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North American Animal Rights History from 1977 to present.

I want to write a book that documents the real history of the struggle for animal rights in North America. This book won't be about philosophers, academics, or theorists. Instead it will tell the stories of the people who fought with all of their might to see our fellow beings live their lives outside of cages.

A project this large is going to require a tremendous amount of costly research, which is why I am asking for these funds. I am not satisfied to just regurgitate other people's books and articles, I want to have unique lines of inquiry and pursue them until I get answers! This is going to mean more than just conducting interviews- it is going to mean getting records searches, rare documents founds, investigators locating long lost movement heroes, and statisticians making themselves useful for once. I need to be able to pay research assistants, and afford source materials.

If these funds are raised I'm going to write a hell of a book, and whats more, I'm going to reward all of you for helping me make it happen! If you'd like to check out how I am currently working to preserve AR history, please check out my other project here-


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