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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
5,449 backers pledged $187,865 to help bring this project to life.

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Gameplay Preview

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)
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Hi everyone!  It's incredible that we're going to be funded in under a week from launch.  I felt that it just wouldn't be right if LT got funded before I even had a chance to put out a content I've put together a quick gameplay preview for you today.

There's nothing particularly new here, but I figured you might enjoy watching a bit more gameplay to get a better sense of how the game will feel.  I also really like this star system, so I wanted to show off the graphics ;)  I just got back to school where my primary dev machine is, so I'll be working hard to try to show you some brand new stuff in the near future.

Be sure to watch in HD 1080p!

(Sorry that it's a link, for some reason KS would not let me embed it...)

A Few Remarks Concerning the Demo

  • The background music is a work-in-progress.  It's just an "idea" loop, not a fleshed-out composition.  Still, I think you can get a sense of the kind of feeling that I'm going for with the LT soundtrack.  Ambient, electronic, and minimalistic.  I think that's the right way to explore space :)
  • The cursor (the tiny white cross) is placeholder, and will be replaced with something more appealing
  • There's no HUD yet.  Sorry!
  • At the very end of the video, you might notice that the explosion caused by the large ship's pulse hitting the small ship is a bit odd, and flies off at an alarming velocity.  Indeed, I need to fix it, there's just a small mistake in calculating the explosion velocity.  Sorry about that :)
  • The turrets are very rough placeholders (they're just boxes...). Will upgrade them soon!  But I wanted to include them so that you can see how they work, i.e., that ships will have fully-functioning, tracking turrets.

A Few Remarks Concerning Me

In the beginning, I think I was doing a good job of staying on top of everything.  However, Limit Theory has received a lot more attention than I had initially anticipated, and is generating a lot more time-consuming work for me.  Much to my chagrin, I've fallen behind on responding to emails, private messages and forum posts.  I sincerely apologize, and I hope that you all can be patient with me as I try to manage the heap of incoming communications, while simultaneously attempting to finish homework and code new content for future updates.  Your patience is appreciated :)

A Few More Badges

Since there weren't too many to choose from in the first update and I'm seeing a lot of people using the same one, I'll keep releasing more so as to diversify your options. And you can use it as a way to prove that you've been following the updates!

In closing, I'd like to extend infinite thanks (what is it with me and infinity!?) for all the incredible support and positive feedback that I've received from you all!  I'm so excited that this game is going to be a reality, and, more importantly, that I'm going to get to play it!!!


Black Friday Deals

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)
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Well fellow Limit Theorists, Black Friday has finally rolled around. In celebration of both the day as well as our extraordinary performance so far - 40% at the time of writing - I'd like to present to you a few new tiers that you all have been requesting.

A significant number of LT backers have expressed interest in acquiring access to the BETA at a lower price, possibly circumventing the "Hitchhiker's" equipment in order to do so.  In the spirit of the day, I am offering the Black Friday BETA, a discounted BETA access tier. At this tier, you will forego the maps and guides, but will still have a copy of the game, a digital download of the soundtrack, and access to the closed BETA. In my opinion, it's a pretty awesome deal!

I've decided not to offer a lower tier for the prototypes, as that's still something that I'd like to keep relatively exclusive, especially considering the fact that the release of the prototype is rapidly approaching. I hope you'll be satisfied with BETA access!

In addition, I've had several requests for a double-download digital tier. I didn't include such a thing in the initial launch, because I was skeptical that anyone would want it. But, since people have expressed interest, I will present to you the Black Friday BuddyPack, a double-download tier at the price of two early birds!

Here's a summary of the two new Black Friday tiers:

$30 ~ Black Friday BuddyPack

Give the gift of infinity this holiday season, and treat your friend to a limitless expanse of open space to explore! Includes TWO digital, DRM-free copies of Limit Theory.

$45 ~ Black Friday BETA

Yeah, you're hardcore. You like making your own way. You don't need maps or guides to navigate the infinite universe. But what you DO need is early access. With a BETA key in hand, you'll be fighting, trading, negotiating, and dominating, well before the public gets to do so. Of course, you'll also get a download of the game, as well as a digital download of the full soundtrack.

If you have more suggestions for Black Friday deals that you'd like to see, speak up, and let your voice be heard!

Stretch Goal Voting

As you are probably aware, the first stretch goal has already been announced at $75K and will include an in-game ship and station editor so that you can actually build your ships and stations from scratch.  What you may not know, however, is that we've already started discussing what kinds of goals people would like to see beyond this on the forums.  To weigh in, please visit and vote!  Note that you don't have to be a registered forum member to vote, so it's really no hassle at all and will only take you a few seconds!

Media Coverage

If you're interested, LT has already found its way into several media streams, despite the fact that I have not actively reached out to any media yet!  Either we have really, really enthusiastic supporters who are doing the PR work for me, or LT is just infectious...or both! ;)

I'm not really sure what that last one has to say but...looks good?  If you find anything else, let me know, I'm interested to see where Limit Theory pops up!


I'm no pro at social media, but I'm pretty sure that Reddit is a great way to get the word out about cool things.  One of our loyal backers posted Limit Theory on Reddit, and I encourage you to up-vote it if you have an account!

It'll just get that many more eyes on LT, hence, that much more of a chance that you'll get that ship/station editor.

Final Words

I've been absolutely stunned at the progress we've made so far.  You guys are awesome, and I think it's pretty clear that my dream is going to be coming true.  Wow.  Thank you so, so much.  I can't wait to put Limit Theory in your hands :)

I also can't wait to put more development content updates in your hands, which, rest assured, will be happening early next week as soon as I get back to school where I have my main development machine!

Thanks and keep spreading the Limit Theory Love!


Badges, Banners, and a Budget

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)
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First of all, I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who has already taken the time to check out Limit Theory and, whether you've backed or not, I appreciate you taking a peek!

As far as funding goes, I would say that we've done quite well in the first 24 hours, especially given that, when the project was launched, I had almost no way of getting the word out. I think this will result in a funding curve that, hopefully, will decline significantly less rapidly than usual. Usually there's quite a large burst of excitement at the beginning, and then a slow trickle after that. But with many people still being unaware of LT, I'm hopeful that we can craft a much more appealing curve :) 

Quick Facts about LT's First 24 Hours

  • 20% of total reached!  This is awesome, especially considering that LT is not a typical "start with a bang of publicity" project.
  • #6 on Kicktraq's hot seven!  That puts us on the front page of!  Awesome.
  • 300+ backers.
  • ~15% yield on backing.  In other words, about 3 out of every 20 people to watch the video choose to back.  I don't know much about what a typical yield is, but that sounds quite good to me!
  • Numerous helpful comments from you guys :)

Badges and Banners

Naturally, I don't have anything big to present yet in terms of updates.  But today I'd like to give you all a few trinkets to show your support for Limit Theory if you'd like to do so. I've got some backer badges, as well as some forum-size banners.  Check out the badges:

If you don't like any of those, tell me and perhaps I can make more :) And here are the banners (which can be used for forum signatures, or wherever else..)

To use the badges, just right-click -> Save As, then upload them as your Kickstarter profile picture.  To use the banners, link one of the following images in your forum signature:

(Those are listed in the same order that the images are displayed above)


I've gotten several questions about how the funds will be used, and that's definitely a fair question, since I failed to address it in the video or the project description.  But I'd like to clarify that, and present you with a detailed budget for how the $50,000 target will be allocated:

$20K Living Expense ~ I'm going to need support for the year that I'm taking off from college in order to develop LT. $20K will be enough to cover all of my living expenses for at least a year and a half, should I need to extend the development process.

$10K Backer Rewards ~ Well, of course I need to deliver on those pledges! At first I was budgeting about 20% for rewards and calculating tier costs accordingly, but, with so many people springing for digital-only rewards, this cost may end up being significantly less than anticipated. If that's the case, the extra budget from here will spill over to the "Everything Else" pool.  

$5K KS / Amazon's Cut ~ Can't really avoid this one!  

$5K Sound Design and Assets ~ Obviously LT has very few artist-created assets due to the procedural technology, but sound effects and music are both going to be artist-created. I will be composing the music myself (more to come on that in the future!), but will need to hire someone for the SFX. I've also put "and Assets" just in case any asset-related costs arise that I have not  foreseen.  But, for the moment, I'm fairly sure that all I will need are sound effects.

$5K Development Equipment ~ Unfortunately, I do need some new equipment. In particular, I will need to replace my laptop with one that is suitable for serious development. In addition, I would like to purchase an Oculus Rift dev kit, in the hopes of including Rift support in LT. Finally, I will also need to purchase a Mac-based machine so that I can work on porting.

$5K Everything Else ~ I add this both because $45,000 is a rather awkward budget, but also because one never knows what costs might arise.  In particular, costs associated with deployment and website maintenance would fall into this category.

Overall, I think it's quite a lean budget, and I'm very much looking forward to proving that $50K is all it takes to build a game like Limit Theory!

Future Updates

As for future updates, I have loads of ideas that I would like to share, and lots of gameplay that I want to prototype for you all. The scary part is that, unlike some projects, I have not prepared any updates anything that I post will have to be completely new content created since launch. That's both scary and exciting at the same

Better get back to coding ;)

Thanks again to everyone!  Hope to see you in the comments section and on!