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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
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Development Update #15: March 2014

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

Someone great once said "if you're going to be late, at least bring presents."  Or maybe I just made that up.  Either way, I'm late, and I brought presents.  Make of it what you will!!

Real Video.

Seems all I get to talk about these days is how much (loving) pain goes into the creation of these puppies!  Well...this one breaks all records, because, as you probably know, I spent two more days than usual preparing the content for this video, as well as the now-standard YouTube-being-a-bully day :)

I really hope you like this one.  I feel...almost...emotionally attached to it.  It's like a baby.  A baby Limit Theory!

Go See For Yourself!

Real Market.

A real, order-based market now lies at the heart of the economic activity in Limit Theory.  With the ever-powerful principles of supply and demand realistically driving the prices of resources at markets, we now have a reactive, living economy in which the changes affected by you and NPCs alike will have resonating effects on the whole of the economic equilibrium.  There is no smoke here, only reality.  Ignore it if you choose, but know that in understanding and learning to shape the market lies an incredible amount of raw power.  Don't let it go to your head >:]

Real Macro.

The introduction of 'big-picture' A.I. algorithms to assist NPCs in thinking about the world in broad strokes has brought March's universe to an all-time-high in terms of AI operation.  With the help of the market economy, we now see NPCs choosing how they will apply themselves to jobs and how that application will help them create that which they desire to create over time.

Real Management.

With NPC leaders who now understand concepts like project management and operational strategy, we're ready to see large-scale A.I. structures evolve in this universe.  Leaders will shape the very nature of the space in which you live...but whether you will ultimately come to work under them, in competition with them, or rule over them - well, as always, that will be up for you to decide.

March Retrospective

I just don't know what to say here.  March was amazing.

I can't possibly overstate how excited I am to watch the economy and NPC interactions continue to develop.  The first breaths of life are flowing through the LT let us watch what happens as we increase the size of the lungs, as we give the NPCs a richer toolset with which to build functionality, as we entangle the player in this web of interactions.  Let us watch as that infant universe grows more and more lively, as the markets grow deeper and the factions grow wider :)

Sincerely, thank you for making it all possible.


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    1. William

      WOW! You've accomplished great things recently! Awesome!

    2. Silver on

      Looking good, keep up the good work. :)

    3. Willem on

      Well, what can I say? BLOWN AWAY! Awesome work Josh. As someone who knows a thing or two about market economics, I must say that what you have simulated here is very close to the real thing. The fact that the market in LT is so intricately interwoven with the AI is what is impressive. Essentially you said 'AI, in the context of market interactions you have one goal: create positive value (however defined by you in the context of the game)’; then opposed to this single market goal of the AI you have the context of the creation of value, i.e. the limitations imposed on the AI (i.e. supply and demand); it is the interaction between these limitations and the goal (with a true distinction between ‘wanting goods and services’ and ‘wanting to create value’) that drives true emergent gameplay in LT and also true emergent (and partially unpredictable) phenomena of real world markets. Very impressive work Josh. And the fact that you as the player are governed by exactly the same rules in the game makes it awesome and as you mentioned: engrossing.

      Also: don't dumb it down; I know some have said it is too complex: I disagree. This is perfect and again very impressive. You can maybe touch up the UI if some find it a bit overwhelming, but I would actually say keep it as is; rather give more info on the UI than less; especially for an intricately designed market/trade system as this.

      LT just gets better and better and you just don't disappoint Josh: not just from a programming perspective, but also from a design perspective. To design and implement a simulation of markets such as this requires a good amount of knowledge on market economics and systems design. Brilliant work. So yeah, just blown away. This is awesome and I commend you on a job well done.

    4. Ryan Carey on

      I can't get over the work you are doing and how awesome limit theory is and will be.
      Keep up the great work.

    5. Bele on

      @David Snell, Chris Roberts took note back when he ran his kickstarter for Star Citizen.… @ ~1 minute.

    6. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, Josh! These have been a highlight of every month for me, and they're so vibrant and attention-grabbing than it feels like I just watched the last one a few days ago.

    7. David Snell on

      With the work you have pulled off I am surprised someone over at Star Citizen has not taken note... Have you applied?

    8. Mark Newcombe on

      Josh, you continue to amaze, month after month.

      Keep up the great work, LT has come a long way since 2012.

      Hats off to you buddy! Well done.

    9. El Boletaire Underave on

      Awesome! I love that trading complexity and how the graphs look.Can't wait for the beta version :B

    10. Goat Yoda on

      Nice. Very cool.

    11. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      Impressive, superb, and awesome presents Josh. A shame you didn't continue your story but I liked the graphs very much. :D

    12. J.L. on

      Impressive. (c:

      You're doing an outstanding job!

    13. Missing avatar

      Frbls on

      Amaizing job.
      Now take some rest or you will die from exhaustion soon !