Limit Theory: An Infinite, Procedural Space Game

by Josh Parnell

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    1. Kraken on

      Although I applaud your dedication, aren't you concerned about being burned-out with doing nothing else than LT?

    2. Brian Rubin

      Shine on you crazy diamond! ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Lorenz Jugel on

      Good to hear that things are moving forward at a rapid pace. Just don't overdo it. Nobody wins if you run out of steam halfway through, so be sure to rest when appropriate. All within reason, of course.

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      Sean Murray on

      Happy Holidays, Josh! Looking forward to the game. Glad Stanford let ya off. Of course, if they were iffy on it, showing them your KS page would probably have done it! Enjoy the one last holiday before you put yourself into a code monkey coma. Gotta live a little and I think if any year deserves celebrating, it'll be this one.

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      Max Aller on

      Sounds good to me, so long as you're actually restraining yourself to ~40 hours...even if it's exciting and you want to work more, there is the serious risk of burnout (as others pointed out). So carry on and stay healthy ;)

      Took a peek at, very cool. I'm a programmer, but have no experience in graphics (3d or otherwise), so it all sounds like magic to me. Still, there's something poetic about procedurally generating content using a procedural algorithm.

    6. Josh Parnell Creator on

      @Kraken - I'm not really concerned about it; it doesn't feel like work. When I say that I love building Limit Theory, I'm really not kidding - I thoroughly enjoy every moment of working on it (well, I guess occasionally I have to do some debugging, and that's never fun...but still..). I think it would be very odd to get burned out on doing the thing that one loves most...!

    7. Kraken on

      @Josh Parnell > Good to hear then :)

    8. Ace Knight on

      Don´t exaggerate, take it slow until you find your pace, dont´try to do everything at once, we want a game yes but a good one, don´t stress yourself at the very beginning. What I saw so far shows tremendous potential, can´t wait for the final product, so... go Josh!

      And don´t forget your studies, you should know better, return to school at the end of the project.

    9. darker70 on

      Yeah we want the game like yesterday,but find some time for your self last thing we want is you burning out or living or living like a procedural code hermit ;-)

    10. Josh Parnell Creator on

      But procedural code hermits are my favorite kinds of hermits :(

    11. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      So, noble coding warrior, the ultimate proof begins. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Anton on

      You've left Stanford just like Zuckerberg ^^ I hope you'll get a chance to return there :)

    13. darker70 on

      @Josh any chance of changeing your Twitter account to Procedural code hermit guy ;-)

    14. Minsc&Boo on

      They say the mark of a true genius is the merging of art and science. With Josh's efficient coding skills and artistic integrity; Limit theory will definitely make a mark on the gamers landscape. Cheers! - Adam

    15. Missing avatar

      sunkzero on

      Where did you get that laptop stand? I've been looking for one like that... will it take an 18" laptop?

    16. Nick Ludlam on

      Best of luck Josh, and I've added both blogs to my reader, so I'll be eagerly watching your progress. Between LT, Star Citizen and what I hope will be a successfully funded Elite: Dangerous, 2013 is going to be the year of space sims!

    17. Kay Johnston on

      It was the year of coding.

    18. Missing avatar

      Anton Dugan on

      ... and all through the night, data was compiling, from bit to gigabyte

    19. JHewett

      Excellent update Josh. You seem to be pretty level headed about your while approach to the game development and your studies, which if great.
      As much as I want this game, I don't want anyone sacrificing their future for it :)

    20. intrepidis on

      As the target was exceeded by $137,865 I assume that one or two extra staff members will be hired, perhaps taking on multiple duties?

    21. Nikolai Giblak on

      Josh was planning to hire someone to do the sound effects, and possibly the in-game music. Other than that though he said he'dlhe'd like to do it all himself, that way he can have complete control over the game.

    22. intrepidis on

      He would still have complete control, no matter how many extra staff he gets. I was hoping for a pretty decent game, and I can't see how it will have very much good content without some more staff to help out. Otherwise it will just be some kind of fancy, but mostly hollow, tech demo.

    23. Ryan Good on

      I never got the idea that he would add staff. Or that he would be adding content in the normal manner. What level did you fund this without reading about the game?

    24. Willem on

      @ Josh, great stuff man. Thanks for committing yourself to this project and good luck!

      @ intrepidis LOL? Did you back this without reading what it's all about? This is a one man endeavour my friend as far as content/feature set goes. As Nikolai pointed out, Josh will however outsource the sound effects (not so sure about the music though, IIRC Josh still wants to do that as well) and that is about it.

    25. Sentinel on

      @Josh: it will be a great journey ! But please don't mutate into a cave troll :-)

    26. Paul B on

      @John Kay Johnson was that a word-play on B5 I heard? :)

      @Josh You feel the same way about game coding as I did in the 1980s, writing your own stuff and making something work how you want it to rather than how some other guy has decided for you is tremendous fun. My Computer Studies (as IT was referred to back then) was the easiest qualification I ever achieved. :)

    27. Sentinel on

      BTW, your Dev-Blog is a very interesting read. I always wanted to do some experiments with 3d graphics (and a remake of Geoff Crammond's "The Sentinel" :-), what do you recommend for reading ? I just looked up the Luna-Book ... anything else ?

    28. intrepidis on

      @Willie: If you re-read the project's main page maybe you'll agree that to deliver on those promises (and given that the target was exceeded by $137,865) I think that one or two extra staff members would help to make the game better. In 1 year a single developer cannot make this game as goods as the 5,449 backers deserve.

      That being said, as long as he delivers on all of the promises I will be happy, no matter how he does it.

    29. John Stewart on

      Now that's commitment! Hats off to you and don't forget to venture out of your cave from time to time!

    30. Charles N on

      Best of luck, Josh- I'm looking forward to more demos and the eventual beta!

      I have to echo a few others though, even though you're in love with coding...take it from someone who's burnt out a couple times over 19 years in sure to take some time for yourself too! :)

    31. Jason S on

      Really good of you to do the monthly video updates.

      Christmas asteroids, that is top :)

      Best of luck

    32. Riccardo Buttarelli on

      I can't wait till jan 2014 to kill my social life for this game! cheers from italy & keep up the good work!