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Update #27

Development Update #11: November 2013


Finally it arrives!  Hope you all are gearing up to enjoy the holiday season! :)

The Video.

Well...I do have to apologize this time, but it's on YouTube's behalf.  This video looked awfully good on my hard drive but...I'm afraid YT has pulled some rather brutal compression and left the colors in shambles (more so than usual).  Try to look past the nasty color quantization...that's not part of the game!!  Sorry, not sure what I could have done to mitigate that :(

At least I got the duration right this time!

Here's November for You!

One AI to Rule Them All.

A brand-new A.I. built from scratch promises even greater intelligence than before, and this time with a natural, fluid reactivity that unifies short-, mid-, and long-term reasoning capabilities.  Mining is just the beginning.  With parallel reasoning / multitasking already implemented and delegation well on the way, it's simply a matter of time before this code comes to rule over all men.

One UI to Rule Them All.

Fashioned from the embers of last month's data editor, a powerful new interface framework will pave the way to a beautiful, unified nodal interface.  From simplifying interface code by ~75% to offering ease-of-use for all input devices, to potentially babysitting the kids and putting out household fires, the nodal interface has, quite literally, promised us the world.

One VI to Rule them All

Decades old and yet still looking slick as a damp cardboard box, this text edito-....oh, wait, no, that's not relevant to LT.  Sorry...but I couldn't think of any other way to carry on the epic trend :3 Vi is as close as I could come :P

(And hey, you get to see what my life looks like 24/7!)

November Retrospective

In October I promised to reach deep into that A.I. bag and pull up a winner.  Only time will tell whether that's what's happened here, but I'm fairly certain it's the case.  With an artificial intelligence that can already think on it's feet, make long-term plans, and understand the nuances of performing multiple actions at once, we're well on our way to the vision of a living LT.  Granted, there's a lot of gameplay left to implement before we'll see the A.I. really taking advantage of this radiant universe.

But the content is secondary - you all know by now, the magic is in the algorithms.

Speaking of which - this year, for Christmas, I'd like an artificial intelligence that understands how to use subordinates and hire mercenaries to climb to regional dominance.  Is it too much to ask? :)


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    1. Silver.small

      Creator Silver on December 12

      Keep up the good work, everything's been very professional so far! :)

    2. Missing_small

      Creator Robert Silesius on December 6

      Amazing when a developer has the design sensibility to put something as tight as this together. I mean, that's some "programmer art" we're looking at! :)

    3. Missing_small

      Creator LadyBhaal on December 5

      This is amazing! I've been showing this to people and their jaws just drop as soon as you show that it's in 3D, and then their minds start ticking :) This is such an elegant interface. I agree with @Jörn Huxhorn that a way to jump between nodes of the same depth in different trees would be nice, though I can imagine a resource based view, which lists markets and their prices under that as a way of solving the particular example.

    4. Missing_small

      Creator Willie on December 5

      I for one am very keen on the node based system. I find it very intriguing and truth be told a possible defining feature of the game. I suggest that Josh explore this more and present to us in one of the future videos his implementation thereof dealing with UI features that usually involve "old school" lists (like browsing goods). I personally think, especially with the additional dimension of navigation, that this node system will be superior and more intriguing; you should showcase clear examples of the system for the backers Josh and try to make navigation of the node system non-sequential (if it is not already), i.e. the ability to "jump" from one plane to another instead of having to follow the data hierarchy (I am sure you will understand what I mean).

      Again...I am very impressed not just by what you have achieved thus far, but also that you keep an open mind and have the guts to try new things. This KickStarter project is one where I truly feel as if we all are there with you, corroborating on what is best for the game. Again, I feel that the potential of this interface (if people can just get past their prejudices of its novelty) is tremendous. Elaborate more on it in the next video, showcasing its implementations/problems and solutions from your side. I am excited for it! As always, keep up the great work Josh.

    5. Missing_small

      Creator Raymond Lee on December 5

      As others have said already, I'll have to add that I hope to see a business application for your nodal UI not just for developer work, but for end users in database systems. One problem we have in the systems we use (at least in advertising) is that the data and categorizations used get "buried" within the program and over time, turns into a hodge-podge mess because people have no idea what's in there (mix of human error and personnel attrition). A nodal view feels much more...elegant :P Sorry to deviate from game talk, but the UI does open up possibilities... :D

    6. Ing80_de.small

      Creator Gazz on December 4

      @ Jörn Huxhorn
      This is the "development console" UI, that is basically the data editor.

      In the "player" UI, elements will be grouped in more... useful ways. =)

    7. Special.small

      Creator S Lockett on December 4

      Very very nice, the ui looks incredible.

    8. Kickstarter_final3.small

      Creator MadJo on December 4

      @Anthony Migues, I doubt any of it will be voice acted, given the procedural nature of the environment. It's going to be pretty hard to account for all different variations the engine will come up with.

    9. Missing_small

      Creator Quinton Armarego on December 4

      Looks amazing, can't wait to get my hands on it.

    10. Missing_small

      Creator Colin Glover on December 4

      One day the UI will become known as the PI - Parnell Interface, as in "Nice as PI".

    11. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Stuart on December 4

      Using Vi just makes the development of this game even more awesome. :)

    12. Glajan.small

      Creator Oscar Norlander on December 4

      This update is amazing! The node ui is the best thing since sliced bread!

    13. Avatar1_syndicate_wars.small

      Creator TanC on December 3

      I'm pretty sure I let out a little yelp when I saw that the node interface was 3D. And another when I realised that later on it was the universe map I was looking at. :D

    14. Img_7606.small

      Creator Ethan on December 3

      It's looking incredible!

    15. Missing_small

      Creator Leonidas on December 3

      that's a neat looking UI.
      looking forward to seeing that in movies, when starships scan another ship. :-)
      I'm wondering if the AI might support.. something like 'paranoia' or a level that NPCs are willing to interact with the PC. ie. approach to work together vs. arming themselves or firing a warning shot if you approach to close to their claim.

    16. Kosh.small

      Creator Koshinator on December 3

      That UI is sexy as hell... How is it possibly that you're this talented? :P

      This game is shaping up to be even more than I'd hoped - you made a believer out of me.

    17. Missing_small

      Creator Sam Carton on December 3

      You've sold me on the UI - it looks amazing and intuitive. I can see it being useful not only in LT, and not only in other games, but in something like industrial data-vis systems also.
      Great work!

    18. 1316662592362.small

      Creator Anthony Migues on December 3

      So Josh, the estimated delivery date of the rewards is Jan. I know that is subject to change, but I'm just curious to how your handling all the rewards and what not. I hope it isn't overwhelming or anything.

      Also, this may have been answered at some time, but will characters be voice acted or will it be mainly text based? If voiced, will you do vocal try outs?

    19. Hinterland1.small

      Creator Ryan Carey on December 3


    20. Epicchao546.small

      Creator Jörn Huxhorn on December 3

      Woah... I think that's the first UI I've ever seen that looks both usable and totally Hollywood.
      Sexy. Very, very sexy.

      The current implementation may be suboptimal for jumping between similar things at different branches of the tree, e.g. the market interface of stations in different systems so it's possible to compare prices easily. I think something like a bookmark system is also desirable, as is a search function to search be name.

      I have zero doubts that you'll find another sexy solution for this and I'm curious how you will solve those issues. :)

    21. Kickstarter_final3.small

      Creator MadJo on December 3

      Btw, the admonishing for being lazy, that was just a joke. You're far from lazy, I absolutely admire your work ethic, and sometimes worry that you might end up getting burnt out on this project.

    22. Steam_avatar.small

      Creator spitfire_ch on December 3

      That's absolutely amazing - your next project should be a node-interface-based OS :)

      Maybe one suggestion: I can imagine that traveling from to top of the interface to some "deep nodes" may take some time. It would be cool if you could define (customizable) keyboard shortcuts to nodes that are often used.

    23. Kickstarter_final3.small

      Creator MadJo on December 3

      I was admonishing you for being lazy on the LimitTheory IRC chatroom, for not having uploaded the Youtube video yet, when the Kickstarter update pinged in my mailbox. So my apologies, even though you weren't there to hear my lamentation. :)

      I do not want this game anymore.

      Just kidding, I crave it!
      It's beautiful, and with the AI in the works, it promises to be a deep game. I can't believe that most of this is done by one person, you. I'm going to have to go broke to buy a new laptop, because for sure my old heap isn't going to be able to pull this game in its proper glory, but I want to play this game so bad, even in its current state, I'd love to fly around and tease the AI.

      Also I'm going to have to get a cat, so that the node interface has something to do while I play Limit Theory.

    24. Img_0460.small

      Creator Terra-Fy on December 3

      Great stuff. So when does the cat walking node interface become available :P.

    25. Missing_small

      Creator Will McMain on December 3

      The burning question I think we all have right now: just what vi plugins do you use?

    26. Icon3.small

      Creator Josh Parnell on December 3

      @Beat - Personally I prefer a dark look, but there will still likely be more lights in the future.

    27. Missing_small

      Creator Beat Wolf on December 3

      Could you add lights to the ship? I feel like too often it looks like a black shadow :(

    28. Icon3.small

      Creator Josh Parnell on December 3

      @The Arrow - Oh absolutely, pay them no mind, those are leftover from LTP :)

    29. Arrow.small

      Creator The Arrow on December 3

      Looking at that nodal screenshot, I would have to say that although it looks nice the name generator might need some work. :)

    30. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Justin Grubbs on December 3

      It sounds amazing, I can't wait to get off work to watch the video! Every one looks better than the last, and I am drooling for the final game!

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