Limit Theory: An Infinite, Procedural Space Game

by Josh Parnell

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    1. Joshua Johnson

      woot, tracking missiles. should help when trying to get that final little bugger who keeps dodging in and out of your fire arcs.

    2. Scott Lowrie on

      is limit theory 1.1 beta backers only? D:

    3. Josh Parnell Creator on

      @Scott - It is Prototype tier only ($75+). But don't worry if you missed it, tis just an appetizer :)

      @Joshua - As you can see in the video, it makes those pesky buggers significantly easier ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Looks fantastic! Is there a plan for a greenlight page? Or is that still a ways off? (I may be jumping the gun a bit.)


    5. Josh Parnell Creator on

      @nin - Yes, there will be, but I'd like to get it to a more complete stage so that we can really put our best face forward on Greenlight.

    6. Josh Parnell Creator on

      Erm, *foot* forward -.-

    7. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Awesome! :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Pujol on

      As always, awesome :p.

      But I've a question, can we have an estimation before beta ?

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      B+P-Snegge on

      Great news, that the Linux-Version is coming along. I sure hope to be able to play soon. Alas I could only afford the $50-tier.

    10. charnode on

      The ship looks *gorgeous*. I also like the ui improvements (that btw. you didn't explicitly mention, but I think they also happened this month?). Overall very good progress (even though you would never say that about yourself, Josh :-p). Can't wait to see how to explore and find ore in order to craft stuff (as for right now everything seems to be a supermassive coincidence, blueprint, materials and all ...)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jan Martin Mathiassen on

      I hope there'll be a way to switch off (or tone down) the CA, because I found that to be distracting.

    12. Josh Parnell Creator on

      @Jan - Of course, all graphics effects are optional. And the implementation still needs some work as well, it is definitely too strong near the outer edges of the screen. It's still very young compared to the other effects!

      @charnode - Why thank you, yes, the interface did get some love this month :) Supermassive coincidences ftw!!

    13. Rishad Mustafaev on

      Wonderful! Can wait for my beta. Too bad i wass greedy enough to not to get prototype tier=(

    14. Missing avatar

      Steve Baines on

      Looking very nice, good work!

    15. tarasis on

      Watching each of those videos, both excites me and makes me kick myself even harder for failing to move my backing from $1 to what I actually planned to back at. Looking forward to the release.

    16. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      Unbelievable the amount of criticism you receive concerning your need to be in a dust cloud firing on poor defenceless asteroids.:) I was happy to see so much improvement. Metal is stunning, the interface changes are a definite improvement and the module implementation has answered some of my previous questions. The voice, well Josh sounded very tired. I think he needs his day off.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jan Martin Mathiassen on

      Yeah, it was the strength of it I found to be distracting.

      Having said that, and not to be a complete negative nancy, the ship etc looked pretty damn good, along with all the other effects, it's going to be interesting to fly around a bit in it on my own and just do things, but what I'm really looking forward to is when the game gets some proper meat on its bones, i.e. the economy, AIs to hunt, stuff to manufacture, stations to setup with factories, manufacturing lines etc.

    18. Shane Schrupp on

      That "Manufacturing Stuff" screenshot has me really excited! Well, the whole project has me excited come to think about it. Keep up the incredible work.

    19. Missing avatar

      trickard on

      This is so awesome. These graphicall improvments got me more exited than I have ever been for a game. Even though I generally think that gameplay is more important. But I really wanna play this sooo bad right now.

      I Pledged $75, does this mean that I will get acces to this prototype (2.0) soon? Or will I have to wait until the alfa?

    20. Missing avatar

      Gordon on

      Yet again, this is looking fabulous. Really like the new look of the in-game menus. I have to say too, that the Linux 64-bit port is generating much excitement here.

      Stay happy, well, and energetic, Josh.

    21. Richard K on

      Awesome!! January seems sooo far away right now... Really appreciate the huge effort on your part to do this!

    22. Kahuna Kevin on

      For arming the ship I would prefer to see mounted weapon UI overlaid on the 3D ship, so you can drag/drop ammo/missiles to your ship vs a long scrolling list of weapons. For crafting it makes sense for menu items as they will need time to progress, but I think the weapon systems should be direct on-ship drag/drop.

    23. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Awesome Josh, you're really progressing well and keeping us informed as much as you said you would. An example for many other projects!

    24. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Great update! Seems things are tracking quite well..

    25. S.D. on

      Yes! Linux support! Good show, Josh :-)

    26. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      It's really unbelievable how far you've come on development Josh! I really look forward to these updates from you, and you never fail to deliver. I hope you are enjoying your summer and keep up the good work!

    27. Tony Szedlak on

      Am I the only one who can't view the video? I keep getting the "An error occurred, please try again later." error on YouTube. I can watch any other video on YouTube but this one...

    28. Missing avatar

      Rad on

      I haven't checked on this project for a while - but I'm actually most impressed with the UI changes!

      Not that the other stuff you show here is bad, at all.

    29. Missing avatar

      PurplePup on

      +1 for Linux support Josh. It's one of the reasons I prefer indie projects like this. Well done and keep up the good work.

    30. Marcel

      @Trickard, you should have gotten your prototype invitation already. The prototype release was last month!

    31. Greg Meess on

      Woot woot for the linux port!

      Continues to look more and more gorgeous.

    32. Manusmalus on

      WOW, i am always so impressed by your updates. But i agree now is the time we are going to see what is what, making shiny ships is one thing, a procedural generetared universe with working ai is the real task.
      Good luck!