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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
5,449 backers pledged $187,865 to help bring this project to life.

Development Update #10: October 2013

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

Boo!! :0

The Video.

Well shoot...I don't know how I let the time slip away from me like that.  Sorry, but this rather plump update video weighs in at just under 23 minutes....might want to grab a snack before you watch :P

I didn't realize how dark the system was when I was recording, so I recommend watching at full-screen!  It's not bad at all if you do so, but you might have trouble seeing what's going on if you watch on that tiny version.

Have a Look!!!

Grand Scales.

With the implementation of a full, double-precision-enabled rendering core, the LT Engine is now capable of handling distances and scale factors of truly-grand proportions.  For now, I've settled for 10x the old scales....but I'll leave the tweaking of that constant in your capable hands ;)

Full-Resolution Version

Grand Inventions.

With the conceptual foundation for the LT research mechanic in place and a tech tree widget on the way, it won't be long before the universe is alive with intellectual one-upsmanship!

Full-Resolution Version

Grand Tools.

Perhaps the LT engine's greatest technical achievement thus far is manifested in the LT data editor, a visual data viewing and editing tool that can take any piece of information in the engine, map it out structurally, and allow the user to traverse and modify it in real-time.  The beauty of the tool is not just that it makes for some cool eye candy - but also that it can allow easy editing of any of the in-game data types.  From a practical standpoint, this means that modding - at least data-based modding - will be as easy as loading data from external files that can then be edited easily in LTDE.

Full-Resolution Version

October Retrospective

Well folks, what can I say - sometimes when you reach into the old dev hat, you pull out a squirrel instead of a rabbit.  I was looking for more of an artificial intelligence rabbit this month, but I ended up pulling out a graphics-and-engine-tech squirrel.  Stuff happens :D  I gotta say, the engine has grown an immense amount in one month.  You can see some of that technology manifested in the data editor, but there's at least as much new tech that you can't see - and it's going to be hard at work helping me build the best game possible in less time and with less code.

On top of that, with the theory of research mechanics in place, I don't see how there can possibly be any more squirrels to get in the way.  So.  Who's up for another go at grabbing that A.I.?  I know I am ;)



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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      This is crazy good.

    2. Missing avatar

      Lorenz Jugel on

      Looking great, but Chromatic Aberration is my bane (along with motion blur). Spotting that option in the video kinda put a dampener on my enthusiasm for a few seconds. I know modern engine techies love to include that abominable effect in their engines for whatever reason, but I hope LT will use it sparingly, if at all.

      That data editor is a beauty, though.

    3. Colin Jones

      Super stoked. The minimalist UI design is really lovely, and that data editor is pure sex.

    4. Shane Schrupp on

      Wow. I'm having a hard time coming up with anything else to say besides "Wow". That data editor is incredible. I'm trying to imagine having something so cool when designing databases and other applications. I like my job now, but I think I'd have a hard time going home at the end of the day with something like that to use!

    5. Kahuna Kevin on

      @Josh This is kinda out there but any chance of a weapon or technology so advanced that it destroys a planet or starts a chain reaction that instantly turns one into a sun (think of the strategy implications here if an entire legion of enemy battleships is orbiting near a planet)? Alternatively being able to seed barren lifeless planets with water and other experimental organic life?

      Are there even suns in Limit Theory?

      Any ship technology that harvests heat and solar energy from nearby suns???

    6. Missing avatar

      David on

      Now we just need moons and more types of space vehicles!

    7. Kahuna Kevin on

      So glad I backed at the boxed level! I'm nearing (over?) 80 projects baked and this is bar none the best, most anticipated project! I wish there were weekly video updates but I understand that would cut into game coding.

    8. Fresh Produce on

      While i have growing doubt that the finished product of this project will appeal to me, I am consistently impressed by these updates and have no regrets about backing this.

    9. Willem on

      Awesome update, thank you Josh. Very impressed by both your technical skill as a programmer (especially at procedural and recursive algorithms) and increasingly by your actual gameplay design skill as well. I am speaking of the research tree and how brilliantly designed it is; it facilitates an intriguing (simple yet flexible) gameplay experience whilst also incorporating the core aspect of limit theory: procedural generation (though I am guessing that the procedural generation in the research tree will be a bit more toned down for balance and consistency reasons). This is the mark of very good game design; well done. Also: don't worry about the jump lanes; I for one approve of them and I feel that as the creator of this project, you must at the very least maintain some semblance of "artistic/creators right" to make a part of the game the way you want it, regardless of what some of the backers want; so don't sweat it.

      The graphics engine is also in a very impressive state with bloom support being very cool. And of course: that music! Love it. Kudos to the person doing the music.

      Finally, the data structures UI is indeed both aesthetically very pleasing (especially due the recursive nature of procedural generation) and highly functional: the best of both worlds; again brilliant work on that front.

      Overall, an awesome update; thank you Josh.

    10. Maarten Dijkstra on

      Amazing, as always. I think I enjoy the updates from LT more than any other project I backed, bar the doco's from the DoubleFine Adventure (Sorry Josh!)
      I just love how this is developing, how excited you get about it.. Can't wait to play this. Just wish I'd pledged for BETA! :( oh well.. ;)

    11. GVS on

      Josh, you are a marvel! I would love to support your next project too! (I'm assuming it'll probably be that visual dev language you were talking about in the daily logs earlier. Effin midas touch!

    12. Wilson Bilkovich on

      @Tom - Thanks, I will do that. I've backed enough games now that I can't really remember which ones have stood up forums haha

    13. Steven Langevin on

      Great work Josh! So happy to see your enthusiasm grow as the LT universe expands each month. Another exponential leap forward. I cannot wait for January.

    14. NobleBrutus on

      As always it looks fantastic!

    15. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Wilson Bilkovich, if you wish to engage Josh seriously, your best bet is to do it on the Limit Theory forums,

      On the forums, there are a lively discussions about coding and any number of other fields/interests.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stephen T. Robbins on

      I am very impressed and look forward to your continued progress. As grist for AI thoughts, may I offer this article:

    17. Paul B on Josh just invented game DNA...
      That modding tool is amazing!
      Keep up the good work sir! :-)

    18. Wilson Bilkovich on

      The data editor is very, very interesting, and is close to some things I have been working on, at the more general "programming languages and tools" level. Can you say a little more about it? What kinds of relationships in the data and code cause, say, two nodes in that screenshot to be further apart than two other ones? I assume the background lines are just eye candy at the moment, and not part of the visualization itself?

    19. Alpan Yıldırım on

      Even after so long, LT remains the one project I wish I had the foresight to pledge a greater amount to. I suppose I'll make it up to my conscience by buying many multiple copies of the game and spreading them among friends.

    20. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      Everything came together so well Josh. I am tempted to use the word awesome again but I promised you I wouldn't.. The LTDE is as gorgeous as I imagined it would be in motion. The scale is epic. The lanes need some really serious work now but you already know that. I'm just blown away by what I have just seen. Stunning.. Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      Martin Edelius on

      Hi Josh.

      Excellentwork, as always. :)

      Why not just change the opacity of the asteroids as they approach you? That should simulate them coming into view.

    22. draken34m on

      Ill take your data editor over a black text whilte background anyday. It looks like it will make it more fun and will give my brain whatever it needs while digging through data.

      Are there any plans to try to get the game to span multiple windows? I would love to be able to open up my menus and push them to another window. No worries if your not though you are already doing an increadable job.

    23. Styggron on

      Totally blown away Terra-Fy just said below this post.....every month you manage to AMAZE us. Fantastic update ! Utterly amazing ! I just love the look I love EVERYTHING about LT.

    24. Terra-Fy

      Every month you manage to surprise and delight with your amazing progress on this. I can't wait to play with LT myself :).

    25. Missing avatar

      abuelos84 on

      Awesome update is awesome...

    26. TanC on

      Also, if you're planning on making a new mobile OS with that data editor interface by all means do that. I've fallen in love with it! :D

    27. TanC on

      OMG. Dat Interface. Dat scale. Dat tech tree. WHOA! Dat data editor!

      Amazing progress Josh! You're forgiven for the warp gates! (Not that I have any issues with them in the first place). :P

      Also, glad that realistic planet sizes are moddable. Modders, you have your work cut out for ya. ;)