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$5,547 pledged of $35,000 goal
By Robomodo
$5,547 pledged of $35,000 goal

Update #9 WHAT THE?

Ok, sorry for the lateness on this update. Obviously we didn't meet our lofty goals to get Bodoink going through Kickstarter. We are still moving ahead with the project and there will be an awesome blog entry on what we learned about this process. In the meantime, all the money you wanted to throw our way can go to this other great Chicago based project. 

This game looks super fun and we are going to give them our full endorsement,whether they want it or not!

Update #8 We need a sugar daddy fast!

3 hours left and we have...a ways to go. If one of you 1%'ers are out there, feel free to drop some money in and we won't occupy your estate.

In the meantime, here's an interview with Lead Designer Patrick Dwyer talking about Bodoink with XBLAFANS. 

Update #7 Home stretch, let's go nuts!

Hey all, 

So getting down to the wire and we have some ways to go (ya think?!). More updates will be rolling in this week as well as some more images and videos. In the meantime, any questions you have for us? Feel free to send them our way via here or our Twitter account bodoinkgame.

Talk to ya soon and tell a friend about this nutty project you're helping fund!

Update #6 Activision's One of Swords Podcast talks Bodoink

Activion's One of Swords talks to Lead Designer Patrick Dwyer about upcoming games from Robomodo including Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD and Bodoink!

For Bodoink, skip to around 52 minutes.

Update #5 An example of what you will vote on.

The Avatars in Bodoink love dancing, like seriously LOVE dancing. If you fund a specific voting tier, you'll be able to vote on what kind of dances they will do when they are successful. Below are some styles we want you to vote on:

The Carlton:


The MJ: