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A quirky fun strategic word-making card game for all ages.
A quirky fun strategic word-making card game for all ages.
A quirky fun strategic word-making card game for all ages.
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    1. Joshua Mason 24-time creator on

      Hi Devrim. The manufacturer shipped it to me on Monday. So, I could get it in the mail later today, or tomorrow. I'll post an update when I've confirmed that everything is good design wise, and I have placed the orders for this campaign. After that, you should have the games in about a week :)

    2. Devrim Alas on

      Any updates on the new prototype?

    3. Joshua Mason 24-time creator on

      Hi Tim, you're quite welcome :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Tim French

      Thank you for the reply and as I said I think your games are great and I see lots of value. I think you deserve to sell thousands of units each time and make lots of money and I hope you get there

    5. Joshua Mason 24-time creator on

      Hi Tim. Thanks so much for your feedback. It is relevant and appreciated.

      Yes, if I had the games mass produced overseas, such as in China, for example, I could get the production cost substantially down. You're correct. I have crunched these numbers, and I have looked into various services for such large-batch offset printing. However, to use the same quality of card, packaging, and including the shipping from overseas, I would still be looking at about $3.00 per game in costs, minimum, and only if I purchase 3,000 copies at a time. And, if something goes wrong with the order, I've already waited about two months to get the games here from overseas, and have no way to return them, or be reimbursed for something that isn't quite right, in terms of quality. It can be a nightmare, and waste/worry/inefficiency can eat up A LOT of what I would hope to save. Also, I would have to warehouse thousands of each game. Keep in mind that I have 16 games, and I will be making more. 3,000 copies for each run, times 16? Do you have 150K I can borrow to place all of those huge orders in advance? :P

      So, as you can see, there is a very real dilemma with placing large orders of games. It REALLY stunts creativity and being able to get a new game quickly out there.

      Not only that, but if I have the games manufactured in bulk, that means I have to do all of the shipping, and help the customer directly, if something goes wrong (like damage during shipping). Currently, I have the games shipped directly from the manufacturer, to the customer. So, if the case of the game arrives damaged, the manufacturer handles all of that. My very first campaign I did ship myself, and it was VERY time consuming. And dealing with the 1-2% of damages during shipping, a headache. After that campaign, I had to take a step back and realize that the small amount of money I made selling the games, was not worth the large amount of time I put into packaging and shipping. So, I needed another way to make everything take less of my time.

      Most card games here on Kickstarter seem to be priced at $10, $15, or $20. But, a $10 game is a lot rarer. It's very difficult to sell a game that low, and still make a profit, unless you are having them manufactured in enormous bulk. And, I currently sell my games here for as low as $17.20 per game, when you buy more at once. So, I'm already in the middle to upper range of normalcy, in terms of pricing.

      With all that said, if I could find a U.S. Manufacturer that could print my games with the same quality for $2 each, and ship them direct to the customer, I would gladly sell them for $10.00 a piece. But, as of yet, I don't see that option in the marketplace. The best I can currently do is order in bulk from my current manufacturer and get the price down to about $5.75 for each game. But, again, that means receiving, and warehousing, a large order of games, and believe it or not, that only saves me about $1 and change per game, which just isn't worth the extra hassle of having to actually do the shipping. It would be unlikely to lead to me lowering the price of the game to the consumer.

      Also, please know that I have no issue with you ascribing a different value to my games, than I do. However, keep in mind that the price I sell them at isn't exclusively related to the cost to produce them. A huge part of the price is my compensation, as the creator. In other words, what do I value my time at creating them, marketing them, talking to backers/customers, etc.? In the end, the number has to make it worthy of my time and creativity.

      Finally, in general, I have not experienced that selling the games at a lower price necessarily equals more sales. If I'm going to sell my games for about half as much as I currently price them (as you are suggesting), I would have to sell twice as many games just to make the same amount of income. Actually, I would want to sell more, because there would be more work involved in terms of having to place the orders for twice as many games.

      Anyway, thought you deserved a thoughtful response to your concerns. I hope this helps. Thanks so much for backing. I do sincerely appreciate it :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Tim French

      I came on because I think you have some really neat games and you are very creative, I was going to buy up a bunch but I realized that the value ratio is just not there. Have you thought about making these projects more affordable to sell more units? I realize your costs are high because you are paying a premium for production because the orders are so low but I think you could probably get these products for less then 2 per item if you went to a min order of 1000 or something, if you can get the cost in line with $10 per unit to the customer then I can see you selling many more. Just my opinion

    7. Joshua Mason 24-time creator on

      Hi Devrim, thanks! I should get the second printing of the prototype in this week, and at that time, I'll know for sure if the change is a keeper. But, I suspect it is. I also nudged the letters juuuust a bit closer to the sides, which should leave less of a gap between the first letter of a word created, and it's latter 3 letters.

    8. Devrim Alas on

      I think the new card layout looks great. Kind of has a cosmic type of look to it. Nice work!

    9. Joshua Mason 24-time creator on

      Hi Devrim. Thanks so much for backing again. You're awesome! My previous new game was back in early December of last year, if you can believe it. Time goes by so fast! If you like strategy word games, you'll like this one for sure.

    10. Devrim Alas on

      Whaaaaaat a new game already!!! I really like the idea for this game, looking forward to playing it.