39. Konstantin Kitmanov on

      Thanks for reply, Joshua!
      What I was asking about collaboration is how you handle it technically. Vanilla Twine doesn't have cloud capability, so you either forked it or juggling alcyon.html file around between team members.
      I'm co-writing Twine piece myself at the moment, and exchanging files via dropbox works for two casual writers, but I don't see it scaling for regularly working team.

    40. Joshua Meadows Creator on

      Good eye Konstantin! ;) The backbone is Twine 2 & SugarCube with a lot of custom javascript & CSS bolted on top to handle stuff like game logic, the inventory system, map, etc. Encounters can be pretty self-contained in as far as the plot goes, so it's easy to drop the guest writers' contributions in when they're finished.

    41. Konstantin Kitmanov on

      This looks promising, take my money and make amazing game, please:)

      Judging by the screenshots, you're using Twine + SugarCube 2, or is it just for prototype? How do you organize collaboration?