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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
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Development Update #20: August & September 2014

Posted by Josh Parnell (Creator)

Well, this one sure took its time, didn't it?  But, my dear fellow stellar explorers, you all know the drill -- when you're late, you bring presents! ;)

The Video.

Clocking in at a whopping 36 minutes, this update is nothing short of a monster.  It's the first regular monthly update to be segmented into pieces for the sake of coherence.  And it's got five of them, plus an intro and outro :D  I'll admit that I'm quite proud of this one, as I think it's reflective of a lot of the strong work that's happened in August and September, and it's also reflective of...a lot of love put into the video-making process!

Really, from the bottom of my heart, I hope you guys enjoy it and that it somewhat eases the pain of last month's cancellation.

Enjoy :) 

The Summary.

I'm not even going to try to summarize these two months in the usual two-to-three-picture format.  It just doesn't suffice.  We need to break out: the list!

  • Merged all existing UI concepts into final LT UI engine, combining the best elements from the older linear UI, the node UI, the layer-based UI, and introducing a few new elements in its own right
  • Developed several isolated, small testbed applications in LTSL to rapidly iterate on specific elements of gameplay
  • Fell into the groove of the new LTSL-driven workflow and have already written around 90 files of LTSL (far faster than I could have written in the equivalent C++!)
  • Implemented colony 'cultural traits,' 'local items,' and AI player spawning
  • Plenty of new graphical polishes

And some pictures to follow....enough for two months' worth!  NOTE : Click thumbnails to view full-resolution images!

New Lighting Techniques
New Lighting Techniques
Hot System
Hot System
Cold System
Cold System
Stand-alone HUD Testbed
Stand-alone HUD Testbed
Object Quick-Action Menu
Object Quick-Action Menu
UI Feature Testbed
UI Feature Testbed

*** Concerning Future Monthly Updates! ***

For those who do not watch all the way to the end, please note that, at the end of this video, I discuss how the process of doing the monthly update is getting more and more involved as LT grows in size, and it's come to a point where I'm regularly missing the 'last-day-of-the-month' timings.  It's both stressful for me and disappointing for the community, so, to that end, I'm saying from here on out that the monthly updates will come out near the end of the month, but not necessarily on the last day -- it may be several days later.  I'm hoping this will relieve a bit of the angst of the whole process!


August & September Retrospective

It's takecomingn a long, long time to get to where we are today in LT's development process.  It's taken oh-so-many wrongs to make the rights, but we're finally in a phase of development where those rights are coming to dominate the scene.

The content sprint has truly begun.  It started with UI.  It started with little testbeds that isolate pieces of game functionality.  From here it will grow, piece-by-piece, isolating and polishing every facet of the game until we have enveloped the whole of Limit Theory.

No, there's not a great deal of time remaining on the clock -- but with the right tools, with the right insights, with the right frame of consciousness...there is no limitation to the potential of the mind.  After all, that's precisely the meaning of Limit Theory.


EDIT -- Whoops...accidentally left some stuff out of that middle segment!  I was really far too tired to be coherent by the time I posted this ._o

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    1. Josh Parnell Creator on

      @Silverwolfsson ~ The October update unwillingly turned into the October-and-most-of-November update due to the amount of features that I'm trying to pack into it :) But it's absolutely on the way. These days I only post 'major' updates via KS updates (i.e., those that contain a video or an important announcement). If you need higher granularity check the forums (where I post every day)!

    2. Missing avatar

      Silverwolfsson on

      Speaking of Monthly Updates... Is there going to be an update for October? Even a quick note of haven't had time to create a video yet would suffice... Anything...

    3. TanC on

      Love the music! Maybe slip in an update about the music sometime?

    4. Koshinator on

      @JHewett - It's because of his voice, 100%. :)

    5. JHewett

      No problemo with the updates mate - keep up the good work!
      I was actually discussing LT with a mate of mine (also a backer). Whilst I have 'invested' in the holy trinity of kickstarted space games (SC, ED and of course LT) and look forward to the release of all 3, for some reason the only actual dev updates I watch are for LT. I wonder why that is?
      Probably related to how awesome your work and your enthusiasm is Josh, so keep rocking on :)

    6. Missing avatar

      coder1000 on

      OMG that was amazing. With a capital Amazing.

      Can. Not. Put. Jaw. Back. Together. Any. More.

      Ummm... yeah Josh we're all so very disappointed in you??
      I have about ten billion questions for you now but I think after that the best thing to do is like go and finally get some homework done.

      Josh, that was really, really fantastic. Just remember it's perfectly fine if the updates are short. The fact that you do the videos you do is really something.

      And... thanks!

    7. Hivetyrant on

      Always worth the wait with you Josh!

    8. Peter Lillevold on

      Magnificent! That picturesque view of the planet and it's ring...want it on my wall :)

    9. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Looking so good, Josh! Can't wait to try it out.

    10. Jedra7609


      I doff my cap to you sir.

    11. JimM on

      Looks awesome!

      Will it be possible for the lower pledge levels to buy into the beta (or alpha!) when that stage of development is reached?

    12. NobleBrutus on

      By far the update I've been hyped for the most. It certainly hasn't disappointed! I'm really happy to see the Colony system and the Culture system as that's something I was really hoping for in the game.

    13. Alberto Pérez Pérez-Duque on

      I don't really care about the schedule of the videos, for your devlogs and the youtubes you deliver show an incredible amount of talent, love and effort.

      Also, I'm pretty confident in your game selling really well once you lauch it, and I hope that gives you new energies to squash the inevitable bug and add the new ideas you'll surely have.

      About the soundtrack, I'd suggest exploring the procedural compositions (I've read some pretty amazing stuff about it). That, of course, will open the gates to a whole new set of bugs and problems and headaches.

    14. Adam Jorgensen on

      Awesome work. I have the utmost respect for you, developing a game solo is extremely tough.

    15. Steven Langevin on

      Josh, as always I feel you are one the most consistent with your updates. This is truly a massive batch of content but as it's been said before , you are an inspiration. Keep up the amazing work!

      Ps any idea how the soundtrack is coming along ?

    16. Alpan Yıldırım on

      Josh, you continue to inspire. As always, thanks for your unrelenting hard work.