Limit Theory: An Infinite, Procedural Space Game

by Josh Parnell

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    1. Michael Stahle on

      I guess that is totally awesome...

    2. Michael Stahle on

      :) Fantastic work

    3. Kahuna Kevin on

      Looks OUTSTANDING!

      Two ideas for planets I really hope you include... Storm effects within cloud masses, either real-time twisters, or random flashes causes by electrical storms.

      Some of the coolest NASA footage is hi-res video of Earth storms viewed from space. Check out a few videos for reference and add this to planets, completely at random of course like everything else!

    4. Kahuna Kevin on

      And why stop at planets, I'm sure there are at least a few electrical nebulae out there...

    5. Josh Parnell Creator on

      @KahunaKevin - Beautiful footage! I will keep it around for reference material :) Those auroras are stunning..

    6. Nikki on

      That does look incredible but i do wonder how you will get around the issue you experienced with navigation with jump gates and flying in circles.

      also when using warp lanes it was sort of jarring when you arrive at your destination, maybe the last warp lane gate could slow you?

      it really is amazing what you have achieved so far and the potential for procedural generation

    7. Dermott

      awesome, awesome, awesome!!!
      You're goddamn doing a fucking great job here. Can't wait to get into the game. I wish i pledged for beta :-)

    8. TheZoq2 on

      Those new graphics look amazing!

    9. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      Thanks for all the eye candy Josh. You know how much I have been looking forward to this part of LT development. Outstanding quality that makes any explorer type very happy. Looking forward to getting lost in space.

    10. Robert Kitzmueller on

      There is a big difference on the ships between last month and this month. Even if you downplay it, the additional structures on the ship surface make it really really looking good.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lorenz Jugel on

      That looks amazing. Well done! Great stuff as always.

      I hope not every major POI will be connected by space lanes. That would allow for some genuine exploration. Maybe even using specialised modules like probes or scanners? Just imagine hunting down a pirate hideout or alien relic... Yum.

      Even if it's just another asteroid base maybe the prices would be worth the hassle? Also, obviously this would give lightly armed scout type ships a reason to exist even if you have access to bigger hulls/weapons. Even if it's only a tradeoff between scanning capability and offensive or defensive systems it would add a lot of customisation to the game. maybe even allow for player-built space lanes? I'd imagine that would be really neat for merchants.

      Also, good to hear about that jump drive / warp gate distinction. I'd like to think jumping to another system using artificial means would need egregious amounts of energy and other resources. Great to see Josh agrees.

      Maybe we can get a cool extended jumping sequence with the carrier/mothership/etc powering down all nonessential systems and then spinning up its jump drive, leaving it vulnerable upon entry and exit for a short amount of time. Which in turn would be a neat thing for NPC/Player pirates provided they can get to the jump point in time. Probably a PITA to balance though.

      Also important: will we be able to take other ships to the destination, or will a jump drive be required for every ship? Or will that depend on the jump drive and resource usage?

      So many possibilities. So many questions. I'm looking forward to every dev update. They're always very engaging.

    12. StarlitGhost on

      Just an idea: maybe colour the warp gates with the colours of the nebulae in the systems at the other end of the gates?
      I think it would look quite nice, and it could help with the navigation issues you were having! ;)

    13. Kahuna Kevin on

      I second the guy below that it would be cool to shoot out probe modules into deep space that collect data on potential points of interest or to scan planets surface - like in Star Wars when they're looking for the Hoth base.

    14. Styggron on

      Fantastic as ALWAYS Josh ! Good on you !

    15. Styggron on

      @Kahuna. Probes would be awesome yes.

    16. Styggron on

      Hmmmm strange there was no Developer #4 video.... ooops ;-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Kent Paulsen on

      Would it be possible to view the destination system through the jump gate in the future?

    18. Missing avatar

      Barry Drennan on

      That was a totally sweet reveal for the new planets! :D

      One minor nitpick, though - it seems like the scale of planets is kind of unrealistic. Spherical planetoids are going to have a radius of 300 km or more, and planetoids with atmosphere are going to be 2500 km or greater. What radius are you using for your planets currently? I understand that some realism goes out the window because making space flight sims too realistic tends to make them unwieldy, but it would be interesting to at least see what it would look like to make the proportions all realistic.

    19. Christian Förster on

      Great Update Josh! I really enjoy your monthly updates and the progress from time to time get's better. Keep your dedication and this is going to be a superb game!

    20. Missing avatar

      Alexander Brunius on

      @Barry 2500km is the radius of Titan with an atmosphere thicker then earth, in other star systems or other conditions much smaller planetoids could also sustain an atmosphere. The three factors involved are distance from the sun, magnetic field and gravity.

      In theory a very small planetoid with high density (high gravity for it's small size) that sits far from the sun, and has a protecting magnetic field could very well retain an atmosphere just like earths.

      I do agree with your nitpick about scale though, there are a few ways to stop the scale difference to be so apparent (more details about this in posts on the LT forums). With current scale the most massive capital ship would probably end up with similar size to the planets!

    21. Silver on

      Nice update, good to hear things are progressing according to the plan. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      PeepDurple on

      @Barry I also agree with your comments on scale, and I'm glad someone else has brought it up. Suspension of disbelief for gameplay's sake is all well and good, and the texturing/graphics are grand, but the size of the planet (in the posted video) just looks plain wrong. It's tiny! It should takes minutes to cross its diameter in the ship demonstrated - not that the ship should be slow, but the planet should be immense!

      Also, there appears to be a large emphasis on admittedly very attractive nebulae backgrounds. It would seem to me that if every system has such "full" nebulae backgrounds, they will become less special and actually become quite run-of-the-mill; i.e. a blue system, a red system, a green system, a yellow system etc. ad infinitum. I would think variances in nebulae to starscape ratio would be more interesting, so that nebulae-heavy systems would be less common and far worthier of note – really giving you a “wow” moment as you jump in.

      A further point on that, would it not be logical (not knowing scales between star systems) that nearby systems/clusters would share a nebulae colour palate, and be easily differentiated from one another by a varying ratio of nebulae background and starscape background?

      And as to the update in general, it's all great looking stuff. Keep it up!

    23. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Totally rocking awesome :)

    24. Willem on

      Hi Josh. Thanks for the update. It is looking great already this early! I especially loved the planetary detail. Just want to echo some others in saying that the scale of planets needs to be upped (or the scale of other objects like stations, ships, asteroids, etc. needs to be lowered) so as to make them appear more realistic. Again, the music is wonderful, so hypnotic and mellow, just love it. Backgrounds look awesome, really like it. I especially love the fact that you made it possible to disconnect the camera from ship (at least to a degree); it will add a great deal of immersion and depth to the gameplay I believe. Thanks again for the update and keep up the great work.

    25. Michele Botticelli on

      Hope the planets gets bigger.

    26. Andrew Rodda on

      Beautiful work, but I'm torn between watching the progress or avoiding 'spoilers'.

    27. Greg Meess on

      Josh, the warp holes look gorgeous; love the shimmering effect. Nice work, keep it up!

    28. James Nurse on

      Hey Josh,
      It's all progressing soo fast!

      I'd love to see a "look at" object functionality implemented (as done in eve-online) as well as a reset camera option to set the camera back to a set state on your ship.

      Keep up the great work. I'm loving the graphical upgrades each month, something you can't really see in the RSS dev logs.