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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
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Development Update #21

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

*Sigh* Well, when I said updates aren't going to come out *exactly* at the end of the month, 1.3 months later is not what I had in mind x_x  Really am sorry about taking so long on this one.  Luckily, I learn from mistakes and am planning to not repeat this one (see below!)  But.  Apologies aren't what you guys came here for, am I right? :)

The Video.

The last one was 36 minutes, you say?  Hah.  Child's play, I tell you!  Come now, have a taste of a real man's video -- update #21 -- standing proud at 37 minutes!  Honestly, I put a lot of love into this one (if you read the devlogs, you know that it was actually way too much love, in terms of hours...).  Really do hope you all enjoy it!

Octember has Arrived!

The Summary.

To say that these two months can be summed up in a few pictures (or even a 37-minute video) makes my mind shed a small tear in honor of all the hours of work that will necessarily go unrecognized.  Nonetheless, I'll present a few of the highlights below, as usual!  Click to view full-resolution versions.

General Market / Trade Interface
General Market / Trade Interface
Planetary Rings!
Planetary Rings!
Warp Nodes & Warp Rails: Fast Travel in LT
Warp Nodes & Warp Rails: Fast Travel in LT

Future Updates & Retrospective

Ok, so when I say 'put a lot of love' into this one, what I actually mean to say is...I spent way too much time, and stressed myself out way too much over it.  It was dramatic.  There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth (of course, it was all one-sided, as I was gnashing teeth at myself, but it was scary nonetheless :P).

Clearly, the idea that I had last month about releasing an update video 'near the end of the month' did not work.  A flexible video date ended up bringing it 43 days late and still didn't save me any stress, nor did it save the community from update anxiety.  So let's just call that one what it is: a failure of an idea!

Now, that being said, something still needs to be done.  Update videos are becoming more and more of a tricky affair each month, and this problem must be contained!  Luckily, I have an idea for shifting the nature of the dev updates that I believe will make us all happy, while simultaneously reducing the stress surrounding them.

I'm not actually going to reveal that idea yet, because I need a bit of time to prepare for it and make sure I'm taking the best approach.  But I said all this to let you all know: change is in the Limit Theory air (for the better!), and I'll be in touch soon (likely a week or two) to explain exactly how I'm going to reform the dev process for the better!

In the mean time, thank you all for your support.  I've really gotten a lot of kind words and encouragement from the community lately that have helped me get through the stress without losing (too much) perspective.  You guys are the best! :)


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    1. MaxPuster

      Impressive. Again. Just continue at your pace, and do not forget that there is a life beyond all this...

    2. Phaedon Sinis on

      Congratulations! Spectacular progress on the graphics and animations. Beautiful work.

    3. JimM on

      @Anthony Constantino - While taking your point about the deadlines, it should not be lost on you that each update shows a tremendous amount of progress made from the last one. Then there's the fact that *all* of the awesome aspects of the game that you're looking at was produced by a single human being. And as Paul Southcott said so perfectly, we're waiting for a game, not a heart-transplant. As long as Josh's updates show progress - and they always do - have a little patience. If you need something to hold you over, Elite Dangerous goes on sale tomorrow.

      I hope that Josh doesn't release the game in any state - alpha, beta or whatever - until he's ready and feels that the game is ready. Once it goes into the wild, most of his time will be consumed with user feedback and forward momentum will drop to a crawl.

      Josh, take all the time you need and keep up the good work. A late game that is awesome will be remembered as a great game. A mediocre game delivered on (any) schedule will be forgotten.

    4. Ryan Barrett on

      I agree with Moody Hooves; you've done a great job so far. Don't be scared of releasing alpha-quality code early. It's much scarier than you think. But the quicker you get it out there, the faster you'll get feedback and hopefully more alpha-backers :)

    5. Moody Hooves on

      The game looks great. In all honesty I've probably gotten my money's worth watching the development of the project. That said, we're coming into a year past initial delivery estimates and (as far as I know) there's no point where a deliverable is in sight yet.

      While I'd much rather you work on the game until you feel that it's ready I'd wonder if it might not be time to start releasing it ala original minecraft. Put it out there and let people play with the builds as they come out. Begin selling it in its current state as pre-release to make sure you have continued funding ( not sure how far that initial cash you got is going to keep stretching at this point ) and just be up front that this is an alpha product.

      I can't imagine that as much work as has gone into this you would have too much trouble getting onto Steam as a pre-release which would likely do good for your wallet and the game's fanbase. If you could generate enough additional funding maybe some advanced foley work or original scoring could be added from that budget.

    6. Will Lowe on

      I do love the video updates but it does seem they have become a detriment to game development, it's all fine though, we live and learn :)

      We have daily logs which give us more frequent and in depth glimpses to what is going on, a few random screenshots would be pretty cool, plus they wouldn't have the artifacting or issues of youtube.

      Sooner we get to beta the less important monthly updates will be as we will be quite happy to upload said content and spread the word of LT. Hope you have a good rest and take time out to decompress.

    7. Dave Hughes on

      Josh, have a looky at my comments in the mail thread for my opinion of the whiners. This is going to be AMAZING. Best ever update, but don't stress yourself doing updates. The game development is the most important thing about this project. Whiners aside, we're a patient and understanding bunch.

    8. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Updates just need to be updates. I don't know why you would be stressed to release one.
      Maybe you're holding yourself to a specific quality level you have achieved earlier and mean to gauge that by our reactions and maybe you even want to top it every time?
      Just give us updates. The more honest/open the better. If the update is not that impressive/cool, sure, we'll understand. There's boring flour in the best cake, and your game cannot be all icing, so neither can the updates be.

    9. István Papp on

      Good going Josh! Don't listen to the annoying bickerers. It's because of people like them that the gaming industry went bad and we can't have good games anymore.

    10. Kraken on

      Hey Josh,
      Just wanted to drop a message of support.
      Don't stress yourself out, the game looks gorgeous and we will be waiting.

    11. Jedra7609

      I'm going to be so busy playing Elite Dangerous in the next few months that any delay in LT is eased.

      We can see the progress you are making Josh, so take your time and build the game you want to build. You are not pressured by investors or a marketing department demanding a release date so you are in a fortunate position. I suspect the next game you make will be somewhat different, so make the most of the freedom!

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel Smith on

      As others have said, don't stress yourself out about it mate, we all know your doing some amazing work on the game and were patient enough to wait for news

    13. Paul Southcott on

      Don't beat yourself up over being late! We'll survive. We're waiting for a game, not a heart transplant.

    14. J.L. on

      Just going to say, amazing amount of work and innovation you do, especially on your own. Things I have yet to see anywhere else, including huge companies. Props to you for that, keep up the brilliant work.

      On a personal level I don't have an issue with you missing update-deadlines either, but I acknowledge that others do and that you yourself are committed to delivering this too -- so another props to you there.

      I will so enjoy just floating around in the game, doing my own thing (including nothing but float, ha!), it is shaping up amazingly.

      Happy holidays too, should I not be around to wish so again before they hit. (c:

    15. Anthony Constantino on

      So! The 1st two deadlines for completing this game have flown by with alarming speed and little actual fruition. As the 18th update states Dec as the closed Beta release of this product, I can only assume we are going to soon hear the most recent deadline zoom by unrealized as well. Since we are now going to be in our second year of this project and we don't have a beta (let alone code lock) I'd really like to know when/if this project will actual come to an end. I don't think it's an unreasonable question (despite the fan grief I gonna take for this post) Yet considering the epic failure to deliver previous deliverables I don't know that any answer I'm going to get will be relevant. Alas.

    16. JHewett

      I just want to say how outrageously disgusted I am that you are still including a single player offline mode.
      I mean, what am I supposed to do in areas of poor internet connectivity? Play limit theory? How dare you!
      Seriously - just happy for the update (loading it right now). LT is shaping up to the be my go-to game. I backed all of the 3 big space sim kickstarters (hoping even just 1 of them would come off. Yeah, I was that desperate after waiting so long since Freelancer) and I just keep coming back to LT. There is just something special about this game :)

    17. Missing avatar


      Thanks a ton for the update! I'm sorry the flexible schedule didn't help out like you had hoped, and I hope this new idea does the trick!

    18. Ethan on

      No need to stress about it man :) We all know you're working diligently to make LT the best game it can be. Keep up the good work! But don't forget to take a break now and then.