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An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one.  Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.
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    1. Nathan Weeks Collaborator on

      @Roman Ondrus - it's still alive! Super late for sure, but no absence of work here. Josh is working hard on getting it pieced together. We have a new Kickstarter update due soon, too.

    2. Roman Ondrus on

      Is this project still alive? Was just cleaning up by backed project list to see where I should cut my losses. This one seems SUPER LATE :-) but not dead.


      Hello Nathan i would like to know when we the backers could be have a alpha version to begin to look ??? it is possible ?

    4. Nathan Weeks Collaborator on

      @me - Hopefully very soon. I've rewritten the Kickstarter update twice now - Josh kept making devlogs after I had it finished. Writing (or re-writing) them takes a lot of time, so I'm eager to get it actually posted! The way it usually works is:

      1. Josh does devlog updates on the forums
      2. I recompile the most important parts of them into a Kickstarter update (usually trimming from 8-10k words down to 1k)
      3. Josh edits it where he feels it's needed, adds his own touches, and posts.

      Right now we're just waiting for Josh to get around to Part 3. All the info is already on the forum if you feel like reading it. For now, I'll just summarize the progress of the past few months (if you're interested and don't mind having it spoiled): The long promised "gameplay explosion" has finally started, with Josh porting from the old code. Mining, AI, trade, the market, and colonies are all working to a fair degree, and Josh has managed to finally get the economy working properly instead of it being cobbled together as before. Information has also been implemented, as well as AI memory, meaning they actually learn from past events now. After everything is somewhat stable, Josh is likely to continue porting features until everything is moved over, and then he'll finish up everything that's missing.

      In short: much has happened, and all of it is good! I'll of course continue to prod him to post a real update, and I hope he does soon.

    5. me on

      Hey, any chance you could check in soon? based on the last comment, I'm guessing it should be forthcoming, but just a reminder we're still waiting for the news. : )

    6. Nathan Weeks Collaborator on

      @Dylyan - We decided to hold off until after Josh posted another devlog with a bit more to say. That was last Friday. Josh is out of the office today (Sunday) but he may get to it soon after - although he may not post it until Friday, which has sort of become his "designated PR day" so he doesn't get distracted.

    7. Missing avatar


      No pressure, but how soon is soon? Been 11 days now, massive and long update incoming? ;)

    8. Sean Lambert (sum1els)

      We did notice, thanks!

    9. Nathan Weeks Collaborator on

      In case anyone happens to notice this: I do indeed know that the next Kickstarter update is a bit late! I'm working on writing it up today. It will hopefully be posted sometime soon.

    10. Adam Jorgensen on

      Keep on trucking guys. Looking forward to playing a release at some point in the future :-)

    11. Lemar on

      As crazy as it was to believe in the first release date which was kinda naive, it is also crazy naive to believe that the budget for that project is sufficient for 3 developers... Give it 1 more year and either you have an early access product to generate new money or train wreck.

    12. Richard Wetherall on

      Though I have to spend ages scrolling though the kickstarters I have to find yours, my original , this is the kickstarter that got me into backing and I’ll never stop believing in you, keep up the good work and always glad to get a update :)

    13. Nathan Weeks Collaborator on

      @Mad McKewl: Not yet. We don't want to give out any dates until we're actually positive we can hit them. Josh has had to push the date back quite enough already, I think. :D But I can say we're making excellent progress toward that point.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mad McKewl on

      Any word on a first release date?

    15. GreenDragon on

      Yeah Josh. Please leave your brain (and everyone on your programming team) to science. I am in awe of your work. :)

    16. Adam Jorgensen on

      Really glad to see you guys are still moving ahead on this project. Good luck!

    17. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      Nathan Weeks, Collaborator - I love it. :D

    18. Aerouge

      Hy Nathan, thanks for the reply :-)

      Glad to hear that Josh is fine and busy.

    19. Nathan Weeks Collaborator on

      When I last heard from him, he was teaching a coding camp for high schoolers over this week and the next. It sounds like he's absolutely swamped, but I'm still trying to nudge him to post - the trouble here is that he's been rather difficult for me to get ahold of. I'm doing my best, though.

    20. Aerouge

      Hi Josh,
      did you forget the Friday(ish) Update?

    21. Josh Parnell Creator on

      Hey all!

      I don't want to put out an update just to say this, so I hope anyone who is wondering about the monthly update sees this -- since we've had a super busy two months and it's nearing the end of June, I'm just going to do a combined update for May & June at the end of this month rather than putting out a May update right now and a June one in a week.

      We'll have a whole lot of ground to cover given how much has happened these two months, so I look forward to filling you all in come next Friday(ish)! Thanks for hanging tight until then :)


    22. Nathan Weeks Collaborator on

      @ me - Josh is on vacation with his family over the weekend. Things have been crazy busy for us the past week and a half, but we're about ready to get it posted sometime in the next few days.

      @ Mark Hollingsworth - Because of various reasons, we're unable to directly refund your pledge, but we do have an alternative of sorts. There are still plenty of people on the forums kicking themselves for not backing LT; if you head over there, I can transfer your pledge to them, and in return they'll pay you at least the same amount as your pledge states. In the end, it makes someone else happy, and you still get your money back.

      Here's the thread, if you're interested:…
      (And sorry for the late reply; I only just received access to write Kickstarter posts.)

    23. me on

      uhh... running a little behind on that monthly update??

    24. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      I'm still looking forward to play this game. I don't really care about updates, if it was up to me I'd let you go full radio silence until you finished (but I totally understand those who wants updates as well). I hope everything is going smoothly, and I wish you the best.

    25. Mark Hollingsworth on

      I think I have been beyond patient but 3 years behind is starting to get ridiculous.
      I messaged you directly in 2014 on two occasions and got no reply.
      It is now 2017 and I am past my patience. Please initiate a full refund, thank you.

      While I appreciate and admire everything you have done, I respectfully wish to depart from the project given my delivery date was listed as Jan 2014 for the full version of the game.

    26. Mark Hollingsworth on

      I think I have been beyond patient but 3 years behind is starting to get ridiculous.

      I messaged you directly in 2014 on two occasions and got no reply.

      It is now 2017 and I am paste my patience. Please initiate a full refund, thank you.

    27. Geraldine McDaid on

      Well said Brett, the journey, that's the important thing. Very few games in this modern era are coded by someone working on their own. That normally belongs in the far off days of the 1980s. Which only adds to the accomplishment of getting it eventually finished and released. o/

    28. Brett on

      As someone that loves coding and has been warily interested in game development I can honestly say that this behind the curtains​ look alone, both the human and technical sides, has been worth the money I put into this project. Obviously I'm excited that things seem to be moving towards an actual release at a decent clip now​, but compared to the complete disappearing act the other unfulfilled game I've backed has pulled this has been so much better.
      Its understandable, to a point as this is Kickstarter not GameStop, that there are people upset at the lack of a release but I just wish those people would focus a little less on their precious shiney and take a look around at the journey.

    29. Uwe Montree on

      Hi Josh, you're 3+ years late, are you aware. The game is sort of obsolete in the meantime.
      Do you have a PLAN? I mean something more than 5 pages of bla-bla every now and then.
      Appreciate your thoughts, keep it short pls.

    30. Josh Parnell Creator on

      Down for me too; looks like host is having problems with the MySQL databases ATM. Hopefully will be back soon...sorry :/

    31. MadJo

      Is the LT-forum down for anyone else?

    32. Geraldine McDaid on

      Sending all the positive waves I can to you Josh. Well done in putting in all that work into the build! I don't know if you ever read my post on the LT forums but I said LT itself would change you as you developed it...and look at that, looks like I was right. At the end of all this Josh, you will be able to do pretty much whatever you like because you have the talent, the skills and the foresight to create even more amazing things in the future that awaits you. Keep on trucking! :)

    33. Richard Wetherall on

      Thanks for the update, both bullet points weekly are good and/or the monthly summary, never thought of Limit Theory in VR (that's got me really excited haha) and happy to wait as would rather have a game that works and enjoy unlike many of the other kickstarts I've done which I play for 5 min, uninstall and never reinstall.. all best and keep with it :)


      The management of this project has been a disaster and sincerely if it is that someday think to deliver the complete game we need to see a playable alpha or beta very fast I hope it out tomorrow The attitude of the developer has left much to be desired in the last 3 years ... if you really intend to finish this in a near time it is good to know or if not tell us if this is really a failure

    35. Uwe Montree on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    36. Jared Rattray on

      I caught up with Josh at PAX South, here is an interview if anyone is interested.…

    37. Christopher on

      Dude! You're still working on this!? I think many of us would have given up a LONG time ago. Your commitment is EXTREMELY commendable... but man... you trying to do all of this yourself seems crazy. I don't think I play a single game that didn't involve at least 50+ developers.

      The market value of your stills with this development language must be VERY high right now. LT will be a great - great thing to have on your resume --succeed or fail.

      I think you need an angel investor, input from game reviewers, staff and a way for that staff to check code in-and-out.

      Working on hard, not fun bits, can be soul-crushing.
      "Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss."-Elon Musk
      But if you got it in you still to keep going, my hat's off to ya'.

      I think you just made a rookie mistake with a project that was in actuality, way way too big to do by one's self.

      If you want to keep going...
      I personally give you permission to focus on finding an investor so you can get staff.
      If you can -great.
      If you can't -you gave the whole thing a try and you can go get a job.
      You probably shouldn't spend another 5 years, continuing development, unless you are still passionate about it.

      People who don't program will never understand how long this process takes, particularly when you are doing it by yourself.

      Thanks for the update.


    38. trespassers on

      Thank you for the update! I believe in you :)

    39. Lee C Walder on

      Like a giant jigsaw with the right pieces gradually coming together - you'll get there ! Thanks for the updates.

    40. Missing avatar

      Grace Lee on

      Thank you for sharing an update! I am rooting for you and LT! It's not easy trying to create something as ambitious and beautiful as what you have set out to create, so ignore the non-believers :) Good luck with getting LT towards delivery to the backers, and make sure to take good care of yourself so that you are healthy / creative! Cheers!!

    41. Thomas R. Moen on

      Well, I'm patient, but didn't really get an impression of anything with that video. Hoping he is getting progress the way he needs to. Would be nice to see this as a successful kickstarter.

    42. Steve Mellan

      Amazing that he goes there with no notice to the people who funded him and LT for the past 4 years and we have to drop lucky that he gets spotted by a backer on the con floor!! it sounds also that LT isn't fit for anything at the moment so I think as mentioned no hopes just another disappointing indicator of where Josh is at the moment never mind the game.

    43. Lee C Walder on

      Video clip here:…, from forum post:… - great, good to see this in action !

    44. Missing avatar

      Domme on

      Don't get your hopes up, I doubt it'll be a public demo for everyone outside of PAX South.


      I hope this about the demo will be a reality and not another smoke curtain we are waiting for this game almost 4 years

    46. Richard K on

      Yes, saw the demo today, Sunday January 29, 2017. Was impressed though it was like a point and shoot type of thing, a space hack n slash.. It was a free for all combat demo with bunch of non-descript spaceships of different sizes firing at each other. Was very intense, would've died countless times if it wasn't meant to be easy. Per Josh, it used the core engine, but he made a "mod", with minimal game elements, if any. Basic blocky ships firing lasers, all circling around an imaginary point in shape, exploding, lasers blasting by you at all times. Intense.

      Can see a lot of potential and everything ran smooth as silk on his new laptop. Didn't see Josh Saturday. Wish he would've had a version of Limit Theory itself to play, even older version that was in the videos though am thinking he wanted a bug free experience, as bug free as possible.

      Didn't see any UI, market, or anything at all as shown in the videos. The background was amazing, very rich and detailed, just like videos.

      Even without all of that was pleasantly pleased. Hope he gets the background architecture how he wants it so can move full steam forward.

      Will say this here, hope Josh reads it, but in addition to checking out D, maybe also checkout Prolog. Prolog was used in AI at one point in time due to super fast rule checking, etc., and gather that's the part which becomes a performance hog.. A long shot but who knows..

      Also, while there he manually changed a couple of things, seems very easy to mod and the background scripting language (LUA?) seems easy to read and modify.

    47. Brett Koochin on

      Did you get a chance to see the demo in action Richard K? Very curious to know your impressions!

    48. Richard K on

      I just saw Josh @ PAX South today, didn't expect that (don't look at forums). Am looking forward to the demo tomorrow.

    49. Ian Wellock on

      Josh has just announced that he'll have a PLAYABLE DEMO of Limit Theory at PAX South in San Antonio this coming weekend!…

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