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E1 adds a little intelligence and a lot of personality to any hardware project, from robotics to interactive art. Help us get it made.

E1 is an inexpensive open source hardware kit in the same theme as the Arduino—for bringing synthetic intelligence to electronics projects. We've made tremendous progress over the past year, but now we need your help to get it manufactured.

A while ago we realized even the most powerful microcontrollers are just too limited for complex machine learning tasks. At the same time, we weren't interested in all the overhead of a processor and OS. We wanted something right in the middle, made for the task, to coordinate between our sensors, locomotion, and the user. E1 is a custom core embedded within an FPGA. It requires no PC to use or train, is thoroughly flexible, and completely open.

Here's how it works. Attach inputs like cameras, microphones, and sensors—and output mechanics, like servos, actuators, or motors. E1 starts out in an untrained state, but can receive reward and punishment with a remote. It can also detect some set of behaviors, like facial expressions. Over time E1 not only learns what you teach it, but learns the conditions that lead to reward and punishment and so when it should reward or punish itself.

Surprisingly complex behaviors are possible with the combination of simple training and the sensory analytics done by the E1. And all of these details are handled out of your way, from signal decoding to feature detection. Tap the outputs via the header pins on the board itself, or let E1 talk to your outputs for you.

It may sound like science fiction, but the technology isn't. It just ends up in high research more often than it does hobby kits, and we'd like to flip that trend.

We'll have the boards printed and assembled in the US using RoHS components.

Why do we need money? We've got a good plan, a few prototypes, a lot of tests, and the skills to get it done, but we need a little time and enough people interested to get it built below prototype prices. Having funding would mean we can afford the tools to design the board, and prep it for a large run.

The E1 is a killer toy, to be sure, and I'll be thrilled if other people get to have fun with it. Find out more at


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    GET EVERYTHING! Everything above, plus camera modules for both visual and infrared vision, a pair of microphone modules, and a handful of very situationally useful sensors. Also get LIFETIME membership to the E1 Cloud for you and a friend when it's released.

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