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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
5,449 backers pledged $187,865 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Yarbrough on

      Seeing what you have accomplished so far has inspired me to resume work on my own projects.
      Thank you Josh.

    2. Ben Overmyer on

      Great theory, and one I already apply to my own life.

      If you need help creating Limit Theory, or any other project, let me know. @bovermyer on Twitter.

    3. Anne CH Postma on

      I think this theory combined with removing negative energy from your surroundings should really give a person a productive and joyful life. It's something I try to live by as much as possible.

      I personally look forward just flying around in the infinite universe(s) , the rest is just a bonus to me *smiles*

    4. Jason S on

      The mind eh, what a wonderful entity that most do not appreciate how to use it well, or it's potential.

      Josh you have a point there with the theory, some feel meditation helps too to unlock what you say.

    5. Missing avatar

      the-beast on

      Enjoying the wallpapers but is there any chance you can offer them in different resolutions please? Some none widescreen resolutions of 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 1024 would be brilliant for those of us that can not afford a widescreen monitor. Thanks.

    6. CDSAfghan on

      Wow, just wow, go back under your rock, this community doesn't need you. Josh you're obviously a very gifted and I believe brilliant if not uniquely focused young man. However, I imagine you might struggle with the idea of utilizing a 1900 yr old roughly translated book to guide you in life, instead finding an altogether more ennobling set of principles. You will at almost all times be dogged by those ignorant people who either through their own volition or nature do not seek to enlighten themselves. You are destined for great things, they are not, like the rigging on a sinking ship don't allow them to pull you down. The beauty of limit theory is they cannot.

    7. Cyrus Firedawn on

      Yaaay! Another programmer with the same philosophy as me! Backed for being a bro.

    8. Matthew Farmery on

      another awesome update, can't wait, fingers crossed we hit the 200k stretch, that will be really awesome,
      can't up my pledge anymore, I am at my max already, but you have my support

    9. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on


      I did a Google Search of "theory of nonexistence of extrinsic limiation" because I wasn't aware of the philosophy. The reason it interested me is it's something I've always believed in. You know the old saying, we're told by our parents or mentors or friends or teachers or whatever... "you can do anything if you set your mind to it." It seems a very succinct summary of the theory you describe. In any case, while I've always seen the phrase as somewhat cliche, it's also something that is always in the back of my mind. I'm almost always surprised to hear phrases such as "I can't do that!" That people can believe something is not possible when (to me) it so obviously is not impossible for any other reason than that they have decided it is so, just shocks and amazes me, every single time I come across it.

      For this reason, I find the philosophy you share in your description of Limit Theory (and yes, I did read it the first time ;) ) to be valuable, even inspirational. From some of the comments others have made in response, I see that it really is being leveraged by individuals as a form of self-motivation, as well it should.

      For this reason I say: don't worry about people who don't understand you. Don't worry about Paul or the unknown masses who may drag you down. Greatness is achieved by people who do something because it means something to them, regardless of the impressions of others. I've mentioned before that I backed this for a decent $ amount myself despite having already gone in with a friend for a buddy pack - that's because I believe in the project, and moreover what you have to show is impressive... it's worthwhile. So you lose one backer, so what? You've gained significantly from myself (and I'm confident there are others) who believe in you.

      I doubt you're overly worried about it anyway, but I wanted to make the point that people who aren't capable of thinking for themselves are currently overwhelmed by the number of people who agree with your "Limitless" idea. And that is a wonderful thing.


      Hello josh my name is walter i am from medellin colombia i did my pledge Very cool work what you doing Josh you have a great talen and i did my pledges in kickstarter to help to your project...keep in running excelent i love the space games and the universe that you propose with limit theory see very funny i saw your project in spacesector and i like the idea of your project for that reason i did my support to you...good luck and keep in contact sincerely walter

    11. Jacques Alexander Katzoff on

      Funny thing. I alway wanted to play the violin, and just earlier today I signed up for my first lesson. :) Limit Theory

    12. Missing avatar

      Jesse Johnson on

      This is a promising direction for a sci-fi culture. Bioshock was the last game I played where the ideas were more important than the gameplay. Could a sandbox game rely so heavily upon ideas? It may just be the key to giving direction to the directionless.

    13. Marcel

      In that first wallpaper, those round blue things are those jump ports/gates?

    14. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      This is an AWESOME update Josh.

      Not only is it a great theory (which reminds me of the book Anathem and other theories about how you are limiting yourself from psychology and things like New Age (What the Bleep do we know...), NLP etc).
      Not only is it a great background for the game.
      But you also chose to make it personal and tell us your personal philosophy!
      And that's awesome. You open up to us and dare to share this personal 'key' with us and for that I thank you a lot :)

      I call it a key since for me it is a tool that unlocks a part of the universe (either through action or through knowledge/awareness).

      I'd love to discuss limit theory and the more complicated stuff with you someday :)
      I'll share one of my 'keys' too: Everything is true.
      Since every thought for you is at that moment active in your brain and you work with it it has significance. Since EVERYTHING is in your brain in order for you to understand, everything in your brain is of that same basic principle. If we ignore bias/prejudice and the subjected weighing or evaluation of these things we can therefore say that everything is true. Case in point: we can only disprove stuff from the past. As a thought is active it is truth.
      Futhermore, on a different level, it is a fun paradoxal mind puzzle to get your head around everything being true, and just that exercise alone (without any concern for validity) has brought me higher awareness of stuff.

      Anyway, great update, thanks :)

    15. Will Lowe on

      Have upped pledge to aid with carriers and docking bays. Lets hope we get a good spurt of interest to get us to 225K

    16. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      That's great, Josh. Armed with this theory you only have to take into account intrinsic limitations. ;-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      I joined this project because I have always wanted to play this game. I don't have the skills to make it myself but I know a twenty year old student who does. He has talent, passion and enthusiasm and he wants to play the same game. How fortunate am I.

      I don't care if Josh believes in giant pink bunnies from Mars. If his theory gets him through the months of hard work ahead and helps him achieve his goal then it has validity.

    18. Missing avatar

      Stefan V

      225K Small mo... DEATHSTARS :D

    19. Blackstaff on


      Go dream big.

      We've got your back

    20. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Tindall on

      Great update and one of the most interesting reasons I've seen for a name choice.


      Applying a philosophy - however obscure it might be - to situations such as the recent shooting in the states seems a little short-sighted to me. We don't know, and can never likely know the real reasons behind such an appalling act.

      We do know, that a very positive outcome from the application of the philosophy is possible. As ever, decisions are personal, and attributing them to any outside force is to allow those that commit violent acts to somehow negate some of the responsibility. It also takes away some of the kudos to those deserving of it for what they have achieved.

    21. Adam Comfort on

      @Josh, you are not the only one believing in this project, you've got 4300+ and going strong. Looking forward how far we can make this go.

    22. Huw Thomas on

      Paul, the ability to overcome the limit set by the law does not require limit theory, it just requires a criminal mind. Perhaps if more people were able to embrace and implement such a positive philosophy (and such ideas are widespread, not limited to this page), we'd see fewer people seeing immoral means as their only/best option.

      Anway, I think it's a shame that you've pulled your pledge for a game you wanted to play on such a basis ... but it's your choice, of course. As for me, I had this notion that someone should create a really cool space sim :-D

    23. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Oh and I think Project: Godus has the most badges I have seen.. they released a huge amount of them last week :)

    24. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for the update. If we do indeed hit the 200k goal, do you think it would be possible to include trading as part of the dockable carriers? I elaborated on this in the forums but essentially, you'd be able to allow NPCs to dock with you and trade their wares with you (as well as refuel, re-arm and repair) and buy other commodities from you and so on. You could set a limit on which NPCs can dock based on their faction and security standing..

    25. Rembrandt on

      Sounds like a great philosophy but I remember the last time I made an 'internal change'.
      It was in an elevator and everyone was looking at me in a funny way...

    26. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Project Godus may have more badges, but you know what they don't currently have? A funded game. ;)

      Well done, Josh! Now if we could only hit that $200k. :)

    27. Will Goulden on

      As I was reading the Meaning of Limit Theory section I was thinking that the same could be applied to the guy who just got over 100k for his little project!

      To supplement this idea you should probably watch this:

      Very much in line with all of this procedural generation and game making. His book is also fantastic :)

    28. Josh Parnell Creator on

      @Chris - Yes, it may still happen, who knows :)

    29. Rabain on

      @Paul MacDonald: Josh has a personal philosophy he is choosing to share and it is a positive one, and here you are promoting a negative view just because you argument for his limit theory if ever there was one. We can all look at the world negatively if we want but the world doesn't appear to have much hope if we do that. There is nothing wrong with thinking, speaking and promoting positivity, actually it should be encouraged whenever possible so that people don't feel there is no hope.

      The world is already a place where people break laws and commit evil acts, a theory that is presented in a positive way can be twisted by anyone and if you think about your own post you will realize this is exactly what you have done.

      You have taken something positive and manipulated it yourself into meaning something completely different and then decided to be angered by it.

      That is a very ignorant, short-sighted and selfish thing to do instead of promoting the positivity Josh was trying to convey.

    30. Josh Parnell Creator on

      @Paul - I understand your concern. Initially, when I wrote the description, I included a paragraph concerning the scope of application of the theory, so as to clarify how it is meant to apply and in which cases it should most definitely not apply, but I ended up pulling that paragraph from the final edit because I felt it bogged down the flow, and assumed that people would use good judgement to understand the extent of application of such a theory.

      I think you have slightly misunderstood the mentality. It is not encouraging reckless defiance of an established order, nor is it encouraging immoral acts. It is simply encouraging an introspection on one's internal state, in hopes of coming to a better understanding of which limits are real, and which are self-induced. The real crux of it is a re-thinking of certain statements like "I can't do that, I would never have the time," or "It's too hard, I would never be able to finish it" and so on.

      Just like any philosophy, it can be abused. Yes, you could say that laws are self-imposed from the perspective of the society, hence, we should ignore them if our dream is to senselessly kill people.

      But observe that Limit Theory does *not* say anything concerning the choosing of one's dream! If one's dream is mass murder, I claim that there is no problem with the theory...there is a problem with the person who holds that dream. If someone's dream involves bringing harm to many people, that is not the fault of the theory. That is the fault of the person, and is not intended to be addressed by this theory (so yes, what you say is true, it does "intentionally ignore" this aspect). It is addressed by other areas of philosophy, namely, ethics. This theory does not advise you on ethics (that's a much trickier subject!!), only on how to look at problems assuming that you've already decided what's right and what's wrong.

      So, again, I understand your concern, but LT is an orthogonal subject to ethics, and I would, of course, not encourage the application of this theory in cases in which the underlying dream is unethical!

    31. gandalf.nho

      Great update

    32. Chris Q. on

      @ Josh Parnell So lets say the docking doesn't reach funding, would it still be a possibility in the distant future? Maybe as possible DLC of some sort.

    33. Paul MacDonald on

      It's with great regret that I have to pull my pledge because of this. I didn't want to prove anything with my pledge, I just wanted to play a game in space. I can't back something that stands for what I am defiantly against. Thank you for alleviating my ignorance.

      The "Theory of Nonexistence of Extrinsic Limitation" is your philosophy and just that. A quick search yields absolutely nothing (aside from this page). While this philosophy in this application sounds fantastic, it's in a very specific scenario. The theory ignores that people can have warped minds and wish to do acts which can harm others or even themselves. Not everyone perceives obligations in the same way but generally speaking it's fairly clear that committing an illegal act should be a limit... which your theory states can be overcome. To overcome that would mean to change the law so that said illegal act would be legal, and if Limit Theory supports that then it is terrifying. If you apply that to say, any mass shooting that's been happening recently (killing is against the law > laws are not my limits > do it anyways)... Yeah.
      It's an incredibly ignorant, short-sighted and selfish philosophy and while this will get funded I will have nothing to do with it on principle.

    34. Missing avatar

      Stephen Bernal on

      That was awesome, left me feeling all optimistic and junk.

    35. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Josh, I have to say that you are so very inspiring! You can tell just by the way you word your updates how passionate you are about this game and how intelligent you are. I'm sure your parents are very proud of you. I look forward to seeing your dream become a reality! Enjoy your holidays!

    36. S.D. on

      @Christopher Jentzen: Well, then all Josh needs to do is make a bunch of "I backed Limit Theory FOR LINUX" badges, and he'll win, since GODUS will never have those ;-)

    37. Bill Schneider on

      Yep I second that project godus has more badges... but you have about 36 hours longer than they do left :P

    38. Styggron on

      Great update as always Josh.

    39. Ruke Unlimited on

      I think Project Godus has more badges... I could count them, but I think they're well into the 20s...

    40. Juan Miguel Expósito on

      I loved this update... Only bad thing is that I felt obligated to double my pledge, my wallet is not happy ^_^

    41. Johan Kölhi on

      Awesome! I am really not a gamer, but this looks too good to miss! @Josh, your theory behind the game and life just makes it even better. This will be a fantastic adventure just to follow the progress of the game.

    42. Matt Johnson on

      Love it - can't wait for this! Very inspiring the way you keep producing updates and quality content, all solo. Good hunting!

    43. Marius Kildedal on

      The game is looking great Josh, to the looks of it you are on the way to achieving your dreams. Keep up the good work, and happy holidays.

    44. Josh Parnell Creator on

      @Andrew - Hahaha well, if that pledge is what's standing between you and your dreams, you have my full support in removing it ;) But thanks!

    45. Andrew O'Connor on

      This almost makes me want to withdraw my backing and go chase my dreams. Almost. ;)

      Just kidding; the games looking great man, I can't wait to get my hands on it!