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$5,547 pledged of $35,000 goal
By Robomodo
$5,547 pledged of $35,000 goal

Update #4 Gamespot article about Bodoink

Good interview with Robomodo/Robomite President Josh Tsui talking about Bodoink and Kickstarter. Interesting twist at the end where the interviewer becomes the interviewee.

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"GS: Do you expect Kickstarter to become a common venue for established independent developers to help get their games made?

JT: That's the experimental part of it that is really exciting. No console game developer has ever tried this before. Most games out there on Kickstarter are PC and mobile games. So, as scary as it sounds, we are kind of pioneering this, and we are hoping we can set a good example for other established independent developers who want to give it a try. In this day and age, everyone should have some options regarding how they want to create their projects."


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