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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
5,449 backers pledged $187,865 to help bring this project to life.

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LT & Josh are Both Alive and Well! / "Why the half-year silence!?"

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

*crackle* Incoming Transmission! *bzzzzz*

Warmest greetings Limit Theorists!  It's been way too long since we last spoke, so this is going to be a rather massive update to finally fill you all in on what's going on with life, LT development, infinite universes, and me.  Please bear with me since I've got a half-year to catch you guys up on!  Before we get started, two things:

First, I'd like to say that I'm sincerely, deeply sorry for how long it's taken me to work up to this update.  It'll be by far the most personal update yet (which scares me), since the com silence and derailment of RTB was due entirely to personal issues of a serious nature.  It's a really rough subject for me to talk about, especially to an audience of 5,500.  But I'm ready, and you all deserve answers.  When I explain it all, I hope some of you will find it in yourselves to forgive me for the time it took me to step out of the shadows.

Second, as a bit of a TL;DR before we even get into it, I want you all to know right now that LT development has been and is continuing at full speed, as of several months ago.  So let's just get it out of the way right now that I've not abandoned the project!  In fact, I've been working hard to create a healthier, more productive, and more professional development atmosphere for LT.  More on that later....but first!  Story time.

What follows is a cringingly-personal account of what's been going on in my life (hence, in LT development, since that's my life).  But in the spirit of full transparency, I'd like to share it.  I've already shared gory details on the forums, primarily because I felt more comfortable disclosing preliminary info to a smaller circle until I made it back into good enough shape to step back into the light of KS updates.  So.  Let's get into it.

Chapter I: The Dark Days

The last time you heard from me was during RTB.  The Road to the Beta was designed to be the beginning of the end for Limit Theory's dev cycle.  Ultimately it, along with a solid year of unhealthy work habits, spiced up with the onsetting of some pre-existing conditions unknown to myself, ended up backfiring and, ironically, was the beginning of the end for my sanity.  I wish that were a joke, but it's not really.

In preparation for the third chapter of RTB, I was pushing harder than ever to deliver several new pieces of game content that I thought would really please you all (it included a working custom ship give you some idea of how hard I was pushing).  Unfortunately and much to my surprise, roughly a week before the deadline on RTB 3.0, I very suddenly started to experience new, strange, and scary things, mentally speaking.  I'm not going to go into more detail than that...but the point is that it threw me into a world of panic.  It also disconnected me from objective reality for an extended period of time (again, I won't go into detail about what that entails).

Retrospectively, I can basically summarize it as such: the mental health issues that had been creeping up on me for about half a year, combined with my drive to wrap up LT finally came to a head and set off a mental condition that drove me into a very scary place.  Again, I don't want to dwell on that too much, but in hopes of making my absence a little more understandable, I'll just say that these weren't garden-variety anxiety or mood issues -- what I experienced was frightening and ultimately disabled my ability to work effectively for roughly three months.  I still woke up every morning attempting to code, but, to be perfectly honest, my mind was so far gone that I accomplished little.

In what seemed at the time like just a matter of days, three months of my life blew by without any sign of the Josh that you've all come to know.  Not surprisingly, I've very little memory of that time.

Chapter II: The End of the Dark Days

By some miracle, the thought "something is very wrong" entered my head one day.  It must seem so overwhelmingly obvious from an outsider's perspective.  But from inside the belly of that kind of situation, and being in total isolation, it's nearly impossible to actually recognize and do something about it -- hence three months seeming like days. But finally, the realization hit me.  The very next day, I moved home to Louisiana and told my parents that I needed help from medical professionals.

The next two months were consumed by trying to get that attention and make headway in figuring out how to diagnose and 'fix' me.  Towards the end, after long last and with the right treatment, I started to feel Josh coming back again.  It was a long and arduous process, but the moment that I felt the first flicker of light return to my mind was one of the most beautiful moments in my life.  I'll never forget it.

The dark days were over.  The recovery to full-speed was far from complete, but the shroud had been lifted.

Chaper III: The Beginning of the Golden Days

Fast forward another two months or so -- more doctors appointments, new treatments -- and I was back.  Back.  Not back to the frantic Josh that had taken hold of LT development during the last few updates and RTB.  Back to the calm and inspired Josh that wrote the original KS pitch.  Back to seeing the beauty of the big picture.  It was incredible.  If any of you have ever been through something similar (and, statistically, out of 5,500, some of you almost certainly have), you may know what a cathartic feeling it is to be 'back' and only then realize how far you'd drifted from being yourself.

Despite continued treatment, I knew I had to change my habits to make sure this kind of thing would never happen again.  I needed to keep my eye on the finish line, not lose track of the big picture.  I needed to keep the full vision and beauty of my dream game in the forefront of my thoughts at all time, and make sure I never slid backwards.

Rather coincidentally, it was at this exact time that I learned of an organization in my very own hometown that was looking to give small tech companies the facilities, mentorship, and office space that they need to succeed -- all for next-to-nothing (it's all part of Louisiana's push to bring the entertainment and tech industry down here.)  Two weeks later, I had applied to this organization, been accepted, and had moved all of my equipment into my very own office to dedicate purely to LT development.

And so began what I now call the Golden Days -- the days in which LT development as well as the developer are both being handled as they should be.  Work and life are now separated, work hours are reasonable and fixed.  If it's Monday through Friday and between 8am and 7pm, you can bet that I'm in that office plugging away to finish this wonderful project!

Hindsight is 20/20, but I know now that this is the paradigm shift we needed.  Not a different update cycle, not a new technical gizmo to make development faster or more elegant, and certainly not MORE ALL-NIGHTERS!  No, what we needed was for me to act like a sane person, separate my work from my personal life, establish a normal sleep schedule, surround myself with mentors and friends who tackle similar problems, and act like a professional working on a professional project rather than someone hacking on a smaller indie game.

I've got to give a loving shout-out to the Louisiana Tech Park, whose existence and support has changed everything about LT development.  I love them.  And to think, I'm paying about half of what my rent was in Tennessee for everything they provide.  Wow.

Moving Forward at Full Speed, Albeit Quietly

So now that you all know the full story, let's talk about what's happening from here on out.  I'm going to stay in touch, (much more so on the forums than on KS, so if you'd rather see me more often, get on the forums!)  But I'm not going to establish a regular update schedule. Right now I'm in the thick of finishing development, and I'm going to keep my focus split about 95% on development and 5%ish on community interaction.  In other words: I'm playing this part close to the vest.

I'm sure some of you still miss the monthly videos and the daily dev logs, but, looking back, part of my problem was that my burning desire to see smiles and happiness from you guys in response to my updates shifted my focus away from the thing that's most important: producing the game of my dreams.  Yes, it was my standards that caused me anxiety, so I take full blame for maneuvering myself into an unhealthy place, but that's just part of me that I can't get rid of.  So, for now, my solution is to keep my focus where it belongs!

Phew, is anyone else tired of serious talk?  Me too!  I think it's time for some fun stuff, yes? :)

Tour of Limit Theory Headquarters!

As I said above, I'm playing it close to the vest right now for good reasons.  Which means I don't have much eye-candy to share with you.  The next time you really see LT will be...a happy moment for everyone ;)

Still, I can't leave you all without something pretty to look at!  So instead of LTcandy™, I took some time to take a few shots of the 'LT Headquarters,' aka my office where I get in the LT zone every weekday.  Naturally, the graphics monkey wanted to decorate the office a bit to make it inspirational for coder Josh ;)  LT HQ is chock-full of positive space vibes!  Don't forget to read the captions!

Limit Theory HQ Gallery

Grand Opening of LT Flickr Gallery to the Public!

I've slipped up once or twice on the forums and mentioned that I've got a massive, private Flickr gallery of LT shots dating back to the prototype.  Since then, I haven't heard the end of "how 'bout a glance at that gallery?" :P  So...why not!  A lot of it is stuff you've all seen before, but some of it is new (new as in old shots that weren't released publicly).  There's also a bit of content that was coming with RTB Chapter 3 (yes, I'm going to let you all puzzle over what "Observatory" means, and why there's colored paint on some ships).

Despite it not being exactly 'new,' it's most definitely shiny, and it's also pretty neat to travel back in time through what has been.  I'm still trying to locate all the LT development shots from before the prototype (I mean, like, going back to day one).  Hopefully they'll turn up at some point, and when they do I'll upload them as well!  So, without further ado...enjoy the 600+ shots!

Official Limit Theory Flickr (


It's been a rough year for me and LT.  But now you all know the truth behind my disappearance.  I really hope you'll grant just a teensy bit of empathy with regards to my failure to communicate effectively during the past months.  But let's look at the positive side.  I hit my wall, I hit bottom, I hit the point at which I thought I'd never get back and never be able to write a coherent line of code again....and, with the help of professionals, conquered it.  In a big way.

If ever there was an 'ultimate test' for Limit Theory, it was the first half of this year.  And yet, here we are, on the other side, still alive, and with a better development set-up than ever before.

All I ask now is that you all keep doing what you've been doing for so long -- trust me.  LT is my passion, my full-time job, and my greatest dream.  It's coming, way later than any of us wanted it to, but by God it's going to be something truly special.  Once more, with every fiber in my being, I thank you all for making it possible.  Now let me get back to my dev machine so I can go fulfill my end of the bargain! :)

<3 Josh

PS ~ Anyone else find it weird that the last update was #42?  And it was the one that took so long to recover from?  Weird.  Also, anyone else notice that the place where I work has the same abbreviation as LTP, the Limit Theory Prototype?  Ok ok, enough reading the signs for now.

The Road to the Beta: Chapter 2

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

Well hello again...can you believe it's already (past) that time of the week?!  I can't either!  In fact, I've spent the last 46 hours trying desperately to let go of week 2 but...the end did not come easy...there's too much fun around every corner now, I'm really going insane...but...I guess it's a good insane?  Anywho, you know how it is -- when the code calls, you listen :)

(Disclaimer: All jokes aside, I really am a "bit" on the crazy side right now from the past two sleepless days, in which I was inexplicably yet completely possessed by LT coding to the point of not being able to give it a please forgive me if I'm not so as coherent as's for a good cause! :P )

Alright...let's take a look at week 2!

Now Show Me More...

Last week we focused on making some of the basics more visible to the player via the HUD.  But there's still a whole lot left to uncover.  In week 2, I continued to focus my attention in the general direction of "uncovering that which already exists," but now starting to look towards things larger than the HUD.  I wanted to reclaim higher visibility of the details of objects, cargo, hardpoints, assets, so on and so forth -- some juicy stuff!  Show me the numbers!  Show me the shapes!  SHOW ME THE UNIVERS--eh, alright, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

Since my mind isn't functioning at full capacity right now, I think pictures are going to speak more powerfully for my week of work than I can.  So, behold, here's what an 'object' looked like in the UI at the beginning of the week:

Hmmm.  Not too enlightening.  Of course, some types of objects would have shown a little more, and there was a lot of stuff in progress under the hood.  But this week, I am much happier to say that I can actually show you something that looks like part of a game:

(WIP) Object Overview
(WIP) Object Overview

Welcome to the new object interface -- this time, a serious push toward getting it in beta-capable working order!  This particular 'overview' tab is intended to be a quick summary of basic information, as well as rendered depiction of the object.  Much like the HUD, it offers a selection of smaller 'summary' widgets.  Note that, also like the HUD, these summary widgets act as 'links' to more detailed information (clicking the cargo summary links to the cargo tab, clicking the location links to the object interface for the current location, etc.)  Although I wasn't able to finish it this week, I'll have hardpoints overlaid on the hologram, so that subsystem information is available here as well.  But there's more...I wanted to take a splash in as much of the object interface as possible, so why not...

(WIP) Cargo Management
(WIP) Cargo Management

Cargo!  At least until something more exciting came up...

(WIP) Asset Management
(WIP) Asset Management


Reach Into Your Heart

The object interface is really the heart of all UI-based information and interaction in LT.  Nearly every other major UI is, in some way, a part of (or related to) this one.  For example, the market, with which we're all familiar from the work shown in the last video, is naturally a part of a (trading) station's object interface:

"Market, I am Your Father" ~ Darth Object
"Market, I am Your Father" ~ Darth Object

So the drive to complete the object interface is, in reality, a drive to bring together and finalize all previous UI work.  I pushed hard into it this week, which resulted in a major explosion of new visible content.  That being said, since the effort was spread, none of these pieces individually are perfect as of yet (hence the perhaps-unnecessary 'WIP' on the captions...oh man...letting go of perfection now on a weekly basis is truly the ultimate personal challenge...).  Next week I'll no doubt be filling in more of the incomplete pieces.  For me, the most important thing right now is to uncover as much of the game as possible -- to reconnect with the player-side experience before progressing onward to finishing the game itself.


There are so many details to talk about just from the new shots above, but the point of RTB is not details.  So I'll choose one detail and call it a day...fair?  You have to let me get excited about some small detail...!  To make navigating the interface fast, I've chosen to go with these little circular icon 'tabs.'  I'm obsessed with these things.  They glow.  They make a little click when you press them.  It's relaxing.  I could do it for hours.  When you have a hard day at work, just come on home, boot up LT, and start flipping these things back and forth.

Example Ship Interaction Bar. Very Soothing.
Example Ship Interaction Bar. Very Soothing.
Example Player Interaction Bar.  Even More Soothing.
Example Player Interaction Bar. Even More Soothing.

On a side note, won't it be a fun day when we can open that 'messages' tab and use it for AI communication?  Not today I'm afraid, but hey, the icon is already there ;)


Well, week two of RTB has come and gone, and I'm growing ever-more-convinced that we're moving faster than before.  Ultimately, I'd still like to compare one month of RTB toe-to-toe with the previous methodology, but at this rate, I think the answer is going to be a happy one :)

And of course, in closing, a shot of this new stuff in context!

It's a Family Name.
It's a Family Name.

See you all again next week!  And, with any luck, I'll be a bit more rested and entertaining :T  Thanks for bearing with me today!

PS ~ I don't know if you noticed, but I'm having a kind of mid-life crisis with respect to deciding on flowing, circular forms or hard edges :P I'll figure it out sooner or the mean time, feel free to tell me whether you prefer the style of the market (more angular) to, for example, the style of the asset management UI (more circular / smooth)!

The Road to the Beta: Chapter 1

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

Gooooooood evening ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for showing up here tonight for the grand opening of the weekly Limit Theory Road to the Beta development update series!  It's an exciting day, but also a bit scary, since...I've not the slightest idea what an RTB is!  I mean...should I...should I tell a joke?  Or...pull a small bunny out of my slippers?  No no...maybe a card trick!! ._.  Hmm...well, we've gotta figure it out one way or another, so I guess I'll just dive in and see what happens...

Back to Basics

During my recent planning-and-mind-orienting week, I put my finger on something that's been bothering me about LT -- something that I thought can and should be attacked immediately during RTB.  Generally, that something is the lack of visibility of core features that already exist in the engine.  There's so much that already exists.  There really is.  But with the amount of revisions of various kind that we've been through, it's been hard for any of those features to consistently stay on the surface.  Broadly, that's sort of the point of RTB.  But even more specifically, this week, I decided to concentrate my firepower on the most basic of those areas: the thing you see first and last, the thing that serves up the direct information about your world and your ship, and, most importantly, the thing that is currently far more empty than it should be: the HUD.

Show Yourself, Limit Theory!

This week we welcome the following new widgets into the repertoire of LTSL-driven (i.e., compatible with the current and final UI) HUD components:

  • Minimap
  • Target display
  • Miniscanner (small scanner output preview)
  • Notifications list
  • Compact hardpoints control panel
  • Fast power distribution widget

Yes indeed, have a look below.  You can eyeball the distance to a pack of enemies using the minimap, identify a mineral-rich rock on the scanner, route all power to the forward deflector shields, and even monitor your personal messages, all without leaving home base.

Show Yourself, LT!
Show Yourself, LT!

Please note that those notifications were added for show; your actual game experience of meeting or not meeting Darth Vader (and of obtaining reasonable prices on tetrite ore) may vary (I cannot be held responsible!)

I've also done away with the bottom menu, which was previously a "menu for the thing I'm flying" menu, and replaced it implicitly with HUD elements (since, it turns out, the HUD is also a "menu for the thing I'm flying"!)  In this picture, for example, clicking the minimap will open the system map in a new window.  Clicking the scanner preview will open the full scanner display.  Clicking any of the targeted objects from the top-right will open their information window.  The same applies to clicking any of the hardpoints in the bottom-left lattice.  Concretely, this just means that the HUD is fast and simple to use.  Although I wasn't able to complete a 'ship summary' widget in the week, I hope to add it as the last (major) missing piece, since it will then provide a link to opening the player's ship window.

Hardpoint Control Groups

Every good cap ship pilot knows that having lots of weapons calls for having weapon groups!  After all, sometimes bringing down a mosquito doesn't require all the nukes.  LT now has equipment groups, and the implementation is very simple.  Several control group buttons live alongside the hardpoint nodes.  One of these group buttons is always selected at any given time.  Right-clicking (or performing an equivalent joy / gamepad action) on a hardpoint node will toggle whether that hardpoint is to be 'active' or not under the current control group (colors and opacity indicate whether the hardpoint is active).  The group will remember these toggles, so that when you switch between groups, they'll be preserved.  Simple!  The number of available control groups can easily be changed as a setting.

It's also worth mentioning that the hexagonal lattice layout of the hardpoints is due to a new layout widget implemented this week.  The reason I mention is because I'm quite excited to use these lattices in other places.  They're ultra space-efficient, but, more than that, I'm seriously impressed by how good they look with comparatively-few frills (compared to a square lattice, for example.)  Practical and attractive?  Now that's a layout I could fall in love with...!

On-the-Fly HUD Customization

It's nice to finally have some stuff populating the HUD, but no doubt we're all going to have our own opinions of what should go where and how big it should be.  In fact, your answer will almost certainly depend on the role(s) that you choose to pursue in game.  For this reason, I created a simple and easy mechanism to allow players to customize their HUD without ever leaving the game.  By toggling the HUD's "Edit Mode," HUD widgets will be converted into their proxy 'containers' -- big rectangles -- which can then be repositioned, resized, and (in the future) disabled and reconfigured.

This means that a single touch of a button turns this...

HUD #1
HUD #1

Into this!

HUD #1 Edit Mode
HUD #1 Edit Mode

From here, we can literally just drag or shift-drag (to resize) these boxes and place them however we like.  There's a grid-snap key as well.  In no time at all we can have something like this...

HUD #2 Edit Mode
HUD #2 Edit Mode

And now just say the magic word (key) and we get...

HUD #2
HUD #2

Try tabbing between the first and last images at full-res so you can see the difference!  Naturally, more extreme examples are also possible...

I'm very serious about exploration.  VERY SERIOUS.
I'm very serious about exploration. VERY SERIOUS.

In the future, I'd love to add the ability to individually configure each widget (see those gear buttons in edit mode? Some day...).  It'd be fantastic to be able to choose the behavior of your minimap, resolution of your scanner preview, shape of your center reticle, etc. all without ever having to leave the HUD (well, in edit mode).  But for now, the point is already accomplished -- to give the player some power over that functionality!  To let them feel and take control over what LT has to offer.  Between having more content available to access from the HUD as you roam around, and having much more power to shape it, there's quite a difference in the feeling of game tactility between last week and today.

Now then!  RTB is a merciless companion, so if you'll excuse me, I've got to barrel right on through into the next one.  Please feel free to critique the RTB style or make suggestions if the format isn't doing it for you.  But also keep in mind that I'm just starting to figure this out...I'm sure the process will get more entertaining :)  From my end, though, this first week of testing the RTB ideology worked out really well!  Less stress than a monthly video, but, hour-for-hour, I'd say a fair bit more productive as well.  I remain very optimistic about this road :D

See you next week!


PS ~ I'm aware that the green health indicator on the side of the reticle sorta sticks out like a sore thumb in terms of color right now :T

LT in 2015 & The Road to the Beta!

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

Hello there good people of space sim fandom! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!! :D I hope everyone's had a great holiday season.

As we wave goodbye to 2014 and enter into the new year, I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce and explain the (major) shift in LT's dev / update process that I'll be rolling out at the beginning of 2015. In the process, I'll also be explaining the status of the beta and what we're going to do about it. This one's gonna be a rather lengthy bit of text, but I've got a lot to please bear with me!

The Beta: First it's Going to Hurt, Then it's Going to Get Better...

First up, as you all have surely noticed, late 2014 has come and gone with no sign of a beta being released to KS backers. Not good. The simple but honest truth is that the game isn't ready for beta yet. Despite my constant work on it, there remains quite a bit to do (mostly in terms of gameplay implementation) before LT can enter beta. It's not for lack of trying, either. I could get a lot more specific about this failure, but I think the more helpful question to be asking right now is not WHY we don't have a beta yet, but rather, WHAT are we going to do to fix that.

Having already been through two major delays, shifting dates simply isn't going to cut it anymore. Something must change, and that something needs to be more than the target beta release date. You guys are (I think) itching for the beta. I, more than anyone, am itching to get LT 1.0 in your hands. For this reason, I've decided that it's time to take action and shift gears. It's time to finish this game. And that's what this development shift is all about :)

Introducing Limit Theory: Road to The Beta!

Starting in January 2015, the monthly updates are going to be replaced with a new update series called "Limit Theory: Road to the Beta" (RTB).  RTB will be a weekly development digest, comprising text, images, and (optionally) small videos. In terms of medium, it's essentially a blend between the dev logs and the monthly update, taking the best of both worlds. You get some description, you get some visuals, and (sometimes) you get some in-game demonstrations.

But, critically, RTB isn't just a change in update granularity. It's a change in focus. With the dev logs and the monthly updates, the focus has always been to show what was done in a given time period. With the new RTB update series, however, the focus of each weekly entry is going to be very simple and very clear: demonstrate to you all, on a weekly basis, that LT has made a significant step toward completion (and beta release). Put differently, whereas the reaction to a devlog / monthly update might have been "yes, this work looks nice," I will strive for the reaction to each RTB entry to be more along the lines of "wow, yes, this makes LT more of a complete, playable game!" Tweaks, graphical enhancements, tech advancements, etc. will not cut it. With the RTB development focus, I will be looking for and pushing to achieve tangible completion of game features and content each week.

Despite the fact that the project's timeline is stretching longer than any of us would have liked, I do feel that things are starting to align in a nice way at this point. In particular, it feels like RTB is coming at the perfect time! In the past few months we've undergone the shift to fast, LTSL-based development. Last month, in particular, we saw a wealth of actual 'stuff' being implemented and iterated on in LTSL. Moreover, the tech level of the LT engine is at an all-time high, and, on the whole, more than capable of supporting the beta and 1.0. I wouldn't have been comfortable saying this only a few months ago. But now, I can say with conviction that it's time for the home stretch. It's time to focus all firepower on the deflector shield genera---uhh, I mean, on the completion of Limit Theory the game.

Now, returning to the format of RTB, I'll elaborate on the aforementioned "optional small videos." Video content in RTB is going to be handled quite differently from the usual monthly videos. Rather than simply show what was done each week, RTB videos are only going to happen when I have a feature to show off that's best conveyed with in-game demonstration. Hence, these videos are to be small (5-10 minutes), tightly-focused videos that demonstrate the (singular) feature in question -- no more, no less. Again, in keeping with the overarching theme of RTB, the idea is to demonstrate game functionality / content.

On top of being a more focused development / update ideology, RTB will also help me to remain mentally-sane by removing the 'update anxiety' that has crept up over the past few months. In RTB, there is no pressure to beat the last entry, no time for last-minute content (since it's weekly), no question of whether the entry is a success or failure. There's simply the need to demonstrate game content, end of story. It's likely that some (hopefully few) entries will indeed be failures in terms of being able to make us say "LT is significantly closer to completion!" But so be it. Such will be the harsh yet efficient nature of the RTB dev process. Game content, and game content alone, is the success metric.

In summary, RTB is all about getting LT finished and in your hands. It's about sculpting all the tech and gameplay theory that already exists into a final melange of usable, enjoyable features.

Cool, but When is The Beta?

Indeed, that's a lot of talk about Road to the Beta, but I'm guessing it hasn't slipped your mind that, amidst said talk, there was nary a date mentioned. What gives?

Well, the official release date of the Beta is, as of now, "as soon as humanly possible." What this means is that, if tomorrow I miraculously wake up with 10x as many neurons and am able to implement every remaining facet of LT in a casual 8 hours, then the Beta comes out in two days. Yes, you could rightfully point out that it's an awfully fancy way of saying "when it's done" -- but I hope that you all can see that it's more genuine than that. The truth is, I can't put a date on it with confidence (let's face it, I'm new to this and, thus far, have been pretty awful with dates). But what I CAN do is what RTB promises to do: shift the focus entirely to game completion, and show you that we're moving significantly closer to that unknown date every week.  I still do have every intention of hitting early 2015, but, like I said, I'm not going to get more specific about dates.

The Road Beginneth on the Fourteenth Day.

Hopefully at this point you're all starting to warm up to the idea of some juicy, game-content-focused weekly development imagery, and are asking when exactly this RTB train is going to hit the rails!

I've decided that I'm going to take the first week of 2015 to do some final planning, preparation, and mind-focusing. I'll be getting everything ready for the start of this intense (but exciting!) journey toward the completion of LT. As such, the RTB development process and ideology will officially commence on January 7. That puts our first Road to the Beta entry at January 14!


Wow. That was really a lot of writing. I do hope I haven't bored you all, but I really wanted to do justice to the reasoning behind RTB, what it means, how it addresses the current lack of beta, etc.

In closing, I'd like to invite you all to share your comments, concerns, or suggestions surrounding RTB and the beta plan either in the comments below or the forums. I'm eager to try this puppy out and see how you all like it (and how it speeds up the coming of the beta), but in the mean time, I'll be equally-eager to hear what you think about it!

Happy New Year from Limit Theory!

That was a lot of dull text, am I right?  If you managed to wade through it, you really do deserve a medal.  But I don't have medals to send out at the moment, so instead, please accept some festive LT screenshots!  Behold: the inhabitants of the Limit Theory universes are currently celebrating the New Year in style after a remarkable research breakthrough in astrofireworks technology!

How these colorful, spaceborne fireworks manage to pull themselves downward on a universally-aligned vertical axis remains a baffling mystery to top physicists. Regardless, as one particularly-eloquent researcher put it, "physics be ****ed, they're sparkly and that's all that matters." An 'opportunist' (who refused to be named) also commented that "if you pop two big rounds on either side of a cargo ship, nine times out of ten they'll be too blind to notice a transfer beam cutting through the hull."  Delightful!  What better way to celebrate the New Year than with a festive bit of thievery!

Party in the LTverse!
Party in the LTverse!
Party in the LTverse!
Party in the LTverse!
Party in the LTverse!
Party in the LTverse!

Well, that about does it! See you all on January 14...and until then, see you on the forums :) Happy New Year!


Development Update #21

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

*Sigh* Well, when I said updates aren't going to come out *exactly* at the end of the month, 1.3 months later is not what I had in mind x_x  Really am sorry about taking so long on this one.  Luckily, I learn from mistakes and am planning to not repeat this one (see below!)  But.  Apologies aren't what you guys came here for, am I right? :)

The Video.

The last one was 36 minutes, you say?  Hah.  Child's play, I tell you!  Come now, have a taste of a real man's video -- update #21 -- standing proud at 37 minutes!  Honestly, I put a lot of love into this one (if you read the devlogs, you know that it was actually way too much love, in terms of hours...).  Really do hope you all enjoy it!

Octember has Arrived!

The Summary.

To say that these two months can be summed up in a few pictures (or even a 37-minute video) makes my mind shed a small tear in honor of all the hours of work that will necessarily go unrecognized.  Nonetheless, I'll present a few of the highlights below, as usual!  Click to view full-resolution versions.

General Market / Trade Interface
General Market / Trade Interface
Planetary Rings!
Planetary Rings!
Warp Nodes & Warp Rails: Fast Travel in LT
Warp Nodes & Warp Rails: Fast Travel in LT

Future Updates & Retrospective

Ok, so when I say 'put a lot of love' into this one, what I actually mean to say is...I spent way too much time, and stressed myself out way too much over it.  It was dramatic.  There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth (of course, it was all one-sided, as I was gnashing teeth at myself, but it was scary nonetheless :P).

Clearly, the idea that I had last month about releasing an update video 'near the end of the month' did not work.  A flexible video date ended up bringing it 43 days late and still didn't save me any stress, nor did it save the community from update anxiety.  So let's just call that one what it is: a failure of an idea!

Now, that being said, something still needs to be done.  Update videos are becoming more and more of a tricky affair each month, and this problem must be contained!  Luckily, I have an idea for shifting the nature of the dev updates that I believe will make us all happy, while simultaneously reducing the stress surrounding them.

I'm not actually going to reveal that idea yet, because I need a bit of time to prepare for it and make sure I'm taking the best approach.  But I said all this to let you all know: change is in the Limit Theory air (for the better!), and I'll be in touch soon (likely a week or two) to explain exactly how I'm going to reform the dev process for the better!

In the mean time, thank you all for your support.  I've really gotten a lot of kind words and encouragement from the community lately that have helped me get through the stress without losing (too much) perspective.  You guys are the best! :)