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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
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      Jan Martin Mathiassen on

      This is a bit outside the box of most requests (I think), but would there be any chance of getting a server/client architecture into the game, so f.ex me and a friend could setup our own universe on a server and connect to it when we feel like it?

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    3. Missing avatar

      John Odom on

      Please reach your goal, I know a lot of us would want planetary ownership and faction creation (I would really want planetary ownership at least).

    4. Kevin Dietz on

      I have thought up another question. This may be something that hasn't even come into the design yet but I was just wondering. When it comes to leaving the game are we going to be able to stop where ever we happen to be and come back at the same place or are we going to have to be at a space station or planet or something?

    5. Kevin Dietz on

      "Limit Theory is single-player. True. But make no mistake - should you learn to gracefully and skillfully handle relationships with the other lifeforms, you'll find yourself far from alone in this infinite universe."

      Not every game that is ever made needs to be multiplayer! Your design of the NPC's sounds awesome! I absolutely can't wait for this game to come out!

    6. CatInSpace on

      Those are some excellent gameplay features. I continue to be amazed regarding what cool things you manage to surprise us with. The game world really seems to come alive with the possibilities you described, and I am very much looking forward to dive into it. :)

    7. Nick Hanson

      I would also really like to be able to edit my comments here. In the below post too = to and pole = poll, probably more typos but those where the big one... ugh.

    8. Nick Hanson

      I'd REALLY like to see the docking bays/carriers but with the 33k increments the stretch goals have gone too that would put the next one (assuming that one wins the current pole) all the way up at 200k which looks unlikely. With the new stretch goals added is there any way we can talk you back down to the 25k increments you used before? i.e. 125k for planetary ownership, 150k for Faction creation/ownership, 175k for Docking bays/carriers??? 200k for next pole winner. It does match your $75-100k increment after all...

    9. Brian Marino on

      Doubled my goal because man I really really want those two stretch goals!

    10. Missing avatar

      Nice Save on

      This sounds awesome.

      Will each individual NPC have access to all the different aspects of the game? i.e. a miner could go on an escort mission once in a while, while a freelancer could mine if he feels like it.

      At the other end, will NPCs have preferences for what they do? A miner usually prefers to go mining, and only occsionally chooses to trade or fight.

      Will they be able to recognise opportunities (outside of the proposal system)? For instance large price differentials for trading runs, and low-risk high-reward combat missions that might convince NPCs with other preferences to leave their comfort zones.

    11. Willem on

      The NPC interactions sound damn awesome! I especially like the contact book/list. Good feature Josh. Really looking forward to the faction owning/management stretch goal too!

    12. Josh Parnell Creator on

      @Richard - I imagine the specs aren't going to be too high. You'd be surprised, I don't think that simulation is as expensive as you might expect. The thing to remember is that, how often do you really have to make a high-level, complex decision? Not very often. Most of the time an NPC will be executing an action that they've already planned out, rather than actively doing deep thinking. So it shouldn't be that much computation, unless all NPCs decide they need to re-plan their lives at the same moment..

      @Styggron - Nice, glad you approve!

      @Nick - Yes, literally every single character in the game. See above comment for why it is not that expensive to do this simulation.

      @H.E.S. - Probably so, I can't imagine stopping anytime soon ;)

    13. Missing avatar

      RW on

      Really sounds awesome, if it all works out that way I can see myself losing many an hour in this game, I just hope my computer will be able to handle it, it sounds like it will take some serious hardware to run that kind of simulation

    14. Styggron on

      WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just BRILLIANT Josh BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. charnode on

      I voted for "Cockpits" on the stretch goals and only listened to your procedural music afterwards. After hearing that, I wish I could alter my choice, that algorithm creates beautiful music and the idea of having a unique soundtrack to *my* universe that no one else has previously heard is mindblowing to me.

      If procedural music makes it into the game, *please, pretty please* offer a possibility to extract the soundtrack of a given universe.

    16. Christopher

      The NPC and contact system sounds awesome! Really making it hard to wait wait patiently for LT!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Cameron Holly on

      Wow, that's pretty ambitious! I can't wait to play it. If you can accomplish NPC interaction that complex, then my pledge will certainly be money well spent!

    18. Nick Hanson

      By NPC do you literally mean every single character in the game other than the player is simulated to this level or are the NPCs you refer to in the post a set of "personality characters" that are created to add flavor. It blows my mind that all characters could be simulated at this level unless there is only a few in each system which would make each system rather empty if NPC means everyone.

    19. Alex Lerner on

      Can't. Breathe. Too... Much... Awesome!!

    20. H.E.S on

      Do you have plans to implement stretch goals which aren't voted for in the polls in content after the game is released?

    21. Adam Mellor on

      this game sounds like it is going to be huge,
      The limited edition boxes will certainly be a collectors item

    22. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Really loving the sound of the interaction with NPC's in this game. Good single player experiences are so rare to find in games nowadays. It's refreshing to hear that this one sounds like it's going to be fantastic. Thanks for the exciting update Josh!

    23. charnode on

      At this point I'm marvelled at how one person can do all this, amazing. Well maybe you will be looking for some help after this Kickstarter finishes. Anyways if all of that is delivered as good as it sounds, this is going to be what Games like Spore should have been, from the procedural approach.

    24. Trey on

      So. Much. Love!

    25. OnePercent on

      this....blew me away in AWW

    26. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      This is a seriously impressive update Josh. I had no idea that you were building such complex interactions between the player and NPC's. It will add significantly to the realism of the game. Thanks!

    27. ErekoseDM on

      love the NPC recruitment update utilizing the proposal system and contact system.

      great update josh!

      cant wait to get ahold of this game and start blasting.

    28. Missing avatar

      Lamson Nguyen on

      My computer crashed about a dozen times from all of the hype! D:

    29. JHewett

      Buddy Jesus and I approve of this update :)
      Seriously - This is some great stuff Josh. Really looking forward to what is coming up and totally approve of the post-release stretch goals. Should ensure you can focus on what is important, each aspect, and in the right time-frame for your goals. (does that even make sense?!?).