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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
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The Forever-Lost Development Update of August 2014 :/

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

Guys, it makes me unimaginably sad to write this, but I feel deeply that it's the right choice at this point.

Having worked for an extra week to give this month's update the sparkle it deserves, only to run into some ridiculous issues over the last three days that have driven me out of my mind, I'm just going to have to admit that it'd be a wiser choice to pass on this month's update, collect and return myself to a state of sanity, and continue August's work through to September.

I'm sure you're probably all disappointed about that decision, but please believe me when I say that I'm orders of magnitude more sad about it.  The monthly update has been a staple of LT's development process, but I need to step back and recognize that a staple is of value only so long as it serves the underlying purpose (in this case, to show beautiful progress), and I can't bring myself to put out a lackluster update.

It's not lost on me that this paradigm of promising more goodies for more lateness has had a somewhat-fractal recurrence in LT's development, but all I can ask is that you give me the chance to show how it can all add up to something beautiful (hopefully those of you who got to play the prototype will agree that it was worth it?)

Yeah, that's a cryptic way of saying: I'll bring the goods next month ;)

Thanks so much and...stay sane without your monthly hit -- I recommend staying hydrated :)

<3 Josh

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    1. Missing avatar

      coder1000 on

      Behind you a thousand percent Josh! I can't believe the updates you give, they are stellar! (Literally!) It's perfectly reasonable to sacrifice there when the game is the focus. Dying to know what this issue was and your various approaches on it; I'll have to go back and read your dev logs. I'm only mad about what I've said before, not subscribing at a higher level! I'll be kicking myself ....

    2. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      Even this update is better than a lot of games on KS which don't let you know when there are drawbacks etc. You've established a history of solid productivity, and now you're letting us know when things are going rough.

      You may not have posted a video, but this IS the update, and I for one am very appreciative.

      Keep up the good work!

    3. GreenDragon on


      You are already the stuff of legends. I'm enjoying the ride. I hope you keep us up to date on all your future projects too. I expect great things from you and I will of course be bragging that I was one of your first backers. This is your first commercial project and it's already insanely cool. Maybe you could give a pep talk to the guys over at Stardock. I want to see your kind of technology in Sins 2. May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless you always. :)

    4. Jan Seidler on

      I want to express my highest respect for this project. It is insane what such a tiny "team" can accomplish and how far you came. Compared to all these "early access"-lies out there, your progress every month was and is clearly visible. I know companies that would need an entire month just to produce the monthly videos you make on the side.

      As for the comment below mine: is there any specific reason why you are so rude, Patrick? Any clue about software development in general or game development specifically? - Also you may want to spend less time flaming Josh but spend some time reading the small print of Kickstarter. You didn't BUY anything, you didn't INVEST in anything, and nobody owes you ANYTHING. You chose to back a very promising project of an extremely talented developer and nice guy, so lean back and look forward to when it's done. We don't need publisher-like whining here to force a developer to release a game prematurely. You have that everywhere else in the industry already.

      Personally, if I was you, Josh, I'd simply announce that the game will not be done in 2015. Period. If it then arrives summer 2014, everybody will be delighted, but no matter what people will stop expecting it will be anytime really soon. The game is much bigger and already nicer and way sexier than anybody (except Josh) could have anticipated before, so give him a break. I rather take THIS game (well finished) than the game I expected when I first backed it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Patrick Rochefort on

      Sorry, but I'm going the other way with this. Estimated delivery was January 2014. While I appreciate both stretch goals and the inevitable project creep pushed that back a ways, we're over seven months past delivery and we still don't have a game to play.

      Josh, it's time to wrap this project up and deliver it. Additional content can always come later, especially if the procedural stuff is paying out the way you anticipate.

      And while I know it's nice to have the echo chamber of encouragement that Kickstarter comments generally offer, we paid you our money to *deliver a game*.

      And on that we're still waiting.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brett on

      You sir, have a flair for the (over)dramatic. Your first line made me think you were going to scrap Limit Theory entirely.

      Anyway, don't worry about a monthly update if it's going to slow you down. It's nice to have, sure, but far from an absolute requirement. You're not going to do anyone any good if you are bashing your head into a wall to resolve this problem.

      Take a step back, think about something else for awhile, and come back from a different perspective.

      Don't worry. We'll all be here next month. Oh! Maybe in next month's update you can devote a little time on what exactly this problem was, and how you resolved it. I'd like to hear about it.

    7. Andrey Schour on

      Go and get some sleep, dammit! :)
      No worries, Josh, we can wait.

    8. Andrew Winter ( on

      Crikey, the first line does sound a lot like you was throwing the towel in.

      A month will pass quickly, and it will be all the more sweet to hear further progress.

      Hope you squash the bugs and figure out your coding issues. I find two things help with coding conundrums -

      #1 thinking on the toilet (yes weird, but true, I have solved more coding problems while.... lets just call it 'meditating' on the pan.)

      #2 don't run yourself into the ground. Sleep is your brain's defrag time. And your brain needs to defrag daily! min 7 hours +

    9. Remy pivois on

      I now it's not a comparison to be based on, but I've so many kickstarter that gave me no progression update, or too many unusfull one... or have just miserably failed, that from my perspective you don't have to blame yourself. As I said already on your vids comments section, your monthly updates give me joy an hope, to share this experience with you. and the way you transmit all your passion and dedication to us is great! so don't mourn and with all our support give your best ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      David Bond on

      For a minute there you had me thinking you were going to give up completely! You don't need to be so sad about missing a monthly update! :-)

    11. Daniel Persson on

      I'm going to miss your smooth voice and dazzling excitement :)
      As a developer I know the feeling when you start to rework something and find a bug that you didn't expect. Or an asset you weren't satisfied with. You can't see the rest above this single fault.

      What you've achieved in only a year some people don't do in a lifetime. Give yourself a break and lift your eyes. Delimit your workflow to the most important stuff and keep at it. As I use to say. I'm blessed with the fact that I work with my hobby. But working isn't fun when a deadline is more important than the actual result.

    12. Christoph Wassermann on

      This is the right decision, don't stretch yourself too thin. Looking forward to the next update.

    13. Missing avatar


      No worries, Josh! Your updates have been fantastic, and I wouldn't want you to put out a video that you weren't satisfied with. I'm sure the next one will be well worth the wait!

    14. Mark Newcombe on

      Arrggghhhh, I have to grammar nazi my own post.

      I deserve no LT update this month ;-)

    15. Mark Newcombe on

      Josh, out of hundreds you have indeed been one of the best Indie developers to follow.
      You amaze me on a monthly basis & I'm stunned that you haven't hit a massive roadblock before now.

      From that first line I thought you'd got yourself an unrecoverable failure, alien life form ate all instances of LT, found you only had a week to live etc etc, frankly it's a relief to find out your actually human and the LT update has just hit a road bump.

      See you next month, bring goodies and don't forget to breath.

      Thanks for being a great Indie Dev!

    16. Missing avatar

      Scabmastah on

      Josh, you give us daily updates on development where others give monthly. In a month you achieve what most indie development teams could optimistically achieve in 3 months. I think if you analysed yourself in relation to others in your field rather than to your own expectations you'd come out pretty impressed with yourself :)

    17. Richard Parkins on

      As long as you keep moving forward its all good. Cant wait to play it....

    18. E. G. on

      It's cool, don't burn yourself out!

    19. Paul B on

      Yup, that first paragraph did me too... ;)

      World exclusive - Josh Parnell is human!

      Your support post Kickstarter has been outstanding, and if you say it's not update worthy, that's fine.

      Next month I will expect virtual cookies with my update naturally....;)

    20. Jörn Huxhorn

      lol, that first paragraph...

      Totally fine with this. You more than deserved that holiday break.

    21. Darkfrost LC on

      No problems Josh, Following your development has been more worth wild than any of the other Kickstarter/indiegogo projects I've backed. Thank you for your continued diligence to outstanding content.

    22. Steven Taylor on

      It's actually cool that you're finally proving yourself human, and fallible. Quite frankly, your monthly progress reports have been so fantastic that I've been feeling the effects in real life. People no longer seem real or interactive enough, food has no flavour, and just looking about, there's no particle dust, no lens flare, no lustre.

      This break could be just what you and I need. But call me?

    23. MellowTigger on

      I've spent a decade as a programmer (mainframe, long ago), and I'm always happy to support deadlines of "when it's ready" rather than calendar appointments. Get some rest, and don't burn out!

    24. Andrea Villa on

      I'll probably be the only dick here, but I must say, I'm ok with no video update this month, but at least a text one would have been nice. For those who don't follow the frankly verbose forum posts.

    25. Sylvain Antoine on

      Don't Worry Josh, we know you now and we know it was a necessity! Next month will be amazing thank's to YOUR awesome job! Keep it going and don't worry! =)

    26. darker70 on

      Dunna worry Josh we all know you are a perfectionist and I think we would like to see as in the past an update surpass the next so recharge your batteries and on the next update just knock one out of the park as usual ;-)

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Kervina on

      Add me to the list of people who are totally cool with waiting for an update, but had to get my heart pills when I read the opening line.

      (Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but...)

    28. Missing avatar

      Barry Drennan on

      It only seems reasonable that an update would get missed every now and then. And after 19 monthly updates on time every time, and with great progress being made in each update, one could only come to the conclusion that you're about due!

      Besides, two things should be clear at this point: One, it's about time for a bug hunt - it had to happen eventually, so some of it might as well happen right now. Perhaps not exactly glorious in terms of making an update video, but it's a necessity (Introversion took a month to squash bugs in Prison Architect recently, and they skipped their monthly update video then, too). And two, you've got the dev logs to keep you honest!

    29. Missing avatar

      NeuroPAW on

      no worries, as long as you keep up the communication. your kickstarter has by far been one of the most satisfying ones that I've backed. just keep that ball rolling =)

    30. Missing avatar

      Mike L

      Disappointed with the problems, not with the decision. Keep up the good work!

    31. Adam Jorgensen on

      The updates are nice but I wouldn't consider them essential. Sometimes you just have to crunch on a code project and worry about the extras later :-)

    32. Missing avatar

      Duke Nasty VI on

      No problem!

      Looking forward to next month's update :)

    33. Missing avatar

      sheng on

      o7 stay sane josh, you've more then earned a missed update or two.
      Good luck!

    34. Epic Leather on

      Dont scare us like that. The way it was worded I thought the game was being scraped for a moment lol. No worries, like anything in life curveballs and delays are bound to happen, dont stress yourself too much and keep on keeping on.

    35. Missing avatar

      Gerald Koll on

      But I need my fix!
      Somebody give me something, please.
      A meteor shower, c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate, a mining ship reflecting light of a distant sun, anything...


    36. Sam on

      Take your time. Seriously, your past year of updates have more than earned a single missed one, just as a one-man team you've been putting other games I've Kickstarted to shame.

    37. Nick Ludlam on

      "Stay sane without your monthly hit."

      You too, Josh! Your adoring public can wait.

    38. Tom de Simone on

      All projects have rough patches. You're doing phenomenally well by anyone's standard - don't be so hard on yourself! We know you'll come good in the end :)

    39. Chris Bla Keks on

      Don't push yourself too much, take your time!

    40. Missing avatar

      Jamie Mason on

      Shame, your monthly updates are genuinely fantastic and something of a gold standard when it comes to Kickstarter devs talking to their backers. Looking forward to next month's!

    41. Chris on

      Take your time, Josh :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Steve Baines on

      As Jedra said, 'an update to say there is no update is still an update'. I'm perfectly happy with that.

      But the way you worded it, I too thought you were announcing the death of the project at first.

    43. Missing avatar

      Arend Stührmann on

      You've been consistently amazing not only myself but the many colleagues I've shown your updates to. What you have produced to date, on your own, is simply astounding and as far as I'm concerned you would be within your rights to tell us that you're taking three months off to recharge. The fact that you've not done so and in fact are still so committed to this project speaks volumes about you as a person. Chip away at the issues blocking your path and show us whatever you want to show whenever you feel ready. I and many others will be patiently waiting.

    44. James Gemmell on

      Go Josh! I think this community understands how hard you are working on this game. Keep up the great work, we support you 100%!

    45. Jedra7609

      Crickey man, you scared the life out of me when I read the first few words - I thought you were going to cancel the whole thing!

      Rest assured, an update to say there is no update is still an update!

    46. Missing avatar

      Daniel Smith on

      im sure we can all wait another month for you to blow our minds :P

    47. Ryan Carey on

      No worries Josh.
      You are doing an awesome job!
      Take care of yourself.

    48. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      As a developed, I'd rather you spent time fixing bugs, adding features, than showing me how cool it's going to be....

      Cause, it's not like I've got a brand new 2gigs of DDR5 video RAM Sapphire R9 270 sitting there, waiting patiently to see JUST HOW COOL THIS IS GOING TO BE...

      Seriously, keep up the good work... Squash some bugs and build us something cool!

    49. Josh Parnell Creator on

      Oh goodness, I never considered that reading the first three words might induce a heart attack ._. My bad!!!

      @John - Too far in to ever go back at this point. #LTisLife :p

    50. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the status update. Additionally, delays/extensions do happen and you've been great about keeping us all aware of just where things stand as well as showcasing some amazing work. No worries from my side of things, I guess I'm trying to say.