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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
5,449 backers pledged $187,865 to help bring this project to life.

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LTP is Here.

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

It is with the utmost joy that I finally, after much intense labor, hand you the fruit of these past months :) I'm sorry that it comes at the rather awkward time of Sunday night, but I wanted to get this thing to you sooner rather than later!

Limit Theory Prototype ('LTP')

Compared to what I initially planned to ship, LTP is a beastly thing.  It's certainly not Limit Theory - not yet - but it's got a respectable array of bells and whistles and, in my opinion, makes for a nice little space combat mini-game.  Here's what you can look forward to doing:

  • Explore and conquer 4 systems
  • Pilot and own 12 distinct types of ships, ranging from small fighters to respectably-sized frigates
  • Suit up with loads of different weapons and armor/shields
  • Buy and command as many ships as you like; build up massive fleets and use them to steamroll opposing fleets
  • Build up your own personal armory with in-station storage
  • Save helpless ships from certain destruction, or join in massive conflicts to turn the tide of battle
  • Fly into battle with your (highly-capable) AI wingmen by your side!

How Do I Get It?

The digital download system that I'm using to distribute LTP currently has it in the queue, and should be sending you an email with a secure, private download link within the next 15-30 minutes!  That gives you just enough time to watch the tutorial and get excited :) Speaking of which...

The Official LTP Tutorial

If you're not the kind of person that likes figuring out stuff by himself/herself, then you won't like LTP.  The game lacks any form of in-game help system at this early stage.  In lieu of that, I've provided a fairly thorough tutorial video to acquaint you with the knowledge necessary to dominate LTP.  If you want to figure stuff out on your own, go ahead, but it's worth glancing at the tutorial to make sure you don't miss out on any features!  Besides, what else would you want to do while waiting on that email!?

Some Gratuitous Eye Candy

(Click Here to View Full)

(Click Here to View Full)

(Click Here to View Full)

Share Your Thoughts!

Don't be shy.  I know you have something to say about LTP, whether it's "THISISAMAZING," "This is totally underwhelming," or "RAWRRR IT CRASHED." Either way, hop on over to the forums and use the appropriate LTP sub-forum to let us know.


Thanks to everyone, not just LTP-level backers, for helping me get this far.  As you know, it wouldn't have happened without your support.  I'm having entirely too much fun making this game, and I want you to be able to have entirely too much fun playing it (which is, again, why you should hop over to the forums and tell me what would make it better!)  But this is just the beginning.  For those of you who don't get LTP access, don't sweat it...the full game is going to be so much better!  LTP is just a little snack.

Now. See you on the forums :)


Development Update #3: Fixed Video

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)
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Hello everyone, I am very sorry to bother you with two updates in one day, but Kickstarter does not allow editing of previous updates (older than 30 minutes, that is), so I have no way to correct the video link given in the previous one.  As you may or may not know, the previously-linked update video had no audio for the last few minutes. I've killed off the corrupted version and uploaded a new, fixed one. Here's the new link:

Sorry about that mistake!  Won't happen again :)


Development Update #3: March 2013

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)
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NOTE : It has come to my attention that the upload did not go through in its entirety, the last few minutes are missing audio.  Terribly sorry, I will re-upload as soon as possible.  I am working off of a cell phone connection at the moment, and don't have access to high-speed internet, which is probably why such a large upload went awry in the first place.  Am working on a solution as we speak!!!  I will leave the current video up, but please know that I am working to fix it.

Happy Easter! Nice day for an update, don't you think? :)

The Video.

At three months, it's practically a tradition.  You know what to do!

Watch the Video Here!

The Summary.

March was insane. It was a month of oceans of code and rivers of gameplay. Here's a partial summary:

Immense number of new, functional interfaces, including

  • Buying / Selling at a docked location
  • Mission boards
  • New ship viewer / cargo / power router
  • Docked ships viewer / buying ships / repair

Lots of new HUD features, including

  • Target trackers for easily seeing where your friends/enemies are in relation to you
  • Aiming guides for knowing where to aim to hit your target
  • Objectives overview for current mission
  • Power status / health status / ammunition status displays for hardpoints

And some miscellaneous stuff:

  • Better graphics, including more detailed surfaces and smoother metal
  • Functional docking, currently only for asteroid bases, but the same tech will be used for planets, regular stations, and carriers
  • Procedural items, including ships
  • Functional sensors / targeting / "knowledge" system (including limited visibility in command interface)
  • Underlying mechanics of mission system + a few basic mission types!
  • Preliminary combat AI

Screenshot time!!

More Stuff to Buy!

Because last month, you couldn't buy or sell anything...but this month, you can buy anything from a measly Lambda Magmahammer to a hulking, 1-km-long dreadnought.

View Full Size

More Cash to be Earned!

Because last month, credits didn't even exist in the game...but this month, you can reel in paycheck after paycheck if you've got the right equipment.

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More Ways to Blind Your Enemy!

With an infinite variety of procedural weaponry, you'd better be ready for some serious space fireworks.

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The Prototype!?

You bet. At the risk of being overly-optimistic, I will say that I believe I'm still on target for an April launch of the Prototype! Over the next week or two, I will be wrapping up the loose ends, packing this puppy up, and figuring out how to ship it on over to the people that pledged for it.

I really appreciate your patience in waiting for it; you guys have been great and no one has lit any fires under me yet, even though "early 2013" seems to be quickly coming to a close. Nonetheless, I think you will find that your patience has been rewarded, as the Prototype that I am delivering is significantly more than the initially-promised "combat prototype." As you can see from this month's demo, the game already includes a good bit more functionality than just combat, and this will come with the Prototype! So, on top of combat, you'll get a chance to:

  • Buy / Sell procedural equipment, upgrading your ship until you get the best of the best
  • Buy and pilot new and bigger ships, up to and including some fairly large sub-capitals
  • Run basic missions to fatten your wallet
  • Explore single systems and dock with locations therein

I think this will really give the Prototype a lot more context, and perhaps make it feel slightly more like a a genuine slice of the LT vision for which you pledged, rather than a naked feature in isolation. Granted, it's still only a tiny slice of the whole pie, but it's already pretty fun to play my totally-unbiased opinion ;) I'll be keeping you all up-to-date on the prototype situation via KS updates, as usual!


March was a great month, there's no other way to say it. I think this month saw about twice as much total progress as last month. Now here's the real question: can this doubling trend continue??? I sure hope so!

Onto April we go!


Development Update #2: February 2013

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)
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Hey there!  Let's get straight to the point...

Update Video!

I guess I don't need to tell you what this is all about...head on over to YouTube and see the monthly LT progress for yourself!

Watch the Update Video Here


As I mentioned last month, my focus for February was intended to be gameplay, not graphics.  Given that I stuck to this, you won't see much graphical difference, at least in the 3D world, from last month.  What you will see, however, is a boatload of new functionality surrounding the interface.

I'm also really pleased that we've now got sound in the game!  I've been working closely over the past month with François Jolin ( to get a few of the sound assets in place.

Some of the more prominent changes of the month include:

  • Overhauled the user interface (for the last time, I promise!)
  • Implemented missiles
  • Implemented power distribution and preliminary interface
  • Acquired and integrated some preliminary sound effects
  • Dramatically improved command interface visuals

As always, for a more detailed report of the progress, visit the daily "Dev Logs" in the forums: .

And now, some pretty screenshots and bold text, just in case you didn't get enough excitement from the video...

Windows within Windows!

View Full Size

Longer-Range Weaponry!

View Full Size

More Color Choices!?

View Full Size

What About the Prototype?

By now, I'm sure you must be starting to wonder about the combat prototype if you've pledged at that level. At the end of last year, I quoted "sometime in March" as a preliminary estimate. Now, I've got good news and bad news. The bad news, as you can probably guess, is that March is, realistically, looking a bit too optimistic. The good news is that I'm now planning to include more functionality in the prototype than I originally intended to! Granted, it's still fundamentally a combat prototype, but I'm beefing it up a bit, in ways that I will describe more as the time approaches! So, that being said, I will now say that April is seeming like the more realistic month of the prototype - I hope you don't mind waiting, but I think giving you a more fleshed out, enjoyable product is going to be worth a teensy bit of extra wait time :)

Please be aware that shipping the prototype has been and will continue to be my sole and absolute focus. I'm working as hard as I can to get that puppy on your hard drive!


I honestly have no idea how February slipped away so quickly! If someone knows how to slow down time, please let me know, as I'd really like to keep March around a bit longer. Despite the hasty passage of time, I still feel great about the work accomplished in February. I may not have gotten around to as much combat / AI work as I would have liked, but I ended up with a lot more on the interface front than I anticipated having at this point in time.  That's only going to make it easier to keep pushing gameplay next month, as I'm now in great shape to visualize and control the game with ease and style.

Thanks for watching/reading/caring! See you next month :)


Development Update #1: January 2013

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)
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Hey everyone! I'm very pleased to present you with some details on Limit Theory's progress this month!

Update Video

First, I'd encourage you to watch the video that I made to showcase some of this month's progress. If a picture's worth a thousand words, then this fifteen-minute video @ 30 frames per second is worth 27 million I guess there's really no point in me saying anything more, is there? :)


So much work was accomplished this month, it's quite hard to remember it all...but some of the major points include:

  • Laid down the framework for advanced AI planning and strategizing
  • Implemented a powerful, custom collision detection system
  • Overhauled the user interface
  • Began work on the command interface
  • Significantly improved graphics in many areas
  • Implemented shields
  • Replaced procedural model technology with far more advanced, elegant solution (implicit surfaces)

If you'd like a more detailed, day-by-day / week-by-week report of the progress, I encourage you to visit the "dev logs" section of the forums, where I provide a fairly excruciating level of detail concerning my development activity: .

If you didn't get enough from the video, or if you'd rather not watch it, here are some still shots to advertise all of the fancy new graphics, including...

Rockier Asteroids!

View Full Size

More Nebulous Nebulae!

View Full Size

Shinier Ships!

View Full Size

...Same Old Dev Team!

(yes, it's still Christmas in my office! Also, bonus points if you can spot a Tie Fighter...)


I guess it goes without saying that, for every visible improvement you can see, there are at least ten other internal improvements that you can't see. All-in-all, it's hardly even the same game/game engine that it was a month ago...and I couldn't be more excited to keep building it into the vibrant, procedural universe of possibility that you all pledged toward!

Thanks for watching, thanks for supporting, and thanks for helping me build the game I've always wanted to build!!!

As usual, if you have questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to post them here or head over to the forums and start a thread (after you search for similar threads, of course...)! :)