Limit Theory: An Infinite, Procedural Space Game

by Josh Parnell

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      Duke Nasty VI on

      Looking great. You mentioned component pieces breaking off at the end. Will that be purely a visual effect or will the each of the station's modules have their own pool of hit points?

    2. Josh Parnell Creator on

      The ever-ambitious plan is to have modules actually represent functional pieces, just like the turrets/engines on a ship. How detailed this will be is yet to be seen, but I'd ideally like it to be as deep as you being able to, for example, recognize the power generators, destroy them, and this prevents station turrets from firing at a high rate, etc.

      So I would like the components to be individual, meaningful/functional modules on their own, such that they have separate pools of hit points, you can destroy them separately, and doing so has appropriate consequences.

      Granted, that level of complexity may not make it into the game....but it's what I want, and it's definitely what I'll shoot for!

    3. Styggron on

      Brilliant as always!

    4. JimM on

      With every installment, Limit Theory (and its developer) rocks that much more. As a possible future enhancement, can we salvage blown-apart space station pieces? Or even better, can we pirate-types *plunder* a space station? That, shipmates, would be epic!

    5. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      Good to see space stations beginning to take shape and hear/read your ideas concerning their future development. I am sure there are those who will also appreciate multi-monitor support (although one is enough for me thanks). It's also going to be very interesting to see how much more these final days will add to the already impressive total for your KS.

    6. Gomisan on

      Wow, those space stations look really cool. Though my very first though was that the 'rings' should connect at the center, like an axle, rather than at the edge so they can spin.

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      Lorenz Jugel on

      That's very neat.

      Hope you have wholesome and relaxing holidays away from all things Limit Theory (so that you'll be bursting with fresh ideas and energy when you come back. Err, even more so than usual.).

    8. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Looking cool, Josh. :) Will we be able to build our own space stations like we can ships? And will we be able to choose different colors/textures for different components, for both stations and ships?

    9. krayzkrok on

      Great work Josh! I can just imagine the twinkling lights and the ships coming and going... and then "accidentally" letting rip with a few missiles so that all hell breaks loose, lights shutting off as different components vent air into space as I wreak havoc. :)

    10. Blood Dragon on

      Awesome, Josh! It really is so exciting to see this game continue to "flesh" out and improve.

    11. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Thanks for the green badge :)

    12. Dadalos on

      this game sends shivers down my spine and i absolutely cant wait to play it. (though ill settle for stalking the forums for now XD )

      "...because I can't wait to see where LT takes us :)"


      our sentiments exactly.

    13. Alex Lerner on

      I look on here every day for updates, all week I'm thinking 'need more awesome!' and then I see something like this, and my awesome gland explodes! This is fantastic and i can't wait for the next update! Enjoy your holidays we all hope you relax and come back fresh, and your brilliant mind can pump out some more great features!

    14. wayne greenslade on

      Looking good, Have a nice holiday and i hope you have made plenty of backups!!!

    15. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Looking great Josh! Thanks for the update and I hope you have an amazing holiday season at home!

    16. Dan Ormond on

      Happy holidays, Josh!! :)

    17. Maxim Polulyakh on

      Hi Josh! I am happy to see the progress. One thing I'd like Limit Theory to support is stereo 3D, in my case it's nVidia 3D Vision.

    18. gandalf.nho

      Looking fantastic!

    19. Willem on

      Looking very good Josh, keep up the good work and keep the updates/communication coming. Almost done with the campaign, let's see how high it can go!

    20. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on


      Something you haven't talked about which the new video makes me wonder more than ever: How will the game handle collisions? Both ship-ship and ship-stationary object?

    21. Matthew Farmery on

      utter gob smacked, that was utter awesome, can't wait for this game

    22. Missing avatar

      Jobbe Smit on

      What would make it even more awesome if you make the round component rotate to create artificial gravity. I would also suggest to refine the algorithm to post rotating living quarters close to each other. There needs to be a certain logic behind the structure to create immersion.

    23. CatInSpace on

      That indeed looks fantastic - great work. Also: flying or fighting near and through large space structures == epic fun. It really reminds me of the good old days of X-wing. Though at the moment of myself writing this comment we're (only) 390 dollars short on the $333K required for planetary ownership, I'll take the liberty of already congratulating everyone on achieving that! Have a great holiday Josh, and make sure to chillax for a bit - you deserve it. :)

    24. CatInSpace on

      Sorry about that financial typo and this second comment, I didn't want to scare anyone. I meant $133K, thankfully. :)