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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
5,449 backers pledged $187,865 to help bring this project to life.

The Road to the Beta: Chapter 2

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

Well hello again...can you believe it's already (past) that time of the week?!  I can't either!  In fact, I've spent the last 46 hours trying desperately to let go of week 2 but...the end did not come easy...there's too much fun around every corner now, I'm really going insane...but...I guess it's a good insane?  Anywho, you know how it is -- when the code calls, you listen :)

(Disclaimer: All jokes aside, I really am a "bit" on the crazy side right now from the past two sleepless days, in which I was inexplicably yet completely possessed by LT coding to the point of not being able to give it a please forgive me if I'm not so as coherent as's for a good cause! :P )

Alright...let's take a look at week 2!

Now Show Me More...

Last week we focused on making some of the basics more visible to the player via the HUD.  But there's still a whole lot left to uncover.  In week 2, I continued to focus my attention in the general direction of "uncovering that which already exists," but now starting to look towards things larger than the HUD.  I wanted to reclaim higher visibility of the details of objects, cargo, hardpoints, assets, so on and so forth -- some juicy stuff!  Show me the numbers!  Show me the shapes!  SHOW ME THE UNIVERS--eh, alright, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

Since my mind isn't functioning at full capacity right now, I think pictures are going to speak more powerfully for my week of work than I can.  So, behold, here's what an 'object' looked like in the UI at the beginning of the week:

Hmmm.  Not too enlightening.  Of course, some types of objects would have shown a little more, and there was a lot of stuff in progress under the hood.  But this week, I am much happier to say that I can actually show you something that looks like part of a game:

(WIP) Object Overview
(WIP) Object Overview

Welcome to the new object interface -- this time, a serious push toward getting it in beta-capable working order!  This particular 'overview' tab is intended to be a quick summary of basic information, as well as rendered depiction of the object.  Much like the HUD, it offers a selection of smaller 'summary' widgets.  Note that, also like the HUD, these summary widgets act as 'links' to more detailed information (clicking the cargo summary links to the cargo tab, clicking the location links to the object interface for the current location, etc.)  Although I wasn't able to finish it this week, I'll have hardpoints overlaid on the hologram, so that subsystem information is available here as well.  But there's more...I wanted to take a splash in as much of the object interface as possible, so why not...

(WIP) Cargo Management
(WIP) Cargo Management

Cargo!  At least until something more exciting came up...

(WIP) Asset Management
(WIP) Asset Management


Reach Into Your Heart

The object interface is really the heart of all UI-based information and interaction in LT.  Nearly every other major UI is, in some way, a part of (or related to) this one.  For example, the market, with which we're all familiar from the work shown in the last video, is naturally a part of a (trading) station's object interface:

"Market, I am Your Father" ~ Darth Object
"Market, I am Your Father" ~ Darth Object

So the drive to complete the object interface is, in reality, a drive to bring together and finalize all previous UI work.  I pushed hard into it this week, which resulted in a major explosion of new visible content.  That being said, since the effort was spread, none of these pieces individually are perfect as of yet (hence the perhaps-unnecessary 'WIP' on the captions...oh man...letting go of perfection now on a weekly basis is truly the ultimate personal challenge...).  Next week I'll no doubt be filling in more of the incomplete pieces.  For me, the most important thing right now is to uncover as much of the game as possible -- to reconnect with the player-side experience before progressing onward to finishing the game itself.


There are so many details to talk about just from the new shots above, but the point of RTB is not details.  So I'll choose one detail and call it a day...fair?  You have to let me get excited about some small detail...!  To make navigating the interface fast, I've chosen to go with these little circular icon 'tabs.'  I'm obsessed with these things.  They glow.  They make a little click when you press them.  It's relaxing.  I could do it for hours.  When you have a hard day at work, just come on home, boot up LT, and start flipping these things back and forth.

Example Ship Interaction Bar. Very Soothing.
Example Ship Interaction Bar. Very Soothing.
Example Player Interaction Bar.  Even More Soothing.
Example Player Interaction Bar. Even More Soothing.

On a side note, won't it be a fun day when we can open that 'messages' tab and use it for AI communication?  Not today I'm afraid, but hey, the icon is already there ;)


Well, week two of RTB has come and gone, and I'm growing ever-more-convinced that we're moving faster than before.  Ultimately, I'd still like to compare one month of RTB toe-to-toe with the previous methodology, but at this rate, I think the answer is going to be a happy one :)

And of course, in closing, a shot of this new stuff in context!

It's a Family Name.
It's a Family Name.

See you all again next week!  And, with any luck, I'll be a bit more rested and entertaining :T  Thanks for bearing with me today!

PS ~ I don't know if you noticed, but I'm having a kind of mid-life crisis with respect to deciding on flowing, circular forms or hard edges :P I'll figure it out sooner or the mean time, feel free to tell me whether you prefer the style of the market (more angular) to, for example, the style of the asset management UI (more circular / smooth)!

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    1. Aerouge

      Glad to hear that Josh is on the track of recovery. His work up to this point was way too good to be true and done by a 1-man show.

      Still I hope for more Updates via this channel and that he would have shared it with all his backers, and not only the forum-crew. Yet I do understand the reasons for this (looking at this really shit post by Kaeroku from May 28)

    2. GreenDragon on

      I'm still here. I'll be here till the end. Patiently, happily and with great love. Hang in there Josh the dream is still alive. :)

    3. Keith Z-G on

      I wholeheartedly agree, @rodabon. It's good to hear that this game is moving forwards, but it's even better to hear that Josh is doing better---frankly, as fantastic as it looks like this game will be, that's the more important part!

    4. rodabon on

      @Styggron. Thanks for pointing that out. I hope other 'entitled' people can see that and perhaps learn something from it. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't becoming a little concerned, however Josh's evident passion for his creation wouldn't let me give up on him.
      I remember marveling at what one person was accomplishing and thought why isn't this guy lead developer at a major developer? Now we see how hard he was pushing himself and the effect it had. I still look forward to what Josh will bring to the table and wish him well until then.

    5. Styggron on

      @Kaeroku. LT *is* coming out. Josh just posted, have a read. There has been some serious health issues.… all is well now.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      I'm not sure how long we're supposed to keep the faith, but here we are now six months after the "keep the faith" comment, out of date and out of communication.

      I'm done, Josh. At this point Limit Theory isn't coming and I won't only not be supporting future efforts, I'll be actively working to tarnish your reputation if you try to produce anything else.

    7. Bruce N Morgan on

      Thanks, Domme, I went to the Forum link you provided, and there is the familiar Update - just not reproduced here in Kickstarter!

      The final paragraph reads:
      "Limit Theory is really happening, folks :] You have trusted me this far. You have trusted me when I was less motivated, less capable, less responsible, less passionate, and less disciplined than what I am now. So now -- all you've got to do is hang on. Hang on, and I promise you won't be disappointed. This is it."

    8. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      See all he needed to do was post that HERE. Sigh. Whatever. I'm not impressed by the communication but my main concern was 1) his well-being and 2) that the game is still progressing, so thank YOU, Domme, for that info.

    9. Missing avatar

      Domme on

      Well, I did not expect this kind of radio silence after just two updates on The Road to the Beta and a official statement here at Kickstarter would have been a nice gesture.

      At least in the official LT forum is a statement from Josh about the current delay and his intentions:…

      And a member of said forum has provided the community with a tool, to check on new messages from Josh:

    10. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      I dunno, you say you're committed to short weekly updates and disappear with no updates, it doesn't give a strong impression that you're "working all out on the game." I don't mind the lack of update - as it's only been about two months now - but I do mind the inconsistency between what is promised and what is delivered. That said, he has communicated very well up to this point, and if it's final crunch time I wouldn't be too upset, but some kind of indication that he's alive and well and working on the game would be good.

    11. Missing avatar

      coder1000 on

      (Just a clarification: *I* was thinking that he might not want to talk about game plot; he didn't mention that aspect. It would be understandable to want to avoid the review of "great graphics, no plot!" that sometimes can happen to well engineered games with their own game engine.)

    12. Missing avatar

      coder1000 on

      (In the dev logs Josh has stated that he's really been working hard on LT. If I remember right from what he said it's that all the updating to his regular website, his weekly website, the devlogs, and the Kickstarter were taking away from what everyone wanted, which is working on LT. It also sounded like he's making the most progress of all now, and there's items he's always kept mostly to himself, like game plot, which he might not want to update on. Sounds like it's just nonstop LT for him now, just like nothing else at all. So we'll see happens from all this!)

    13. Tomduril on

      Hi, also was wondering about the update ... but digging into the available information left me worried see quote:

      Quote: "Disclaimer: All jokes aside, I really am a "bit" on the crazy side right now from the past two sleepless days,..."

      Hope you are well !

    14. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kim on


      I hope everything is okay with you. Some people have expressed their disappoint with you, but that's only because you have spoiled all of us with your 99.9999th percentile standards for communication. If this were almost any other Kickstarter I've backed, you'd still be way ahead of the curve. If anything, your history of communication should tell the rest of us backers that something VERY IMPORTANT has happened (and, again, I hope it is nothing terrible or tragic). Peace to you.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      Came here to say the same thing as Anthony; Josh, this is the first time you've disappointed.

      Hopefully you're well and things are continuing smoothly, but not posting updates after two weeks of following a new promised schedule is bad form. From what you've done so far I'd have expected you to notify us if you had changed procedure, so: I'm going to assume some sort of emergency has occurred and you're unable to address the issue right now.

      But it has been a month now, so I'd expect you to reemerge soonish.

    16. Anthony Constantino on

      What happened to the weekly updates? Last one was a month ago.

    17. Justin Grubbs on

      How's the update coming?

    18. Marcel

      Hoppa market style.. hop hop hop
      Hoppa market style.. hop hop

      Heeey sexy LT! hoppa market style.

      In all seriousnes, the current style looks great. Round icons, angular boxes.

    19. Ryan Ariti on

      rounded this is a smooth game so should the ui its pardon the French bloody beautiful so mesmerising just what I hoped when I first back you cant wait to get the beta get some rest do an update and work on it we can wait amazing stuff hope to hear from your voice and bright dust clouds and blue ui soon

    20. Bob Aman on

      My vote for angular / hard edges.

    21. TanC on

      Love the update! Please add a vote for the angular style UI. :)

    22. krayzkrok on

      Looks great, and I also much prefer the more interesting and stylish "rounded" market UI. It looks very different to certain other space sims. :)

    23. Jan Bjørnebo on

      Been loving your updates, but aren't these weekly updates going to take a lot of your time really? I'd prefere if you updated as you did, but your call I guess.

    24. Joris Masson on

      I like the round asset management style, I think it's refreshing, I can of see angular UIs all the time.
      I'd be happy with either one anyway :) They both look great

    25. Missing avatar

      Casuals on

      To my eyes, the circular / smooth design is elegant, interesting and unique - more futuristic. The angular design is a little staid in comparison. Either way, the game is looking great!

    26. Shane R

      V'ewy Tyred

      Lol, were you VERY TIRED?

    27. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      I wish other developers were as communicative and dedicated as you are. I have no problems with the additional wait; seeing the progress you're making via regular updates and seeing the tangible change in progress each step of the way is both reassuring and exciting.

      Keep up the good work.

    28. Oscar Norlander on

      Love the UI ... it is hypnotic. The glow effect is awesome ... it makes the UI interesting for the eyes.

    29. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      More circular / smooth :)
      Basically I like the style it is now.

    30. Jörn Huxhorn

      I see that the currency in Limit Theory is Litecoin (LTC). ^^

    31. Andrew Winter ( on

      I've been casually watching the updates since the kickstarter succeeded, and I'm really pleased with your progress & visual styles. It's futuristic, but best of all it looks intuitive by design which is always a hard nut to crack. Great work Josh, look forward to future updates.

    32. Matt Dubois on

      I prefer the smooth UI style, but perhaps it could be user togglable?

      Fantastic update with lots of sparkly visible progress! I had one quibble though - are the dimensions final? They seem vastly too big. The Blue Dragon is over 218 km long, which I guess I could buy (though it is colossal), but the SuperSpaceSquirrel (a fighter, I think) is over 19 km long at only 1,200 kg?!? Is it made of aerogel?

      I understand the dimensions system probably isn't final. Just pointing out something that jumped out at me. Great update overall!

    33. Missing avatar

      Barry Drennan on

      Just go with whatever UI design you prefer, Josh - if we don't like it, we'll just mod the hell out of it ;)

    34. Missing avatar


      Wow, that stuff looks great! I'm kind of partial to the smoother UI styles, but as long as it's got all the information we need to make smart decisions, I'll love it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Valeroth on

      Good work! I can't decide between the circular or the angular. The only thing that comes to mind is that you might have certain corporations that use the circular and certain corporations that prefer the angular! Think of the nerd wars! Much like Apple OS vs Android OS smartphones. Basically the same, but people fight and fight over them!

    36. El Boletaire Underave on

      A W E S O M E


    37. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      It's looking so good, Josh. Thank you! :D

    38. Matthew Cleveland on

      Definitely the straighter edges. They look great! We want space computers, not social media bubble buttons.

    39. Akryum on

      Market style ! <3

    40. Jason S on

      Looking great ! Love the style of the icons and the management features are really top. Good stuff.